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Found 10 results

  1. I have changed DPI on an image (330 to 300). Saved the image. When I reload, it has not saved the new DPI setting. However if I save as (.afphoto) it does retain the 300dpi setting. [EDIT] But if I reload that and export as .jpg it has gone back to 330 dpi (NB: same happens whether or not resample is ticked when changing from 330 to 300) Can anyone please explain?
  2. One of the site I post photos to, require 300DPI and the EXIF file as proof of ownership. My raw files are always 72DPI in Affinity. When I create a new blank photo document its at 300DPI. I paste the photograph onto it and the photo DPI changes to 300DPI. However, the EXIF file is lost. If I don't past to a blank document, but change the DPI from 72 to 300 on the original developed photo and export it to Tiff, the DPI reverts back to 72 in my tiff files. The photo on the Affinity interface is still 300 DPI. The same thing happens if I export to Jpeg. 72 DPI is no good for prints. It need
  3. Hello I noticed that changing the DPI without resampling doesn't work in Photo 1.4.1. Example: When opening a JPG in Photo, and changing the DPI in Image resizing, I uncheck the resample checkbox because I just want the DPI changed, not the actual height or width. I then save or export the JPG and close it. When I open the JPG again and check its DPI, the number has been reset to its original DPI. I quickly tested this in Affinity Designer but couldn't reproduce the problem there.
  4. Hi I have changed over from Photoshop Elements to Affinity. I see there is a bug issue with the exporting of photos when changing DPI from 72 to 300. I know the workaround by unchecking Embed Metadata BUT, this strips the info that my stock site needs. They also prefer 300DPI and that is what I have been submitting for years. When will this bug be fixed?
  5. Hello, I want to change the dpi - 300 dpi to 72 dpi - not the file size. I deactivated recalculate. The dpi remains 300 dpi. For example: filesize: 2000 / 1000 px = 16,93 cm / 6,47 cm - 300 dpi Now I want to change the dpi from 300 dpi to 72 dpi = 70,56 / 35,28 - 72 dpi Thanks.
  6. I searched the forum but did not find any relevant results. I'm on Imac of 2011 with OSX 10.13.5. I need to change the parameters of some photos for printing (type of color space, print profile, so far no problem, the parameters are stored. the correct dpi and the correct exact size, which I need in the DTP program, instead are not saved, and every time I reopen the file the settings are as before saving (for example 72 dpi). and the DTP program reflects the dpi of the file. (I use the command alt + command + i) to make the changes. I tried to use the export function too, b
  7. Hello Affinity Support, Do you have an update on the jpeg embed metadata problem or a upcoming fix, as I really need metadata in my jpegs as a use D.A.M and losing metadata is really a BIG problem and lots of afp/afd users have commented on this bug. Are there other export formats I can use that will not suffer the problem. Regards Chris
  8. I have a scanned TIFF with these data: Now I resize and resample the image with these settings: What I get is this - AP completely ignored the 300 dpi setting! So please do NOT tell me that this bug has been solved...
  9. Hello, I've updated to 1.6.6. Changing dpi is yet not possible. It is only possible as you suggested saving with metadata. But that's still not very comfortable. I've tried to exporting a tif-file with 72 dpi and save as .afphoto. The opened file has 72 dpi. Exporting this file as jpg (with 72 dpi) and opening the exported jpg it has again 300 dpi. Have yet reported. Best wishes
  10. It's disappointing that the bug in Document>Resize Document appears to be unresolved, i.e. whatever the imported metadata has, 72, 96 etc. is what the output DPI is. (I use the work round to resize the DPI (typically 300) with "Resample" unchecked; then resize to the size of photo I want, with Resize> "Resample" checked. I then export to jpg ,via un-checking More>embed Metadata). But this is a known bug from day 1. Is it not scheduled to be fixed in 1.6?
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