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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, there are multiple inconsistencies or bugs when dealing with adjustment layers impacting the alpha channel. Nested adjustment layers on alpha in clipping position - digital alpha When nested to "clipping" position of a curve layer, vector shape, or group, adjustments will work only "digitally". There are 3 variants (curve, levels, channel mixer) to invert the alpha channel. They work correct if applied on top level. They work only for alpha = 1.0 when nested to clipping position. This seems to be similar to how stacks work, which reduce alpha to "digital" 0 / 1. Nested adjustment layers on alpha in masking position - not getting clipped Mask layers (and RGB part of all layer types) are getting restricted to the parent layer shape. Adjustment layers in nested masking position impact the overall canvas and don't get clipped to the group or curve shape. Nested adjustment layers on alpha in masking position - erratic alpha when zooming Once you have an adjustment layer in clipping position, and zoom in or out, rendering gets erratic. The area outside the parent shape is rendered randomly in transparent or black or actual content depending on zoom level I reported some of these issues several month ago on Beta versions and Windows and iPad, unfortunately some reports did not get attention of moderators, and none got fixed. Since I now work on Mac and found the same old bugs on this OS platform, I want to ensure that all bugs are recognised by Affinity and hopefully get fixed. Bugs affect Mac, iPad, Windows. Bugs affect curves, levels and channel mixer adjustment who are specifically intended to work on alpha channel, documented in help and in official tutorials. Bug affects all kinds of suitable parent layer types, e.g. group layers, curves, vector shapes. I'm sure Designer and Publisher layer types like picture frames, artboards, layer layers will be impacted, too. PS: Just tested, Designer has 100% identical issues. Bugs open since about 1.9.1 and still unfixed in 1.10.5 as of April 2022. Why does this matter? Currently since over 1 year it is absolutely impossible to use adjustment layers impacting alpha channel in combination with groups or any other kind or "structuring" with nested layers. This has become to a major obstacle where Photo (and Designer) looses core functionality for more complex than single - level layer stack documents. Screenshots of test images. Test setup before. You see a rectangle with a gradient of skin tone (Hue 20) from black to max brightness, from left to right A Mask gradient from white to black in y-axis (top-down) A rectangle in 50% grey full opacity Several adjustment layers which invert either RGB or A, in clipping or masking position. Some got a diagonal stroke of erase brush to give them another level of complexity. PS: The Issue no 1 "digital alpha" issues happens with parent layers of type vector, and groups with default blend mode "passthrough". The Issue no 2 and 3 (alpha not getting clipped, erratic rendering while zooming) happens in any tested case, including groups with blend mode "normal" 1. Nested adjustment layers on alpha in clipping position - digital alpha If you activate an A invert adjustment, only fully opaque pixels get A inverted. 2. Nested adjustment layers on alpha in masking position - not getting clipped 3. Nested adjustment layers on alpha in masking position - erratic alpha when zooming Zoom 90% Zoom 100% FIN nested alpha again V2.afphoto
  2. Hi, there are numerous bugs / inconsistencies related to nested filter layers on alpha channel. My expectations: E1 nested filter layers in clipping position get restricted to the parent shape for vector shapes. E2 nested filter layers in clipping position get restricted to the content of a group layer, but the results can reach beyond. E3 nested filter layers in masking position get restricted to original content of the parent shape, which might get relocated outside that area. E4 Nested filters will get restricted to their inherent mask. If the mask is fully black, the filter should not impact any pixel. The test file shows a RGB color gradient on x-axis, a alpha gradient on Y-axis, a fully opaque rectangle, and a ripple live filter nested to vector shapes or groups, in clipping or masking position, with inherent mask filled or cleared. The image below has 8 test tiles (A1-A4, B1-B4), rows by letter A, B, columns by number 1 to 4. A1 looks OK A2 looks OK A3 look wrong. violates E4. A4 looks wrong. Blending of group with partial alpha leads to wrong result in the area outside the parent shape. It should deliver the same rendering as the layers without any grouping. B1 looks OK, but there are (probably unavoidable) artefacts at the edge on alpha channel coming from green stroke B2 looks wrong. violates E4 bad anti-aliasing on bottom edge B3 looks OK. B4 looks wrong. violates E4 (probably only on alpha channel) Edit: groups use default blend mode "passthrough". If changing to "normal", results B2, A4, B4 look ok. B3 is the main problem. Same but Alpha channel only selected nested alpha live filer again V2.afphoto
  3. Despite bugfix announcement for this beta: Fixed Adjustment enclosures which affect alpha (curves, levels) not working The levels adjustment still does not work on alpha - unless you add another neutral curves adjustment alpha nested bug.afphoto
  4. New image. New pixel layer. Soft brush. Blob. Curves layer above image layer. RGB. Select Alpha. Adjust curve. Works just fine. Drag curves to child layer position (mask or clipping). Doesn't work. Standard RGB curves work fine above and as child positions. I tried it also with Channel Mixer and this also only works for alpha adjustment in the in-line position.
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