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Found 5 results

  1. Painting: Brush Opacity/Accumulation buggy still in Affinity Photo V2 笔画不收藏.mp4 https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/126116-painting-brush-opacityaccumulation-buggy-in-beta/ https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/主题/156222-affinityphoto185-brush-vs-110-brush/#comment-882383
  2. Hi Folks! I've been having trouble getting the pixel tool's opacity/accumulation in Affinity Photo to respond correctly to pen pressure. It's related to this forum post I made earlier this year: It appears that opacity/accumulation is not working correctly with pen pressure in the pixel tool. It seems like approximately 0-50% pen pressure produces no mark, and 51-100% pressure produces full opacity/accumulation. (See attached image, where the same stroke is applied with the Paint Brush Tool and Pixel Tool, respectively.) Also attached is an image of the brush's settings, where it appears the preview produces the desired effect. It could also be that I've got the wrong settings for this! Let me know if that's the case.
  3. Hello there, Photo Beta ( and think I found something buggy. Simply put: Opacity on pen pressure seems to be nonexistent or malfunctioning in the current beta version, it kind of behaves like flow instead. The stable version (right now I have installed does it as I want, gives me a smooth, even transition between pressing lightly and pressing harder on the stylus. While the beta looks a bit as if it would only use the flow and not the accumulation of the brush. I exported the brush from my older version to the beta and so I am sure it is 100% the identical brush in both. Settings are identical, Tablet on low precision, nothing changed in the Wacom drivers. Using the same settings. Hardware acceleration in beta on or off doesn't make a difference. Changing tablet modes doesn't make a difference either. *Also, the UI is randomly unresponsive/frozen and can occasionally catch itself by alt+tab in and out of the program, but not always. I would guess you guys have already heard of that.
  4. Hello, i’m using the latest version of affinity photo on my iPad. When i try to modify brush dynamics nothing appears to change, e.g. pressure appears to increase size, but nothing else, and when i change the size dynamic to none, and set another (accumulation) to pressure, accumulation doesn’t change but size does continue to be affected by pressure. Would appreciate a hand.
  5. I just updated to the new version and the brush behavior seems drastically different. I mainly use the round brush for painting and I liked that it's behavior is similar to that of Photoshop. I'm attaching photos of how this looks before and after the update. Before the update there was a smooth/flat transition when painting with the round brush. After the update you can see that the brush seems to stamp individual circles. I tried adjusting this with the spacing parameter, but it just made the stamping more dense (as in the bottom two strokes in the after image). I reverted to the old version to make the before image and thought I could just stay with the old version, but it won't let me open my old files. I can't open the old files even if they were never opened or saved with the newer version. Is there a new setting I should be using to go back to the previous behavior? Thanks for any help!
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