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Found 8 results

  1. This was an issue A LONG time ago and now its back. Every time I try to rename an artboard the renaming stops. It stops in the middle of me renaming my artboard and I cant fully rename my artboard. It becomes this game of how fast can I rename my artboard before it cuts me off.
  2. When I create an art board, and then try to name it in the Layers panel, I generally can't type more than a few characters before it thinks I'm done and deselects the type. It takes me multiple tries to name an artboard this way. I have to resort to typing the name in word or a text app and then try to quickly copy and paste it into the Artboard in the layers panel. Strangely, naming a layer is not a problem.
  3. I'm a new user. I wanted to thank the staff for their warm welcome, and attention to the bugs I posted. Thank you! ---------------------- Mac OS 11.6.2 Big Sur, Affinity Designer 1.10.4 Here is the problem I am having. Problem #1: When I click sometimes the entire line gets selected (similar to CMD+A), AFTER I have clicked a second time, to remove the selection. Problem #2: Sometimes without me pushing enter, the renaming process gets closed. (Similar to pushing enter) Notice with the key caster that I never push CMD+A, and I push enter only rarely. Here is the video, where I will break down one instance of the problem: (So if you open it in another tab, you can follow the time-codes.) https://recordit.co/e8DYo78qpb TIP: This video has no slow down button, but if you make the window big, you can hold down and move the playhead slowly. It scrubs pretty well. Example Problem #1: :30 I double click on layer to rename :30 layer name gets highlighted as expected :31 click on the right side of the naming bar :31 layer name gets deselected :31 move mouse out of the way to see I'm not clicking on layer :32 the layer name gets highlighted by Affinity Designer (Notice that I did not click or push enter or CMD+A) Example Problem #2: :27 I go into the "Rosart and Fleisch K" layer to rename :27 Click on the right side of the words to deselect :28 Move my mouse up, so that you can see that I can't click on anything :28 Push spacebar. :28 Affinity designer closes "rename layer", without me clicking on anything or pressing "enter" These problems are very frequent. Sometimes it doesn't happen, other times it will happen every time I try to rename. If you guys have a support ticket system, I will submit this file into that. Thanks for all your help!
  4. So I'm trying to rename a layer but as I'm renaming my layer I'm being exited out of the renaming process because the letters that I'm typing for that layer are activating the keyboard shortcuts of the app. How do I disable this? Is this a known issue? I was going to name my layer "Hardcover Journal." So when I typed in "Hard" and then typed the letter "c" the app activated the corner tool. I dont want that. I'm trying to rename layers. How do I solve this? How do I separate keyboard shortcuts from activating when renaming a layer/artboard?
  5. When creating a name of a layer, instead of pressing RETURN after the name is created it AUTOMATICALLY returns....right in the middle of creating the name.... giving no chance to create the full name properly....it has to then be renamed. Definitely a bug !
  6. I posted previously about a long overdue fix of an erratic behavior of the captions of the layers. Sometimes they prevent from writing, other times trying to write erase what was already written, and now (v 1.8.4) for the first time I observed a repeating problem: the caption disappiars and even the layer itself sometimes disappear. It is getting on 1.8.4 really bad. I am not sure how to upload a problem like this since it is erratically happeing, but it should be easy for you to reproduce. The photo shows my hardware.
  7. I know it's been reported before. But it's been there for years and still. Naming layers has a terrible annoying experience in AD. One click, or whatever, it tends to select the whole previous name and 80% times or more this results in having to repeat the action twice to get the naming correct. Thanks. NAMING_LAYERS.mp4
  8. The layers often do not respond to clicking on them. Clicking on them sometimes result in opening the writing line and not highlight the layer. As said before, writing the caption is often a nightmare. New bigsur here
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