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Found 6 results

  1. Affinity Photo 2.1.1 (Latest version as of July 11 2023) MacBook Pro 15-inch, 2019 macOS 13.4.1 (22F82) Repro steps: * File > New > Web XGA * Select the paint brush tool and a basic round brush * Create a pixel layer * Hold down ctrl and option and click and drag left and right. Brush changes size. * View > Rotate Left, repeat until view is rotated 90 degrees * Hold down ctrl and option and click and drag left and right. Brush changes hardness. Expected result: Left/right movement always adjusts brush size, independent of view rotation Actual result: Adjustment depends on view rotation Notes * Reproduces regardless of hardware: built-in trackpad, mouse, wacom tablet, with and without external monitor * Reproduces with hardware acceleration on and off (tried both) * Also reproduces on iPad (using ctrl and option on command controller) (version
  2. I need to do some painting work in Affinity Photo and i'm working on a Wacom Cintiq, so i often rotate the view at times to accomodate my hand turn direction. Apparently the brush orientation is fixed to the view rotation, which doesn't feel like it makes a lot of sense to me. Even worse: It means that when for example i rotate the canvas 90°, the resize shortcuts (ctrl-alt-mouse) are rotated aswell. Instead of resizing the brush by moving the mouse up and down, now it's left and right...?! Is that supposed to work like that, because it doesn't feel very intuitive. Is there an option to deactivate that? If so, i haven't found that option.
  3. Hello, I think I found an error in Affinity Photo. I use Affinity Photo in the latest version ( with Windows 11 in the latest version (21H2, Build 22000.556). In the Affinity programs, you can quickly and easily set the brush width and hardness by pressing Ctrl + Alt (on Windows) and moving the mouse up, down, right or left. There is also the possibility to rotate the entire document by pressing the alt key and rotating the mouse wheel. If you press the Ctrl key, the whole document rotates in (I think 15°) steps. If you now set the brush size or hardness in this way, then rotate the document and then want to change the brush size or hardness again, the directions in which you have to move the mouse to the adjusting size/hardness are constantly reversed. It also happens that both values are adjusted at the same time if you move the mouse only in one direction. Between rotating the document and adjusting the brush, I always released the Ctrl and Alt keys. But it also happens if you press them continuously. By the way, the error occurs not only in Photo, but also in Designer and Publisher with all kinds of brushes (including erasers, selection or restoration). The error is reproducible and also occurs in new documents. However, the document is not completely empty, but must contain at least one object. I only noticed the error since the update to 1.10.5. But I'm not sure about that. The error only occurs when rotating the document in increments using Ctrl + Alt + mouse wheel. I think there is a conflict with the keyboard shortcuts. If you want to reproduce the error, follow the instructions: Create a new document in Affinity (Photo, Publisher, Designer). Paint something in the document with a brush. Press Ctrl + alt and move the mouse up, down, right or left to change the brush in size and hardness. Press Ctrl + alt and rotate the mouse wheel to rotate the document to the right or left and paint something again. Adjust the brush size again (release the Ctrl and Alt keys in between or press continuously, bolth works). Now, the error will occur. If not, turn the document another 2-3 times and change the brush settings and paint something. In the attached video, the error can also be seen again. The error.mp4
  4. Heya~ I'm using - RC2, but didn't test on latest release version When you press ctrl+alt you can e.g. change brush size with moving the pen left or right and opacity by moving the pen up or down. Now if you rotate the canvas with cmd + scroll (still only works with touchpad and not with peripherals like mouse or pen...), the orientation of that tool changes too. If you rotate the canvas by 90º, changing the width will be up/down instead of left/right. If you rotate the canvas by 180º, instead of increasing the width of the brush by moving the pen right, it decreases the width. It renders this function pretty much useless when the canvas is rotated. small ps: it would be amazing having an actual rotation tool ㅠㅠ Best regards, kartoffel
  5. I found a strange and confusing behavior of the brush size tool. The movement of the mouse, for example to resize the brush (right and left) is not based on the window, but on the rotation of the canvas. It is especially confusing when the canvas is rotated by 180 degrees🙃. The rotation of the canvas is good for drawing, but the tool for resizing the brush is not suitable for rotating the canvas.
  6. Sorry not sure if this an intended consequence of rotating the canvas or not but got me a bit confused when it happened. When you rotate the canvas then use the CTRL-ALT key command to drag and make your brushes larger / smaller - harder / softer then say you've rotated the canvas 90º the CTRL-ALT and drag now works in the opposite way to normal. I actually prefer the way it ends up being with up and down controlling the size of the brush and left to right controlling the opacity as it feels more intuitive to me. Guess it's the size thing of dragging up makes it larger. Would love it if there were a setting to do this? However along with the setting (if we were to ever get one ) I 'think' that it possibly shouldn't change just because you've rotated the canvas? Best wishes, Mark
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