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Found 7 results

  1. I posted about this here but didn't get an official response so figured I should report it as a bug directly. When I open a CR2 raw file, the histogram appears "squished" to the left side with a bunch of seemingly unused space on the right side. If I click the develop button to move into the photo persona (without making any changes to the image at all), the histogram is more evenly distributed in a way that matches what I expect. I've tried with the develop assistant set to both 16 and 32 bit modes and the results are the same. This happens only in the desktop version of Affinity Photo (I'm using version 1.6.7 on macOS 10.14). The histogram in develop mode behaves as I would expect in the latest iPad version. The develop persona is essentially useless because of this issue, to the point that I'm having to do my raw development on the iPad even when I'd prefer to use the desktop. Attached are example histograms from the develop and photo personas, following the flow I described in my second paragraph.
  2. Hello, I am working through the Affinity Photo Workbook with my Mac and iPad to learn both applications simultaneously. I noticed that the histograms are different between the two when opening up a raw file. Why is there a difference? Please see the two screen shots for the exact same unaltered image from the Workbook. They seem to be quite different, so I must not be seeing them the same in the application.
  3. Hi, A quick question regards histogram compression that I notice when developing RAW files in the develop persona. I know this has been an issue for a while and I believe the work around is to 'develop' the image to take it through to the photo persona and then return to the develop persona again to be greeted by an accurate histogram. Please see below for before and after screen shots of the histogram and file data during this process and notice the change in the toolbar from 'RAW' to 'RGB' and just below that in the file date a change from 'RGBA/32' to 'RGBA/16'. Can somebody from affinity please confirm if this workaround is still leaving me with a RAW file to work with (ie after the workaround as per the bottom screenshot) or if the only actual workaround is to not bother with this and do all RAW editing in the Develop persona without actually having an accurate histogram for reference? Regards, John. Incorrect histogram upon first opening file in develop persona (using apple photos 'edit in affinity photo' extension').... Then after clicking develop, briefly entering Photo persona and returning back to the Develop persona straight afterwards....
  4. Hi, I've just had a student contact me with a problem with one of my tutorial videos about developing RAW files. I recorded the video using 1.4 and histogram1p0original.jpg shows the histograms curve. But with the 1.5 update the same file shows the histogram with a marked bias towards the left, as per histogram1.5.jpg. I'm conjecturing that the histogram is showing the tones from the original RAW file before a tone curve is applied with a RAW file's natural bias towards darker tones, but this is not what I'm seeing with the on screen image of the fluffy critters - you can see from the small preview that there is a spread of tones that I would expect to see reflected in the histogram from 1.4. I've tried enabling/disabling the curve in the develop assistant to see if that made a difference, which it didn't. I'd be happy to supply the original RAW file. I've noticed the same thing happening with one of the other images from the course. It does mean that I can't really use the histogram effectively. Is this a known issue? Am I doing something wrong here, in which case what can I do to get the histogram to look more like what I would expect it to look like? Regards, Simon Foster
  5. If you do a Google search "Affinity Photo raw histogram" there are quite a few forum threads concerning the shape/positioning of the plots on the histogram. The graph is bunched up to the left, indicating the image is under exposed, which it's not. See the following links: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/31359-histogram-shapeposition/ https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/40762-opening-raw-file-in-develop-persona-histogram-crunched-to-the-left-meaning-seriously-underexposed-images/ https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/37305-incorrect-histogram-with-fuji-x-trans-raw-files/ https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/33596-possible-problem-with-histogram-with-raw-files-on-macpc/ https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/31498-raw-histogram/ I wrote one of the earliest entries on this back in November 2016. I think the general gist of the forum responses is that there is a fault with the software as it doesn't generate the raw histogram correctly. I am frustrated with this issue. I don't know whether I'm using the software wrongly or it is only a Windows problem or it only occurs with certain sensor types or only causes problems for a few people. I was disappointed with the release 1.6 that the issue was not resolved. Is anything concrete being done on this?
  6. I've noticed that every raw I open, they always show a histogram underexposed. Now, despite I tend to shoot a little underexposed, the histogram doesn't look right. Here's the same image, without any intervention, opened in Develop Persona first: And then in Photo: Not to mention, the difference with ACR. I understand they are two different engines, but is it normal to have such a difference?
  7. I'm not sure whether this is a bug or not, but the default raw tone curve for correctly exposed Nikon raw files (D2X, D700, D800) all have the histogram pushed against the left side (i.e. towards the blacks) making the images very dark. The default setting does not reflect the correct tonality of the images and requires significant manipulation to approximate a reasonable final result. The same images in other software (LR, PSCC, Lightzone and others) appear ok on their default settings, requiring modest manipulation at best to obtain a well developed image. Is this due to me being incompetent or is their a fault in the tone curve? Many thanks and I wish you all a very good Xmas.
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