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Found 16 results

  1. To me, the lasso/ freehand selection tool (and polygonal selection tools) are a must have in my daily workflow. For very irregular selections, they are indispensable, especially when you also have to avoid selecting other objects close-by. It still surprises me on a regular basis that I cannot use such a vital tool after having used other software that have such selection tools. Please add these selection tools to Designer and Publisher!
  2. When I using text tools(frame text or artistic text),The mouse is very likely to get stuck( may be a 30% chance). Even I just click once frame text layer , the text will follow and move like pressing the left mouse button. Occasionally, the mouse icon will always a text tool icon, even the mouse moves out of the canvas area, I can do nothing at this time. I can only wait a few seconds until the mouse returns to normal.
  3. Hi I'm having trouble exporting my warp group properly into PDF, it seems fine but then the PDF shows it deconstructed
  4. Hello forum folks, hoping I can get some assistance with this issue and that I'm just missing something obvious. I'm working on a laptop (windows) and find that the majority of the UI (text, icons, etc.) is too small. Some of the fonts scale correctly to my system preferences, but most are microscopic. I have googled and it says there should be a UI font scale option or icon scale option under the User Interfaces section of the preferences menu, but I cannot see it (see attached - screenshot in designer v2). If I can't fix this, it's really going to limit my ability to work with any of the affinity v2 apps on this device. TL;DR: How can I scale up the UI for v2 apps on windows? Any help appreciated.
  5. Hi, I bought recently AFP 2.0. I am still using Monterey OS (I will install it when it is more stable). I have problems when trying to export any publisher document to PDF. I have never gone beyond a 10 spread document, as I need to test how it looks (the file size has ranged between 150 and 400 MB). I started using embedded files and then I swapped to linked files. I converted all my psd or jpg files to Affinity Photo 2 format, in case that was the problem. It makes no difference if it is RGB or CMYK, they both crash. It doesn't matter if I try to make a copy of the file and rename it, it won't stay open (the problem persists even if I close the program and restart the computer). Through the different releases I keep having the same problem. I am not sure what is happening. I manage to export to a PDF, but it is impossible to keep working on my original publisher file, crash, after crash, not even the time to save to a different file. Could you please help me to figure out how to solve the problem? I attach the beginning of the latest problem report. Thank you. Clemencia
  6. Does anyone have the same issue in the Affinity Publisher v2? This is my second issues this week, stuck when opening the .afpub document. This document has more than 1000 pages, file size is less than 9MB. I waited for more than 30 minutes and the document was not open in the Affinity Publisher. I use Macbook Pro Retina mid-2012 dual VGA with 8GB RAM and macos Catalina. The afpub document are stored in a local drive (MacBook SSD). TIA Native Turquoise 2023.afpub
  7. How come Publisher displays my stroke units in Points, even though I have set the dimensions to mm? E: Publisher 2.0.0, Windows 10.
  8. Hi! I've run into a unique problem with the language feature on MacOS. I have set both my autocorrect and general preferences to English (Non Uk, e.c.t.). I have a template I am editing, and no matter how many times I reset the language preference to English, when Affinity Publisher reopens, the * before the language doesn't go away, and my English content is being autocorrected to a non-english language. (I thought it was Spanish, but it's almost a mix of everything but English). So I resent English, it asks to restart, I let it restart, and it doesn't change anything. I've attached photos of the document, and settings. (It's a mock-political magazine, there is no political content on it. The words are just nonsense to fill.) Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and any support would be much appreciated! I've looked everywhere on the forums, (for about two hours), and YouTube to no avail. Thanks!
  9. The current process of using a the Pinning Studio to place images floating with text or in-line with text could see some more streamlining. I would like to see a new handle appear when you select an image or image frame. This handle could then be used to click drag an image to a particular position in/ relative to the text. For simple operations, this would circumvent the use of the Pinning Studio and would therefore save users from having this studio open or to have to open it in the first place.
  10. Dear Serif, please make the text style shortcuts context sensitive, meaning that text styles are not applied when I try to type my text. I prefer to use the alphanumeric keys for text styles so I can activate them with a single keypress. But currently, if I have a body style associated to the "B" hotkey, I cannot type the word "body" in a text frame. 😭
  11. I already have the alignment buttons in the regular toolbar, so duplicating them in the context toolbar makes no sense to me. It's a waste of UI space for those who already have access to these buttons (which I believe are in the toolbar by default). Instead, it would be possible to use the screen real-estate for other UI items.
  12. Considering that one day there may be options to filter search queries by layer/ page/ chapter/ text frame/ column, etc., see: It would be neat to have a batch Find and Replace in which you can add multiple queries for finding and replacing something. That way, you could batch replace various pieces of text, characters (e.g. to do clean up for multiple white spaces and break characters) for particular pages in at once. The way I see this is you could add another Find and Replace query by clicking on a "+" button, which will run after the first Find and Replace has run.
  13. The Find in Layers Panel keyboard shortcut is in the misc. category, whereas it is under the layer menu dropdown. Perhaps it would be better to show it under the layer section of the keyboard shortcuts.
  14. When I have to batch replace large pieces of text without a consistent way to do this using RegEx, I would like to shift click multiple instances to replace rather than clicking the replace button for each item individually. That way, I can go over the edits much quicker manually.
  15. Please let me resize the open PDF dialog in Publisher. I have just opened a scanned document, which I ran through text recognition in Acrobat Pro. Now I have editable textboxes that contain a jumble of text styles and fonts. As you can see, the list is quite long and I can only work on 4 at a time now. If this dialog were resizeable, I would be able to go through more efficiently. I would also be able to compare and look up the fonts in the document if they were presented in-full.
  16. Hello, I have a problem with exporting an Affinity Publisher file into a PDF: the size of the resulting PDF is oversized. If I export 1 page of my book, consisting of 2 photos, using the PDF for print preset: I get a PDF file of 38MB. If I export the same page as a jpeg at 300 dpi, I get a 9.2MB file. When I compare the 2 docs, it seems that the quality of the image in the PDF document is greater than the resolution of the JPEG. Any idea of what I am doing wrong ? My full book of 144 pages must be below 1GB (it is about right if I export all pages as JPEG, but I get a file of 36 GB when exported as PDF). Thanks Philippe
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