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Found 24 results

  1. New work - Our Lady of Brighthelmstone. This was my recent submission for a call to artists put out by a new gallery opening in the city of Brighton & Hove - sadly rejected. The theme was metamorphosis, so I painted the city morphed into a fabulous drag queen, in the style of an Uber-kitsch religious painting (taking “Our Lady of Guadeloupe” as my main inspiration - Brighthelmstone is the old name for the city of Brighton). There are a total of 33 visual “easter eggs” contained within the picture, some architectural, some cultural. If any of you are familiar with the place, have fun spotting them! (Created on Affinity Designer 2 for iPad)
  2. New piece - Wut? 100% vector. All created in Affinity Designer iPad Beta v1.2
  3. Hi, could someone help? I’ve been tearing my hair out on this. I’m trying to place multiple photos on Affinity Designer iPad but when I hit place then choose photos app, it just shows me an empty screen. Even the albums are empty even if I have photos in my Photos app. What gives? How do I fix this?
  4. New artwork: Fashion Forward Fanny As part of #lgbthistory month, I’ve created a new artwork inspired by the legendary Leigh Bowery. For those that don’t know, Leigh was an Australian performance artist and fashion/costume designer, whose dazzling, outrageous, and often disturbing looks were a permanent fixture on the club scene of early 1980’s London and New York. His work has inspired a vast range of artists and designers ever since, including (but certainly not limited to) Lady Gaga, Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, John Galliano, and Boy George. He was also a muse for Lucien Freud, who created a famous series of full-length paintings of him, and in 2002 his life was celebrated in the West End and Broadway musical Taboo, in which he was played by his friend Boy George, who was also the creative force behind the show. Sadly, Leigh Bowery passed away in 1994, but his legacy is felt as strongly as ever, and is regularly referenced today in both fashion and drag culture at large. I’ve included a few photos of Leigh’s most iconic looks which directly inspired this piece (and you’ll also see I couldn’t resist including a picture of Leigh himself within the piece, watching Fanny do her chores…) Oh, and this is also the second in my “Domestic Goddess” series (drag queens doing the housework in ludicrously inappropriate apparel). Hope you like it (and please do check out more about Leigh Bowery!)
  5. My latest work. Drawing with affinity designer 2 ipad. hope you like it. Timelapse video
  6. I want to share my latest work. Trying to explore cute vector design. Timelapse
  7. Hi, just had an issue with Affinity Designer for iPad. I created a folder for the brushes being used on a project but when duplicating a brush to add to this folder the application crashed. I had to restart the app and noticed all the imported brushes have gone and now left with the system brushes only… had a scan on the forums and noticed a few others have had a similar issue but couldn’t find if there was a solution. Also restarted the iPad but no joy. thanks D
  8. Trying to place an image, but it crashed immediately after clicking the “import from photo”. RPReplay_Final1652244438.mp4
  9. Currently working on this beast of a piece. Prelim sketch for reference (all characters yet to be added), and video showing detail. IMG_4367.MOV
  10. Hello! I don’t know if we’re allowed to promote other websites here, but my new site recently went live, and all works on it were created on Affinity Designer for iPad. Please check it out and let me know your thoughts! http://www.gregsavageart.co.uk
  11. Hi i just made bird logo with affinity designer ipad. Timelapse:
  12. New vector work – Dia de Los Muertos I: La Calavera Catrina Today the famous “Day of the Dead” festival begins in Mexico. Definitely NOT to be confused with Halloween, the Day of the Dead is a three-day riotous explosion of colour and joy, where people all across Mexico honour and remember their loved ones and keep their memories alive. This spectacular festival is something I’ve been fascinated with for years, and seeing it first-hand one day is definitely on the bucket list! I’ve created two pieces to celebrate this festival, and my first one “La Calavera Catrina” (The Elegant Skull) is based on the traditional female costume for the Day of the Dead. La Catrina is known as the “Grand Dame” of the afterlife. She wears marigolds in her hair - believed to lure the dead back to the world of the living for the duration of the festival through their powerful scent and vibrant colour - and a collection of skulls representing the souls of the departed. She also wears the Sacred Heart crown, to represent the fact that the festival takes place across All Saints Day and All Souls Day – two minor holidays in the Catholic calendar, the quetzal feathers represent her native Mexican heritage, and the roses are an obvious nod to Frida Kahlo. I’ve also added some detail shots, the outline, and the original concept sketch. Hope you like them! I’ll be posting my second piece, La Danza Azteca, separately, so if you like what you see - keep a look out!
  13. My second piece to celebrate the Mexican “Dia de Los Muertos” (Day of the Dead) festival is called “La Danza Azteca”, and is intended to reflect the Aztec origins of the festival, and the troops of dancers known as “Concheros” who dance in public spaces throughout Mexico to honour the traditions and rituals of their pre-hispanic culture. My Conchero wears a headdress depicting Tlaloc, the Aztec god of rain, water, and fertility, and a necklace bearing the image of Mictlantecuhtli, the God of the Dead and ruler of Mictlan, the Aztec underworld. As usual, I’ve included some detail shots and the original concept sketch, if you’re interested. If you like what you see, please also check out my earlier Day of the Dead post “La Calavera Catrina”.
  14. I created some templates in Affinity Designer destkop version and saved them in Google Drive. When I try to open them up in Affinity Designer on the iPad they are grayed out. If i go straight to the folder in Google Drive, they are not grayed out, but when I click on it, choose 'Share' and choose to open with Designer, it won't open but it will open in Photo, if I choose that. I'm not sure what the issue it. The template file is .aftemplate. So what I want to be able to do is open up Designer for the iPad, tap the + button, choose 'New From Template' and open up the template. How can I do this? thanks
  15. where can I find the add noise feature in color overlay or gradient overlay on the layer fx? Like affinity designer on desktop
  16. New piece – Kazuko. I’ve always wanted to draw a “cyber geisha”, and my initial idea for this was much more anime inspired (set against a towering futuristic cityscape, drenched in neon, maybe in the rain?) However, whilst I was thrashing out my preliminary sketches, I couldn’t shake the feeling that it was all a bit clichéd, and had been done a million times before by far better artists than I. Instead, I wanted it to be much less dramatic, and far more subtle. I liked the idea that you wouldn’t necessarily realise she was an android at first glance, and that it was only as you examined her more closely that the details would jump out at you: the seams on her arms, , the circuitry under her skin, the pixel pattern on her kimono, the robot prawn. I’ve no idea whether my attempt at subtlety works or not – you’ll have to be the judge – but in any event, here she is. Hope you like her!
  17. Slow progress on this one, but here are a few more details I’ve recently completed. Aiming to finally have this finished by the weekend.
  18. Affinity Designer keeps crashing on my 2016 iPad Pro, primarily with a specific file while using the pixel persona. I have… the latest iPadOS (14.4.2) the latest version of Affinity Designer (1.9.1) reset all settings in Affinity Designer deleted many files in case memory space was somehow an issue hard restarted my iPad deleted all of the layers in my document that I’m not actively using This, among other smaller issues, has taken up HOURS of my day, on a day where I’m too injured to work in my art studio or at my desktop. I’m at my absolute wits’ end. Help me, Obiwan Kenobi. You’re my only hope. IMG_4529.MP4 Weapons_of_War.afdesign
  19. Every time I use an FX tool it is constantly changing back to plain lines! I had some projects that I spent a great deal of time on and had not opened them in a couple of weeks.. When I did open them all my highlights had reverted to a simple line. What can I do to prevent this?
  20. Hello everyone, I am working on a small project for a university course. I tried to make pixel art with Affinity Designer for the first time and up until now everything worked great. The problem I am facing is, that my file got corrupted and is now crashing everytime it gets (auto)saved. Since I create sprite sheets, my document is small (128x128px), but contains a lot of symbols. So I guess they are somewhat at fault. I already tried to copy elements one by one into a fresh document, but certain symbols cause a crash just by being selected I found a post here where a moderator mentioned having a document stored in a cloud service can cause problems. Since my problem started after I opened the file from iCloud with my iPad I guess that was the issue.. Has anyone an idea what I could try to rescue my file or move my progress to a fresh one? Or can a staff member please have a look at my file? Thanks in advance! Affinity Designer for MacOS was not up to date, but an update to 1.9.3 did not change anything. iPad version is 1.9.2. Crashlog in attachments. crashlog.html
  21. I’ve searched around for this. If anyone can point me to where it is, I’d be grateful. I found a topic discussing node manipulation releases for version 1.7, but couldn’t view the video linked to. Is this possible in Designer (iPad)? Hopefully the illustration shows what I’m hoping to do. ( I want to rotate the selected nodes around a distant manually placed anchor. ) >>> All suggestions welcome and appreciated. Is there an "Affinity way" I’m missing, because I’m in Illustrator mode? - - - - - - - - - I’m pondering alternative ways of creating a rotation centre / anchor. Like adding another temporary shape. I suspect I’ll end up re-constructing it... and yes, I’m expecting to have to tweak the curves, though I’m hoping they’ll not be far out.
  22. This is my way to create a glass broken text on Affinity Designer iPad. Any comment pls. Link youtube:
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