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Found 7 results

  1. Heres a video of me talking about an issue thats happening with strokes in AD v2 for ipad. Strokes have 2 properties, a color property and a width property. Both of these properties have been divided into 2 studios, the color studio and the stroke studio. This should not be happening. These 2 properties should not be divided nor split into 2 separate studios. They need to be together and the color and stroke studio FINALLY need to combine into 1 single studio. Its long overdue and it needs to happen. This isnt an issue on the desktop version because youre allowed to have multiple studios open. On the ipad you cant have multiple studios open so the solution is to combine these 2 studios into 1 studio that holds all the properties to an object or stroke. Stroke3.mp4 Stroke4.mp4
  2. The color studio icon displays the color for both the color and stroke fill. It should not be like that because you already have a color indicator for the stroke fill. Which is the stroke studio icon. So the color studio icon should only be displaying the color for an object with a color fill. Not a stroke fill. So you need to create a 3rd icon that is an outlined circle icon to represent the stroke fill to an object. That way the color studio represents an objects color fill, the outlined circle represents an objects stroke fill, and the stroke studio can represent a strokes width. This would then allow users to perform their studio gestures to change their color or strokes value. Please watch the videos below. It explains more in detail. Theres also a mock up of the 3 icons at the bottom. At the end I reference the color and stroke studio combined. I talk about combining both studios here in this forum on how they need to combine. fill issue1.mp4 fill issue2.mp4
  3. Please watch the videos below. I made a video about an issue thats happening in the affinity designer v2 ipad app. I cant put it into words because its too much to explain and it doesnt translate well into words. I really need @Ashor anyone from the development team to please watch it. I get it. This issue will not be solved right now, but I just want to start a blueprint for it already for future builds. I also want to provide an article from Vectornator that explains more about this contextual menu and how its a better workflow for their users. They call it "Quick Actions." https://www.vectornator.io/blog/vectornator-4-0-preview-quick-action Im really sorry about the video quality. I had to upload it at 640x480 and in 2 parts because 720p and 1080p took very long to upload. Watch it in full screen mode. CONTEXTUAL MENU1.mp4 CONTEXTUAL MENU2.mp4
  4. I'm having issues with the Flood Selection Tool in the Pixel Persona. I'm taking a class in surface pattern design, and had to upload an image then use the Threshold option to make it how you see in Image 1. In Image 2 I'm go into the Pixel Persona, select the Flood Selection Tool, deselect Contiguous in the top menu, then select the white in the image. I've zoomed in as you can see so that I only select white. The image starts to move and then I'm supposed to hit the trash can, which is supposed to remove the white (I'm told in my class video that I'll see the image change in the layers panel). The trash can doesn't seem to do anything, so I tried three-finger swipe and pressed delete in the menu that pops up. Nothing changes in the image in the layers panel. The next step is to go back to the Designer Persona, pick a colour other than white or black, create a new vector layer, place this under the pixel layer, then draw a rectangle across the image and the white is supposed to change to the colour. However as you can see in Image 3, the black is changing to the colour I picked, not the white. I've been back and forth with someone from the class but they've just told me to keep trying again. I've tried 5 or 6 times now with no luck. Am I doing something wrong, is the class taught wrong or is there a bug? I'm new to Designer and my class is being taught in V1 so it's been a struggle as it is.
  5. Hello, I'm really hoping someone can help as I got a little carried away and created a ton of patterns in affinity designer on the iPad and I've been trying to export them as PSD files to work on in Photoshop but it's just not working. It says it's generating the export but nothing happens. I've searched all over the internet, YouTube, Skillshare, here etc. for advice so finally decided to come and post my own questions as I'm having no joy. I'm not particularly tech savvy so all and any help gratefully received! Thanks
  6. Fonts are not available to select from Google Drive in Affinity Designer for Ipad – both OTF. and TTF. fonts. Support here would be appreciated. Cheers! Running on Ipad Pro iOS 12.2
  7. Can we share files created and saved in an iPad Pro(2nd gen) and then open them in a Windows PC manipulate them and save them,are they compatible with each other?. Secondly, can we store affinity photo and affinity designer files in an ipad on an externally mounted drive based on the Lightning port. Lastly, can we copy affinity designer and affinity photo files in an ipad pro and then copy them to a Windows PC using iTunes?. Need help
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