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Found 9 results

  1. Hi! When you try to select Bitmap as an option from the scroll wheel on the Fill Tool, nothing happens, even if you actively tap it. You have to use the arrows to back up then go back to Bitmap for the selection folder to pop up. Bitmap on Fill Tool.mov See video below. I'm on a 2020 iPad Pro 12.9 Current OS and on the current version of the beta.
  2. Using a Bitmap with the Fill Tool has 2 problems: 1. Main problem is that there is some serious lag when resizing the fill. Makes it difficult to get the size you want. I'm on an iPad Air 5th generation so there should be plenty of power to drive this tool. The Bitmap is relatively small, 250x250 and 50 KB, in a project that is 2048x2048. iPadOS is 16.3. 2. Smaller bug: When you choose Bitmap from the drop down menu it doesn't select Bitmap, and you have to choose it using the arrows. Not a big deal, but a consistent bug.
  3. Hello, I found out today that the Bitmap blending mode doesn't work with the gradient tool on the iPad. If I select the bitmap blending mode for the gradient tool, the previously set gradient remains on the one hand, although I have not set it to bitmap. In addition, it is not possible to select the bitmap. A window doesn't open like in the desktop version, and I can't find a button to access the image to be used either. I'm using an iPad Pro 11'. Either it is not displayed (I found that I also have problems displaying the top bar with other tools) or the selection button was forgotten.
  4. Noticed this the other day, and still persists. When using the Gradient Fill Tool …you have the option to select Linear, Elliptical, Radial, Conical and Bitmap, by either selecting the Arrows or Drop-down List upon tapping. When using the arrows to select Bitmap…it opens as expected, and can choose whatever image from location…but if tapping for the drop-down list to scroll and select Bitmap- it does nothing. Use the arrows afterward to simply move forward and back again, and it will work as expected….so basically selecting option by the drop-down list doesn’t function properly. ‘Small thing, but exists.
  5. This is essential for creating styles, but I found out that it works by accident, after for days I thought it doesn’t — it only works if we touch the arrow until we reach the Bitmap section, but not if we touch to add Bitmap from the dropdown menu.
  6. When using fill tool type drop down menu the selection of bit map fails to open browser window. Tapping the > at the side of the menu to select bitmap works. IMG_0422.MOV
  7. Hi there, I watched a lot of tutorials before I decided to write this: It should be possible to use the filltool to fill a shape with a bitmap for example to proof if a seamless pattern is alright. But everytime I hit the bitmap-option in the filltool nothing happens instead of showing me ipgs or pngs I could use….why????
  8. Updated my desktop versions and was happy and then went on to the iPad versions - not so happy :-( The fill tool doesn’t work with bitmap fill anymore (both in Designer and Photo) which is kind of a very big issue for a surface pattern designer. I use this tool all the time everyday ! Is there anyway to roll back to the previous version until a patch comes out for this issue?
  9. Scrolling the fill tool context menu up and down doesn’t activate selected bitmap option. Tapping side arrow head to display the bitmap option activates the file selector.
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