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Found 10 results

  1. Create some text. Clone, and add a contour. Group. Move the group. Expected: The two objects move together. Actual: The contour is offset from the original. Related: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/172947-possible-bug-with-contour-and-grouping
  2. Moving or resizing a group of contoured items breaks the structure ? contour-group-issue.afdesign
  3. I found a YouTube tutorial using the Contour Tool on text. When they use it, there's a smooth transition around all the letters. When I apply it, the outline distorts. I can fix it by either changing the view or select Bake Appearance. Is there a preference setting I'm missing?
  4. Problem was mentioned here already. Could you please bump this again to developers?
  5. The Contour Object Broken when group it and moving, however it didn't broke when selected the layer in Affinity Publisher ver (Betta Version), as video below. Contour Tools Broken.wmv Awaiting the information about this phenomenon. Best regards,
  6. Dear All, I report again that there are still a bug when create a Contour Shape and drag the shape, the shape then broken, this bug still found in Affinity Designer ver as per screen shot and clip attached. Awaiting for solution. Best regards, Countor_Bug.mp4
  7. Tried duplicating an Artboard layer where I had some text that used the Contour Tool. The text ended up becoming invisible in one of them and could only appear again if I moved them outside of the Artboard or used Bake Appearance, which is a destructive action, especially for text. Desktop 2021.03.18 -
  8. When align/Move made broken The Artistic Text was created by Contour Tools in Affinity Designer version as per screen recorded attached. Awaiting the advice. Thanks & B/regards, Bug_in_Affinity_Designer_version_1.9.1_979.mp4
  9. I realy like the contour tool. Great new feature! Thanks for it. But it seems it could need some more debugging If I use the contour tool on text its interacting with the size of my art board. 1) open new doc and create art board 2) type some text 3) use contour tool on the text and decrease contour 4) use the art board tool and resize art board..
  10. Grouping items where a contour has been applied breaks when dragging the group....... Create artistic text. Duplicate. Contour top item to be smaller. Add stroke to top item Group. If one then selects the two items within the group and drags, they move correctly [lower part of image]. If one selects the group as a whole, [upper part of image] and drags, the drawing parts move differently, as if the scaling of the contour is affecting the movement? Windows 10 Ryzen5/Radeon Designer 1.9 regards Gareth
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