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Found 8 results

  1. It's annoying to see a lot of obnoxious red squiggly lines upon restarting Affinity Designer iPad. First of all, the field name (in Text Studio, hamburger menu) is a misnomer - it's not just checking spelling while typing, it's "check spelling", period. Which is OK but should be renamed. The bug is that even if I clear it, it gets reactivated. For example, last time, I copied a document where I already disabled this annoyance, and I opened the copy, and the red squigglies were still there. While it sounds not too bad ("hey man just fix your typo already!") the artboard becomes an indecipherable red sea if one is using lorem ipsum or any equivalent mock text.
  2. Affinity Designer Version iPad Pro 12,9 inch first generation, iOS 12.3.1 I added screen recordings for clarity. Problem 1: Margin and bleed not working for artboards Margins and bleed work perfect for documents that do not use artboards, but when I convert it to an artboard using "Insert Artboard" it stops working. Same goes for creating a document and enabling the option "Create Artboard". Bleed still shows, but changing the values for Left, Right, Top or Bottom doesn't change the bleed. When opening the menu again the values are back to what they were before using "Insert Artboard". Margins also don't work, it goes back to Left 0.0 Right 0.0 Top 0.0 and Bottom 0.0. Trying to change this makes it immediately jump back to 0.0. margin_bleed_artboard.MP4 Problem 2: "Check Spelling While Typing" option is always on when loading any document check_spelling_while_typing.MP4 Problem 3: Limited selection of presets for inserting artboards in an open document It looks like the artboard presets of the category "Device". However, the bottom four options are also missing: Kindle Fire HD 7, Kindle Fire HD 8.9, Galaxy S5 and Surface Pro 2. There is an option missing for selecting the category like when creating a new document. It seems that this simply has been overlooked. insert_artboard.MP4
  3. I use quite an exotic language on my devices - Polish - which belongs to the quite large group of languages unsupported by Affinity. That wouldn’t actually be a problem for me if not the auto-correction feature - which is not synchronized with the system-wide auto-correction, because my system language is Polish and when using text tools Affinity always mark all my Polish words as wrong . And again that wouldn’t be a problem (until I do some orthographic mistake) because auto-correction can be easily switched off in text tool settings (Check spelling while typing) but the problem is: if I turn it off in one document, it reverts back on when I close the document and enter it, or any other again. So the result is: always when I enter a document with text I’m welcomed by unfriendly red squiggly (unless I design something English) I tried using both “English” and “Default” setting in language option in Designer’s settings. Zrzut ekranu 2019-09-26 o 22.23.47
  4. Fantastic! The registration worked perfectly. Just a few comments: 1. Margins are not working correctly with artboards. When you make a new document, then inside the document you make a few artboards, then go to guides>margins and you try to make some and it doesn’t work. 2. it would be nice if you could delete an object with the “delete” key on the magic keyboard for ipad. Regarding the keyboard, to move objects quicker with the arrow keys, with the macOS version you can press SHIFT+arrows keys to move an object faster. It would be nice to have this implemented too! 3. in the pixel persona, in the brush tool, when you go to color at the bottom and select the eye dropper and try to select a color, the interface flashes at the bottom 4. how do you embed or link an image on ipad ? 5. The “check spelling while typing box” goes back to default every time you open the same document. It would be nice if it remembered the setting. Regarding spelling, it would be nice if affinity used automatic spelling based on the keyboard language you have turned on (global world key on the keyboard) like in the rest of iPadOS. Also, would it be possible to use the “|” cursor in text with the new cursor in iPadOS instead of the circle for text selection (like in the rest of iPadOS)? It would be amazing if more custom cursor elements appeared throughout, just like on macOS. 6. The package feature works perfect!! 7. Would it be possible to have “paste without formatting” in the clipboard menu? Or in text options, remove formatting. thanks, Sven
  5. I have set up Column Guides on my document — so I can snap text to the edges of my document. But I do not wish to have them visible all the time. Super simple — I hide the Column Guides (but they are stil set in place), and I go to Snapping>Only Snap to Visible Layers and I turn that setting off. On desktop, this works well. Column guides are not visible, but elements are still snapping accordingly to the hidden guides. On Affinity Designer on iPad, when “Only Snap to Visible Layers” is turned off, elements don’t snap to the column guides. In fact, regardless of if the column guides are hidden or visible at the moment, this switch turns all column snapping off. Please fix this behavior.
  6. Hello, I turned off all my corrector tool in my ipad. Everywhere, I don't have this issues, but in affinity Designer I have a underline error on text. How to turn off that thing?
  7. Please, give us the ability to turn of check spelling indefinitely, or start supporting 150 more languages in your dictionary. Being forced to constantly turn off that little checkbox every time I open a document or RESTART THE APP is driving me crazy. It would be much smarter to move this setting from a document-wide one to app-wide, and put the control in the app preferences itself. This applies to photo and designer on ipad,
  8. The «Check spelling while typing» function randomly turns itself on after being turned off. I’m currently working on a standard device document, but the same thing happens on other formats as well.
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