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Found 5 results

  1. Using Publisher on Win10 I've attached an afpub and the exported PDF and a screenshot of the PDF. I have a shape with multiple contours, and made multiple copies of it to illustrate the problem. It seems that depending on where on the page this shape sits, sometimes the contours "break" at the topmost node. If you start moving around the copies, the broken contours may disappear or change. It is not related to the PDF options, I tried various different presets, including for print. (The topmost node is a weird one, since it seems to be 2 nodes on top of each other. I guess this was the outcome of a merge of two shapes (done in Designer). Such nodes should be merged, not overlap like this, so maybe that's another bug somewhere...) affinityshapetests_pdf_digitalsmall.pdf affinityshapetests.afpub
  2. Really hoping improved geometry and boolean operations are on the schedule for the next beta. this is the result of expaned strokes, divided, yikes
  3. I'm experiencing problems when expanding strokes. Please see the attached examples. I accidentally posted on the Windows Bugs thread earlier, so I'm reposting here.
  4. I was hoping the new algorhythm for outline stroke fixed the creation of too many extra nodes after using boolean functions. Unfortunately the issue is still there unsolved. This makes the intersect boolean impossible at the moment when using with complex shapes and curves. That's a shame, because it's a very important feature for working with vector graphics to rely on and I use it a lot for all kind of work. If we need to remove literaraly hundreds of extra and unneeded and recurve the thing with the nodes that are left, than this feature is pretty unusable and doesn't help. For exporting graphics to svg for use on the web it's very important files are as small as possible. Having hundreds of redundant nodes is not what we want and makes our webgraphics unnecesary slow. Also we than don't have the controlpoints to animate shapes in the svg as suddenly there are more controlpoints than created during the design-stage. Next to this we want to edit the curves of the shapes after boolean operations. And that's impossible with hundreds of nodes. So don't want to be rude and I love Designer, but on this point our well designed and optimized shapes lose all cleanness we work so hard on when using a boolean operation 'cause then there's a lot of unwanted and unneeded 'rubbish' in there making our shapes losing their original editablility. Just did some tests and the result seems to be there in the latest stable version (, beta and still in the latest beta ( Added the (stripped) file I used in the video. Hopefully this can be fixed some day soon! Thanks in advance, hundreds-of-redundant-extra-nodes-after-intersect.mp4 testfile.afdesign
  5. Can someone tell me why my SVG file doesn't look correct in Affinity but fine in other apps? Best explained by way of attached image - top is how SVG should look, bottom is how it looks in Affinity Thanks
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