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Found 8 results

  1. I have found following problem with Guides Manager in Affinity Designer for Windows v. When I create second artboard, Guides Manager shows wrong dimensions for Guides. It also dont allow to set and to change Spread Origin for second artboard. I have made video with problem, see below. I think, it is bug. Problem_with_Guides_Manager_in_second_artboard_.mp4
  2. Hello, When I set up margins ( file > document setup) and I open that window again the option 'include margins' is suddenly de-activated. When you activate this again ans just hit 'ok' alle margins are gone. When you activate this again and cycle through them with tab, only the margins you manually re-type are kept. The rest is deleted. Attached some screenshots. Thx, Dries
  3. I've got several artboards in my document and the guide manager doesn't show correct numbers of the guides position. There is probably some mismatch with Spread Origin value.
  4. For all the Guides I greated in my multi-artboard documents the positions are not shown relative to the artboard they are on, but relative to the whole document which is not helpful at all.
  5. After the recent update to Affinity Designer, my guides have all changed. They are now larger numbers, including negative numbers. I don't know a lot about Affinity and I'm honestly very confused how to get my guides back to the way they were. For example, if I had an artboard that was 8.5 inches high by 11 inches wide, I might set a 50% horizontal guide at 4.25 inches. Now that shows as -47inches or -558%. I don't know how to fix it! How do I go back to viewing my guides in a normal way? I have tried clearing all my user data, which didn't help. I opened a new document and it did not have these same issues, but if I tried copying my work into a new document, it brought the issue with it. Please help!
  6. Anyone else dealing with this issue? The marker on the dartboard is different from the guides box. When I want to manually input the guide amount the line will just disappear (I assume because it's placed in a different galaxy somewhere)
  7. I'm using Designer made a custom landscape page with pixels as document units and added a few artboards Possible Bug #1 Dimensions on ruler shows 1525x1080px. Dimensions in Document Setup shows 4997,4x1080px Possible Bug #2 When adding guidelines on artboard #1 numbers on rulers corresponds with numbers in guideline manager. Everything is as expected. But, when adding guidelines on artboard #2 numbers on rulers are as for artboard #1 and okay, and horizontal guidelines are as expected, but the vertical guideline manger shows totally different numbers; -1735px is 0px Do I do something wrong or is it a bug?
  8. In the screenshots you can see a shape on an Artboard, with the move tool (V) and the point tool (A). The point tool shows an obviously wrong value for X.
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