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Found 6 results

  1. Selecting text will sometimes (but not always) not highlight the selected part. See the video. macOS 10.14.6, AD 1.9.1 Affinity_Text_Render_Bug.mp4
  2. In a text paragraph when I highlight a word, the highlight disappears when I zoom to 172%. I have Affinity Designer 1.7.2
  3. After typing some text using the artistic text tool, I wanted to highlight a couple of the characters to make them Superscript but I noticed that the text was not highlighting. I restarted Affinity Designer and tried again, same issue. I just happened to zoom out while I was trying to figure out what was going on and then the text appeared highlighted. I zoomed back in and the highlighting went away again, zoomed out and highlight returned. So it's whenever I reach a specific point of zooming in that the highlight disappears. Even though it doesn't show the highlight, it still acts as though the highlight is there, I was able to apply the superscript effect even when I couldn't see the highlight. 2020.06.04-07.35.mp4 2020_06_06-15_53.mp4
  4. I could not select text anymore, tried closing program/reopening but it still didnĀ“t work. Noticed that it suddenly worked when i had the document zoomed out to 50%. To test the issue, select a text, zoom in/out and notice that the selection disappears going above 85%, every time. Version 1.8.3 on a 2017 15" mac pro running Mojave 10.14.6
  5. Not sure I'm posting this in the right place as I don't think it's a bug. That said, I often edit and format text in the workspace/pasteboard area (still transitioning from InDesign & QuarkXpress so the terminology as applies to Publisher may be incorrect). When the zoom factor is above 150% and I try highlighting text ahead of editing, the highlight is not displaying (the text or character I'm attempting to edit is not highlighted). When I zoom out to below 150% I can see the highlighting. I often work at 200%-400% percent when working on text. If the text frame is on a document page itself there's no problem with the highlighting being visible at any percentage. Not sure if it's a setting I'm missing in the preferences in regards to the workspace/pasteboard issue. Not sure if it's a bug. I'm working on a MacBook Pro running Moajave 10.14.6 and Publisher 1.7.3 Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  6. I've been illustrating for over 25 years, mostly with Freehand. Can't bear Illustrator or the Company that makes it. Affinity Designer is the first program I've come across that may be able to substitute for Freehand but am finding too many bugs. Opening a 4 page pdf document, making modifications, then AD hangs during the Exporting to PDF. Trying to highlight text, can drop cursor into text, but dragging does not create blue highlight.
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