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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I'm really enjoying Affinity Designer so far. There are so many convenient features to help make vector illustration more fun and efficient. I recently discovered symbol bugs on Affinity Designer for Windows PC. The bugs never occurred before the last AD software update. After duplicating a symbol, I'm unable to arrange the symbols independently using the 'Move to Back' function. The duplicated symbols move together, even when only one is selected, while using the 'Move to Back' function. I also can't disable visibility without them all being turned on or off simultaneously. A macOS user recently had a similar problem, from this thread:
  2. I have found a couple of threads about this in old, "pre-x.x" archives, but just wanted to reiterate it is still an issue. Instances of symbols in groups or on separate artboards that are asked to "Move to Back" results in all instances being moved. Designer 1.10.4 on MacOS 10.14.6
  3. I've run into some very strange behavior in Affinity Designer 1.7.3 on macOS that I finally figured out was caused by how symbol instances handle rearranging (moving back/forth), which might be by design I guess, but have such strange and unpredictable consequences I'm considering them a bug: It seems that when using symbols and selecting once instance of the symbol and pressing the "Move to front" or "Move to back" rearrange buttons this somehow applies to all instances of the same symbol. I'm guessing that this is more or less never what the user intends when trying to move a single selected object back/forward and it's very unexpected. This is further complicated by the fact that the canvas isn't redrawn properly for the other instances of the same symbol when this happens, so you only see that they've been moved back/forward if you scroll or otherwise cause them to be redrawn. And as the final problem, the arrange can't be undone. The problems seem to be especially bad when the other layers being rearranged are also symbol instances. So, together this more or less means you currently can't use the arrange feature on symbols and instead you have to manually drag the layers in the layers panel to re-arrange them if you want different instances of the same symbol on different levels. ArrangeSymbolsBug.mov
  4. I change the order (bring to front,...) on one artboard and AD changes all other same images also (unwanted) Please check my short video: aD-Layerbug.m4v
  5. 1. Draw an object 2. Convert it into a symbol 3. Duplicate the symbol twice 4. Drag the instances so that each one partially overlaps the other two, so that we can see the stacking order 5. For ease of visualisation, Un-sync and rename the instances 1, 2, 3 (optionally give them a unique colour too) 6. Play with the stacking order using either Layer > Arrange or keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+[ and Ctrl+Shift+ [ etc) Result: Is a mess! The stacking order seems to be an attribute of the symbol, which causes all sorts of unusual behaviour, including… The keypress does nothing. The keypress moves the object to the wrong position in the layer stack. If the symbol if a group of objects only some of them move. Affinity BUG Symbols Move to Front.afdesign
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