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Found 7 results

  1. Hello Affinity, I have attached this video explaining my issue when it comes to grouping objects. Regards, Hossein 01-grouping-issue.mp4
  2. If I marquee-select a number of objects to group, sometimes Affinity will disperse some/all these objects, flinging them out from there positions before creating the group. Undo fixes this, and re-selecting/grouping will achieve the correct result. Annoying, and persistent, and random, but not destructive. However, if one of those objects is a symbol (I’ve only started using symbols a little for some projects), the “fling” and reposition *all* copies of that symbol and undo does not fix it, which *is* destructive. Please help. This is not a new or infrequent bug; I just didn’t realise how ruinous it is if one of the objects is a symbol.
  3. Designer, Windows 10 I'm having problems with grouping, as follows. I have a single Artboard containing multiple entities. I clipcopy and paste the Artboard and drag the pasted copy to the left of the original. I group the entities on the copy via the Move tool - no apparent problem. If, however, I drag the copied Artboard to either the right of or below the original and then group the objects as before, the group distorts. NOTE: This only happens when the entities are selected using the Move tool. Selecting them from the Layers panel seems OK.
  4. When I group this map with a shape behind the map is stangely displaced - it must have something to do with the map in the artboard left of this one when I delete that map in the left artboard everything works fine - see movie and file attached. adGroupBug.m4v adGroupBug.afdesign
  5. Hi, I don’t think this bug has been reported before. It is not document-specific. Attempting to group shapes or texts that are both in and out an artboard, despite all of them being positioned inside the artboard, will almost always result in a random relocation of said objects (plus that “shape-cutting ugly bug” which fortunately doesn’t destroy the shapes permanently). Different constraint panel settings render the same results. It may not look like much when working with few objects, but when dealing with hundreds of files — it is. Video and test file below. All the best! Off-topic edit, for some reason the files I upload have no details like I see in other posts, and also my account seems to lack various features, such us when I was logged in the last time or what topic I’m watching in real time. It’s not bothering me, but it doesn’t look good either. IMG_1210.MOV artboard-group-bug.afdesign
  6. Hi, look at this example. The triangles are outside the layer. Now, when I select all elements and try to group them, the house is moved toward the triangles. If you put them inside the layer everthing is OK. Is this normal? proba.afdesign
  7. I’ve encountered this multiple times when trying to group objects inside an art board. The only way I’ve been able to solve this is by moving them outside the art board before grouping. What’s going on?? iPad Pro 3rd gen 11in FullSizeRender.mov
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