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Found 4 results

  1. The SVG files created in AD appear too small in other programs (Silhouette) and the line styles are no longer created. various export options do not change the result.
  2. Bug: When the document is exported to SVG format, the units and values are compromised Proposed Solution: Respect the unit configuration in the document setup, and don't do any conversions, just export the values as they are in the document. Description: When the document setup has units set to mm, the exported SVG defines the dimensions in pixels. Actually regardless of any setup, the export of SVG is in pixels. It's frustrating that there is no DXF support, so can you at least fix the SVG dimensions to export in proper units? I've tried every combination of export SVG "more" options, but no luck. Technically what seems to be happening is that you are calculating the pixels based on the document DPI setting and making a viewBox with the most awkward "user coordinate system" that is in pixels derived from the DPI against the unit used. Honestly, DPI should have nothing to do with this, and it seems that this DPI setting in Affinity Designer is unnecessarily creating problems where it shouldn't be, here and in other places. What is concerning is if you import an SVG from another application that has mm units, it is imported with the expected identical structure. When you use the export provided by Affinity Design, and then reimport it to the same program, it is not identical, but rather distorted in very strange ways. Clearly his is a side effect from the erroneous unit conversions. Comments: Do you understand how much easier it would be for you to simply skip the DPI and skip the calculations and just give straight 1:1 unit definition in the xml output? It really seems that you are overcomplicating the situation and doing unnecessary conversions, which even if they did coincidentally match up with the current DPI, would still be slightly off due to the floating points that are being rounded. You do realize that SVG has built in unit support right? You can explicitly set all dimensional properties in mm (height="20mm")
  3. Affnity Illustrator CC 2021: Client file so can't show more than this, but it's very simple shapes. Btw, the reason I need to pass this through Illustrator is because expanding curves in Affinity is still messed up, and Illustrator does it accurately. However, this is the first time I've seen Affinity fail at even this level. Guess I'll try using PDF next.
  4. Im using Designer 1.7.3 on a 3rd generation iPad Pro. The file type is SVG and the desired dpi is 96. However, the output file has a dpi of 72 regardless of several variations of testing. These include setting the original document to 96 and toggling "use document dpi" in the Export dialog as well as manually setting 96 in the Export dialog. It occurs when exporting a selection or the whole document. I've done about 7 permutations, all with the result of 72 dpi.This happens whether the save target is the Files app on iPad or an AirDrop to my desktop. My primary use of Designer is creating SVG's for use in CNC machining, the 96 dpi is imperative. I've used Designer on my desktop for a couple years, the iPad version is new to me. Maybe I'm missing something? [I am aware that dpi should not be of concern in a vector only file. But it makes a difference when importing into a CAM app, at least the one I use. This particular dpi is necessary to import the SVG at the proper scale.]
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