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Found 4 results

  1. At first look I love the whole v2 suite. And I´m a exited user of affinity apps for years. Small mistakes or compromises can be gotten over with the unbeatable price-performance ratio of the apps. Unfortunately, Serif had never focused on file size (whether pdf or own data formats), this also continues in version 2. I opened a Publisher 1 document in Publisher 2. I don´t change anything and saved a copy. The file size increase near the double for the same document. 270MB to 565MB, with only linked objects and no one is embedded. That is really much for a magazine with 116 pages. But that´s moaning on a high level. I realy like this products and will use them daily but I wish there will be an end of file increasing.
  2. Ouch. My file is 8.1 MB when linked, but bloats to 10.32 GB very quickly. Moving 15 to 20 photos between pages. Pretty simple stuff. in resource manager, selecting photos and embedding and then linking works to drop file from 10.21 GB to 8.1 MB. But then it has 50-50 chance of corrupting. I've tried lots of variations but my project is currently unworkable. I saw elsewhere in the forums that this has been going on a long time. One suggestion was to use an older version of publisher. I need to get this job done. I can't find an older version of publisher, nor do I know what other things I might loose even if I could work in older version. Hard to believe that this is happening still. Am I missing something here? One thing i've found is moving pictures and text together can be problematic. I've been do a few commands, embed/link/save, duplicate if file ok to get some stuff done. Painful. Peter 2 Indesign file idml translated to Publisher, then merged. Monterey, 12.5.1, Publisher 1.10.5, MacBook Pro 14", 2021, 16 GB, Apple M1 Pro
  3. I installed Affinity Publisher on a new M1 macbook pro and moved my main work files to icloud to have access from both the new and old machines. File Structure: icloud > project folder > project file (originally c. 7 MB) icloud > project folder > assets > linked image files (total c. 500 MB) Quite soon I noticed that Publisher became very unresponsive and saving a file took a long time. After checking, I saw that the project file was mushrooming with each save. Soon it had grown from around 6 MB to 750 MB plus. Eventually, after some online digging, I tested the following "hack-around" which brought the project file back to its normal size: 1. open resource manager 2. make all (apparently) linked files embedded 3. make all embedded files linked 4. save project file However, the file bloat returns regularly and I have to do the "linked > embedded > linked" trick every few days. Has anyone else come across this bug? Does anyone have any clue what's going on? I suspect some kind of interaction between Publisher and iCloud.
  4. Hi at all, I'm a new member in this forum. My name is Ben and I'm German - so I'm sorry for all the mistakes in this text. I work on my first project with Publisher now - the annual magazine from my fishing club. I use all my Affinity software (photo and publisher) on a MacBook Air M1 with 16GB Ram. So far I worked with InDesign on this project, but because of the high costs I chanced. The workflow in Publisher is very easy for me. And with a little help from the internet, I have found all the tools and options I need. But there is one thing about the file size I wonder about. My document (afpub) contains 30 pages (page size DIN A5) and it's about 750 MB. The last magazine I produced with InDesign had about 50 pages and 150 MB. So I wonder about, why is the document so big? All pictures are only linked and not embedded. Would be happy, if someone can explain this to me.
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