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Found 7 results

  1. The last month Affinity publisher soon after starting up stops working and is showing a colored ball. This occurs typically after having added 3 to 5 pictures. The format of the pictures doesn't seem to matter; aphoto, pdf, jpeg. The source was either ACDSee of Finder. I've tried a factory reset: no result. Deleting the files in Autosave en Temp, also without any result. A workaround or, even better, a real solution of this issue would be great. I'm working on a Mac with the latest version of BigSur installed.
  2. Since upgarding to 1.10.3 Publisher fails to show linked images as linked. If I embed they are picked up by Resource Manager. This only appears when an image is added to a 1.10.3 doc, docs created under earlier versions are fine until a new image is added.
  3. Windows 7 Pro and Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit. I was working on a project with AffPub 1.10.1 and just upgraded to The document has many SVG files placed as Linked files. While updating some of the SVG illustrations, I found a regression in the Resource Manager. Specifically, if you Update a Linked SVG with Modified status, the image presented in the document updates, but Resource Manager reports Missing status, and the options include Relink and Replace but omit Update, Embed and Collect. If you try to Relink, no files are presented in the file browser. (Yes, the directory is correct.) If you Replace, you can see all the files in the directory, but selecting one returns you to the Missing status. Similarly, if you choose to Replace rather than Update when Resource Manager tells you that a Linked file has Modified status, you get Missing status, with Relink and Replace offered, but Update, Embed and Collect omitted. While the Resource Manager is reporting Missing status, any further changes to the Linked file are not detected. So there's no cue to update/replace the file. If the Resource manager is reporting OK status, changed to the Linked file are detected and reported, as expected. So the Resource Manager is detecting changes to individual Linked files in OK status just fine until they get an Update/Replace, at which point the individual files get stuck with Missing status and no further changes are detected to those individual files. Eventually, most or all of the Linked files become Missing, if you are busy tweaking illustrations. I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter, but the SVG files are being exported from AffDes 1.10.3, and were previously exported by AffDes 1.10.1 on the Windows 7 Pro machine. See the next paragraph for the Windows 10 Pro machine. To try to track down what the problem is, I started with AffPub and AffDes installed on a Windows 10 Pro machine. I confirmed, by reexporting the file from AffDes, that Update of a Linked SVG worked as expected in AffPub, i.e., the Modified status changes to OK. I then upgraded AffDes to, and confirmed that this still worked properly. Then I upgraded AffPub to, and reexported the file from AffDes a third time. Doing an Update on a Linked file of Modified status produces a Missing status, exactly as I described above. So this problem is not dependent on Windows 7, you can put that objection back in your pocket. I'm about to drop back to 1.10.1 until we get a patch.
  4. APUB 1.10.3 keeps throwing error that the linked item is missing where it is clearly not. I have attached a sample file + the actual SVG file. Can someone please explain why this is happening? Never had this before. linked.afpub men_paper.svg
  5. 1st. File with linked file shows pixelated. 2nd. Resource Manager shows linked file as OK 3rd. Replaced Linked file in Resource Manager for the "same linked file", shows missing linked file, but updates content and image not pixelated anymore. 4th. If I close the file I'm working on and then I reopen the same file, resource manager shows the linked file status as OK. It didn't have this bug on the version before the 1.10.3. Macbook pro 2017 Mojave 10.14.6 - Ram 8GB External Sonnet Puck - Radeon RX560 - 4GB
  6. I have described this above on the Designer forum as that was where pattern layer issues started the conversation and where I was pointed to the Publisher Beta, having posted response realised it might need a more Publisher related airing. Publisher Beta 1.10.21187 on Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7 27" late 2012 iMac As mentioned this behaviour is not in the current release version, just the beta.
  7. So, I link files whenever possible. Since trying to migrate from Adobe to Affinity, I've begun placing native Photo and Designer documents, which has worked pretty flawlessly and simply. After this most current update, Resource Manager prompts started filling my screen indicating that many (about 80%) of my .design files had changed or were missing. They are all in the same folder and, at that point, none had been edited. All were present. When I clicked on Relink, I got the error that the file couldn't be found, so I rePlaced the files and they're fine. Also, clicking update on some files worked. I saved the Publisher file, closed and reopened, and I get the Resource Manager prompt on a few of the files. Anyone else?
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