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Found 15 results

  1. je sélectionne une image et un texte : Puis je groupe les deux objets et voici le résultat : Il n'y avait pas de problème avec la version précédente.
  2. Hello, in 1.9 update i can`t made groups (cmd+g) like before. The elements (text boxes) of the the group change their font size arbitrary. I dont know if this is a issue or and change of the method of made groups. These text boxes are form another version of affinity and is a pain fix them all ...
  3. When I have a text box selected in my layers and tap on the group button the text reverts to 85pt. It seems to be ok if I create a group with something else then drag the text box into the group. I’m running Designer 1.9.3 on iOS 14.4 and my iPad is 6th gen. Model # A1893
  4. I've attached a screen recording to demo, but just noticed in 1.9 on Mac OS Big Sur that when I group an object that has items with text on a path, it goes Pete Tong. Screen_Recording_2021-02-08_at_10_40_51.mov
  5. Technical bug when grouping text in 1.9.0 Affinity Designer. Above you see the text without grouping, below you see the same text grouped. The grouped text suddenly becomes very large.
  6. Dear developers, I found a problem, here is steps: Made two bubbles with textboxes, these objects has grouped select these groups and make group again (with button or CTRL+G) font sizes will change. Please fix this bug! Here is my project with history: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ar9GB-v89284gtd35PFy58BCsil1Aw?e=eSXGfh Before group: After grouped:
  7. Hello, this bug appeared after the update. I've checked the last couple of forum pages as well as the resolved bugs section and couldn't find any similar topic. So I hope I don't run in any open doors. When I have two different textframes, with which I want to create a group, the font size changes drastically as well as the line spacing. This only happens, if you have two textframes with different fontsizes and then only to the text with the bigger fontsize. So, if you put to textframes in a group with different fontsizes the bigger text will change size. I couldn't reproduce this bug with the artistic text tool. Only with the frame text tool. Cheers from Germany
  8. Hi I have a apub document created from a template in previous beta where all the layers are locked as I just put new designs in the middle. Using the latest beta I needed to get more space in the middle so increased the paper size from A4 to A3 in spread. I then unlocked the layers so I could increase the gap between the header and footer. Selecting the footer layers (and same for header) if I try to group them one of the text boxes increses the text size, see snips, ungrouping does not take it back to previous size. This also happens in the beta without changing the spread size. I cannot open in the release version as it says some features created in later version. If you want the template please supply a dropbox link
  9. When I group objects which includes text, it resizes all the text. How do I disable this auto-resize?
  10. I have experienced in both Designer and Publisher 1.9 that grouping objects sometimes changes the font size of the text. It does seem It does not seem to connected to the font, but maybe rather to some changes I have done to the font (scaling, size, color etc). I do not remember all the changes but here is a look at what happens. The left is ungrouped objects. The right is objects grouped - that is the only difference between the two sides.
  11. When try to make a group with an image and a text box or 2 different text boxes, the text in the boxes loses all the format, such as size, leading, etc. The only solution I found is to convert a copy of the text into curves in order to make the group. Is annoying
  12. Hello lads, seems like a bug with grouping on latest Texts that use frame text tool will have its font size changed/reduced if it's grouped with other object/curves/group. Text using Artistic text tool behave normally. I don't think the previous 1.8.5 have this bug so this could be new. Attached a sample video and the Affinity file. My system is Lenovo Y700-15isk i7 6700 GTX970M, Windows 10, updated from 1.8.5 (not clean install). Thanks all. Hope it'll be shorted shortly since workaround took considerable amount of time. Fonts_smaller_on_Grouping.avi Font Smaller on Grouping Sample.afdesign
  13. In designer 1.9, when you group a text frame and a form with transparency gradient, the final text size is larger than the original if the text frame has been resized previously. Steps to reproduce result: Create a text frame and write some text Enlarge the text frame dragging the resize handler (The one that enlarges both frame and text) Create a form and apply a transparency gradient to it Group the text frame and the form. Text gets enlarged in the same proportion that it was enlarged before. Note that this only happens when grouping (with menu, contextual menu or command+G), but it does not happen if you manually place the text frame into the group moving its layer, so the error is in the group action itself and the resize being reapplied to the text..
  14. Latest update with High Sierra will test it late afternoon with Big Sur. Grouping objects changes font size
  15. Hi, good morning, I show you a video of problem detected when group various texts in AP. 😪 Sorry by my English. IMG_0790.mp4
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