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Found 6 results

  1. There are three files here. Work file has simple rectangle and some letters converted to curves. The rectangle is always acknowledged in the SVG saved. The letters are only acknowledged if line thickness is 2 points or higher. The line of the rectangle is 0.2points in thickness and get recognized in the SVG every time. I've made lettering using the 0.2point line thickness for months and now this won't save? 20X20-1.svg 20X20-2.svg 20X20.afdesign
  2. The text above and below the image (attached) are showing they are both Times New Roman, 12pt. Clearly they are different and I don't know which one is correct and how to change the other one. I have text on previous pages that matches the text above the image so I'm assuming that's correct. How do I change the bottom text???
  3. I can not figure out why, when i add a new text area in the middle of two text area's that were already linked, and I try to move the link the text in the new text area keeps the styles but the text is super small. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Sometimes my text boxes misbehave. In the screenshot attached, you can see where it breaks after "If" in the first paragraph line. and again after "technique" and "compared". There are no returns or soft returns after these lines. I have no idea what is happening and it is super frustrating.
  5. Hello. I have a problem with the paragraphs styles when a paragraph is splitted inside two different text frames. The style changes in the second text frame. if the style is Body Text, it becomes Body Text+ and size font changes. This is extremely annoying. Also with the latest update 1.8.5, the program is much slower on my Windows machine (Windows 10 fast processor, and 32Gb of Ram. I now get around 10 crashes a day. Any solution? Thanks for your help.
  6. Newest beta .663, WIN 10 Hi, while working on an old brochure (36 pages A4), opened the IMDL in publisher, following failures appeared. (I could reduce the demo file content to minumum to show the effects easily. ) A. PARAGRAPH - TEXT STYLES PANEL 1. open "Test Brochure 2017.idml" in Publisher Its a complete emptied file (in INDD) with one .jpg embedded left 2. Import into the text style panel the file "new text styles.afpub" Its a set of new defined text styles in hierachical order (starting with BOOK), they are not applied to anything yet. PROBLEM: as long as this picture (looks like any picture !?) is in this file, all paragraph values of BOOK (and below) are changing wildly. E. G.: MASTER "BOOK" has a master definition of 10 pt, but is modified to 7,5 pt. "Space within paragraphs" are changing on some font styles from automatic (xx) to fix values Indent on list type paragrahs changing, e.g. 6/4mm lines to 3/4,5mm etc. B. TEXT FRAMES Here I was facing from around page 32 on wild variations in frame content (paragraps text size), I don' t no why? (I could reduce to a understandable part of this phenoma in the sample page attached) Please open file "sudden change in frames.afpub". The linked second frame is showing very small character size. You can move the size of the frames or delete frame 2 and replace it ... same problem. On the brochure itself, I got more wild things. Turning the content of second frame back (decreasing frame 2) , the small text (which is now back to frame 1), suddenly changing font size to 30 pt or more. Coming back to frame 2 again, the text in frame 2 is getting very small again (can't be seen in this example). (You can use "Back to Standard" on frame 2, but than all paragraph adjustments are gone, and problem coming back again if frame sizes are changed again) I have no idea, whats going on here?! Can you please check wether you facing the same phenomenas? new text styles.afpub sudden paragraph change in frames.afpub Test Brochure 2017.idml
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