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Found 5 results

  1. Hey, Description: If you work the whole day with comparatively simply structured but large projects (>150 images, TIFF 16bit zip, but in total only 14gb in size), the PersonaBackstore.dat grows to well over 100GB. (Edit: It grows well while exporting. After some exports its over 100GB in size). This can become a problem on the road if only internal storage space is available. The Disk Usage Warning is not helpful because it only informs about it and does not offer a solution. Neither does it tell the unsuspecting user where the filesystem is located nor does it offer any solutions. Solution: Either the file must be deleted immediately after closing a project and/or a dialog (similar to PSD and Co.) for manual reset of this file and/or a setting for the location (External SSD etc..) (similar to PSD and Co.) must be introduced. Why not (similar to PSD) allow multiple Scratch Disk locations. Especially monitoring whether the file system is slowly filling up would be helpful for the overall stability of the system. Greetings!
  2. Greetings! I was sold on Affinity's stuff after playing around for a bit, and the current 50% discount...: ) Looks great. I'm trying to load a <1 mb IDML file a typesetter sent me (along with the INDD and a PDF) of a 400 pp book. I can see by the PDF it looks just as I want, but i need to make text edits, and hoped to do this with Affinity Publisher's ability to open the IDML, then save as a native file. On first trying to open it, it fairly quickly said links were missing, and i opened Resource manager to assign them. The book is mostly from scans of a first edition, so these link PDFs represent the first edition scans. It took quite a few minutes each, until it said "Persona disk usage has risen above the warning limit - consider closing some documents." and seemed to stall Then, strangely, on about 6 subsequent tries to open the same IDML, it doesn't even get to assigning the links and seems to stall, whilst my HDD space decreases massively, by 34 (yes, thirty four!) gigabytes after 20 minutes! Activity monitor says its the App and "launchhd" that are writing the data, so it seems like its in soem kind of loop.... I'm working on a Macbook pro, late 2013, i7 with 16 gb RAM and a 2 gb graphics card, 500 gb SSD. Running Mojave 10.14.6. I tried resetting the NVRAM, but didn't change anything. As a workaround, i tried IDMarkz to open the IDML, and it came out all out of sequence and out of layout. I may be able to do my main changes just by editing the PDF directly.... Any thoughts/help appreciated! Thanks Paul
  3. I am currently layouting a photo book (330x240mm) with 500-600 pages in Affinity Publisher on my Mac. Unfortunately, the memory consumption of Publisher is huge. I set the memory limit in Publisher to 28 GB (out of 32 GB I have in total) and disk warning to 64 GB. I have 500GB free space on my SSD and Publisher takes about 351GB while saving the document. Sometimes while moving pictures it crashes (but luckily keeps a backup file) and saving the file takes ages. The pictures are all linked and do have less than 10GB in total in full resolution. Is this a common behavior or is there anything I can do to fix this. Really looks like kind of a memory leak and is not fun working at all. Maybe you do also have some performance recommendations for my 15inch 2018 MacBook Pro with Radeon Pro 560X 4 GB, 2,9 GHz 6-core i9, 36 GB RAM and 1TB SSD? Thank you so much in advance! I really would love to do this project with Publisher and not go back to InDesign.
  4. **EDITED TO ADD** I updated to the newest version of AD right before this happened. I had the file open really early this morning and then updated AD at 9:15. After I was unable to open the file as I talk about below. My computer bogs down with Affinity Designer use. I also am unable to open a file I used yesterday. Task Manager shows my Memory and Disk space shoot through the roof as soon as I attempt to open the file. Right now it is attempting to load the document and memory for AD is 8,761 MB and Disk ranges from 1.5-26.5 MB/s. It has been like this for at least 10 minutes. I'm running on the most recent update of AD. I have cleared out all unnecessary files on disk thinking it might be conflicting with something. Windows did update this morning, but I have restored my computer to a restore point from a few days ago when I was certain everything was working together properly before the updates. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Affinity Designer. More than once. I've done restarts and shut-downs. I have spent 4 hours on this and I'm out of ideas. I am able to open other AD files except for the one I mentioned. They open rather slowly, but they do open. It doesn't seem to be the size of the file because I can get larger ones to open. I've attached the file I can't open. Any ideas? letter_formation_practice_pages.afdesign
  5. I have a problem with Publisher using up nearly 20gb of memory & it's slowing my Mac down. I have 20gb of free memory on my macbook pro, the document I am working on in Publisher, is A4 and 120 pages, 90% of which is photographs and according to the info on it, it is 21.1mb. The photos take up less than 1.5gb on my hard drive. As soon as I open the document, my free memory drops like a stone and within 5 minutes, I have less than 1gb free on my mac, this slows it down to an unbearable speed and makes using Publisher a chore. I can't work like this, as everything is taking far too long. I'm really hope there's a simple solution to this and that someone can point me in the right direction, because I don't want to have to go back to an expensive Adobe subscription for Indesign.
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