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Found 7 results

  1. When I make a multi-page document with Publisher, in some pages, the bi-directional arrow (outlined arrow) appears outside the gutter. It hinders the selection of texts. I use Version Arthur Park 2021-01-19_18-26-29.mp4
  2. It is a similar disease with a cursor as at the edge of the table - see my post at bottom (bullet 5). In this case, the text cursor at the edge of the 2-column frame changing to a handle to move the column edge - see attached video. Why is the field so big and makes text editing impossible? With a regular text frame, it is significantly more difficult to hit the "resizing" point. Similar issue (bullet 5): (https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/130435-affinity-publisher-suggestions-for-improvement-or-perhaps-bugs/ changing_cursor.mp4
  3. Usually the text cursor automatically changes to the guides cursor if it hovers across the frames edges to allow single column width adjustment. But if a text frame was scaled then this cursor auto-toggling either does not occur at all – or at a wrong position, which prevents from placing the text cursor in a certain area of the frame. cursor Text vs. Column.m4v
  4. I'm not sure exactly how to describe this issue, but the short video should make it evident. Here are the steps I follow in the video: Open the attached file. Go to page 2. Click into the main text frame to be in text edit mode. Hover the mouse in the second column, somewhere around the 11cm x position (y position doesn't matter). The cursor changes, enabling to resize the columns. Problem: This position is out of alignment with where the column actually is. I first discovered the issue in Publisher RC, but this issue is also in release 1.8.2. The vi
  5. Just noticed that the ability to drag gutters within a text frame seems to vanish after working with a text frame. Not sure what causes it to go away, but when I create a new text frame, add columns, try to drag columns/gutters, it works fine. But as soon as I stretch or resize the text frame, I can no longer adjust the gutters (by grabbing the gutters and moving them). Thus once a text frame is changed in size, cannot drag the gutters. High Sierra, Metal on.
  6. At times, when I hover over some text, I cannot set the insertion point—Publisher shows the resize-left-and-right cursor instead. When I start dragging left and right, the column width changes. I have to move over and hover over some other text before I can set the insertion point, and then have to arrow key my way to the desired point.
  7. Hi all, I couldn't see this listed recently. I've just installed Publisher so this may be a newbie error, but whenever I try to select blocks of text and start close to the edge of the text column the cursor turns into a double headed arrow whilst I'm still several characters in from the edge. In other words text editing suddenly changes to document layout and I accidentally resize the column instead of selecting the text. I'm using 2 columns on Letter, with 1 inch margins, and with Calibri at 8pt the cursor changes three characters in from the right hand edge (fully justified). Once I
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