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Found 5 results

  1. Seems to only affect tertiary fractions or finer (e.g., 3-5/8 (i.e., 3.625)). I only noticed now since I don't think I've exported a document that wasn't a US standard size, or not some eighth or sixteenth of an inch. I would really appreciate if this could be added to the list. This can quickly make stepping objects a nightmare. I can only imagine trying to deal with it if I had to send files out. 😳
  2. I´m having troubles when I want to export a page to pdf. It always adds 1mm to one side (only on single page files). For example, when I create a file with 100 x 100 mm – the exported pdf is 100,1 x 100,1 mm. If I use a file with two pages and the same size, I have no problems, but when I create a new file with one page the problems are appearing and it adds 0,1mm.
  3. I am working on a photo book I want printed at Blurb.com. They have specific dimensions that a PDF must match, so I entered those dimensions in my Spread Setup. I am working on a landscape 10" x 8" book and blurb wants the page dimensions to be 9.625 x 8.25 inches. When I export this document to PDF, the page width is 9.63" instead of 9.625" and Blurb rejects my PDF. I opened the PDF in Preview and PDF Expert and confirmed the incorrect dimensions. Are you aware of this problem? See attached PDF with some screen shots that demonstrate the problem. Thanks for any help you can provide! 2019-09-22-notes.pdf
  4. I use on Windows10 and macOS 10.15.1 and the latest versions of affinity designer. when I export a DIN A5 Artboard to a print file in 300 dpi, the size of the document will be showed later in the properties of the pdf-Viewer more than the size in affinity designer. for example: I create the DIN A5 artboard in the size 210 mm x 148 mm. in the properties of the file document I give 1mm around all sides for the cutting in the printing factory. so I must have a total size from 150 mm x 212 mm. BUT equal with which System (Windows or macOS) I export the document file, I became after opening the file with macOS a total size from 150,1 mm x 212,1 mm. when I open the same file with Windows 10, the size is correct. when I want to load up the file from macOS to a printing company, they don't accept the file (wrong size). from a windows system it works!!?? I don't know, where the mistake is... two screenshots for bettet understanding... best regards
  5. Already in the beta versions, the export dimensions for PDF were not exact. There were deviations of fractions of a millimeter that are immediately visible when loading a PDF exported by Publisher into Photoshop (see attached screenshot, correct is 215 x 296 mm). These are minor deviations. But they are enough for photo book publishers - like White Wall in my case - to reject PDF. I repair this by correcting the dimensions in Photoshop and exporting the PDF there again. Then everything is right. But I don't think it makes sense for customers to correct Publisher's PDFs in Photoshop. Apart from that, it works great. The integration of Affinity Photo and Designer also works well. Thank you!
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