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Found 4 results

  1. Publisher is freezing and crashing again. Here are some dumps283acb94-dc44-4504-aad6-4c00d96243a7.dmp49c7efdd-01fa-4374-acee-a62aeb825c26.dmp I'm having an AMD cpu with internal GPU. Is that a problem?
  2. My wish is that Serif would spend more time on stabilizing their programs than on adding new bells and whistles. I know many customers request these additions to the feature set, but I am growing weary of your programs--specifically, in my workflow, Publisher and Photo, and especially since v2.2--crashing repeatedly. By crashing I mean instantaneously, without warning or explanation, removing themselves from memory--i.e., disappearing from the screen. Back in the day, I never experienced this with Adobe products. They were rock-solid, in my experience. If there is something about a file that is causing the program to crash, tell the user what it is, instead of just disappearing! It's called "error management." I shouldn't have to come to the forums, describe my steps in detail, submit sample files, then hear back at a later date. The code should trip an error message that would give me a clue as to what is going on beneath the surface. Please!
  3. Sorry about the vague title, but I'm not sure how else to summarize it. The image (see attached video) I was editing was an HDR merge of two images. The resulting image has not been saved and I assume it is still somewhere in a file buffer, because it gets reloaded after every crash. I had 5 crashes while working in an HSL shift adjustment (may be coincidental?). Crash 1: after some HSL adjustments ('general' and 'green') I selected the crop tool to straighten and crop the image, at which point AF crashed. Crashes 2, 3(or4) and 5: These were all similar. While doing some HSL adjustments, I reversed some adjustment areas with the Paint Brush Tool (black brush), using rapid mouse click-and-move actions when the crash happened (see video on crash 5 - crash 2 and 3 happened sooner than did 5) Crash 4(or3): After restarting AF, and after the images reloaded (4 in total, 3 focus-merged, 1 HDR) it simply crashed when I selected the HDR image (left image in document bar). Attached: video of crash 5 (the screen recorder (X-Box??) does not pick up the HSL adjustments), 5 crash reports. If I can provide anything else that may be useful, please let me know. (As I mentioned in a previous post, I see random AF crashes every now and then. While the crashes are not ideal, AF usually recovers after I restart it (though occasionally I lose all of my adjustments before the crash) - so it is more difficult to know what exactly caused the crash and I don't bother with a report. But since this crash happened 5 time in a row I hope that the crash reports contain some info to identify the cause. I often have AF running for days and before it crashes (should it crash, that is) AF gets sluggish and not very responsive, or it shows some weird artifacts, like random spots in the image. I'm just wondering about memory leaks that build up over time?) Affinity Photo 2 2023-10-12 12-02-08.mp4 8901373c-7567-499b-8c25-0b8e23042d5c.dmp fb167264-5414-4674-a535-232d7ecff3f1.dmp a595df0f-5c3a-46a8-b94c-31a7cec4db7c.dmp 7f139aae-8245-40ec-9ebb-9ae76e771b1f.dmp 1ff349d9-6973-4617-b405-fedf71dfdec2.dmp
  4. I've noticed that APu 2.2.1 tends to hang after updating modified images with the Resource manager. I can save the file (though it doesn't actually save the changes) and close the file. But after reopening I am prompted to recover the files. When I do that, the updates are no longer there. If instead of update I use the Replace option (I have to save, close and reopen each time), the file saves OK although a recovery option is still presented (I ignore it). I believe something is broken in the Resource manager.
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