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Found 8 results

  1. Progressive Broadcast Hire commissioned me to do a full-page ad in the Scottish Bafta 2021 Awards programme. The image is from their newly installed lens test room. The primary purpose of the ad was to celebrate the talent in Scottish film and TV and congratulate the evening's nominees. Then suggest how Progressive can help them achieve even better results.
  2. Years ago, around 1997 I used to work for a repro company based in Nottingham as a graphic designer, illustrator, photo retoucher, drum scanner operator and loads of other stuff. Occasionally we used to output all the film separations and run match print proofs for the Serif Page Plus box artwork, as Serif where apparently based just around the corner from us (I never found out exactly where. we where on St Peters street in the Radford area) one of the Serif team would drop round a floppy disc with a PRN file??? - we where Mac based although we did have an artwork PC which prob got switched on twice a year, but Serif would always pop a floppy with a PRN file over to us and one of the repro guys would run it straight to the Hyphen image setter, to film and then make Matchprint proofs - I remember one time when we where a bit under staffed, I was on match prints and making Page Plus box proofs - I had a PC at home and did have page plus which compared to QuarkXpress 3.1 which was the industry standard at the time, was really deep whereas quark was very bare bones and super expensive but rock solid - One time my boss wheeled in the artwork PC and said "got a little job for you" and explained that the folk at Serif where thinking of doing a vector artwork package similar to Xara which he handed me to install on the PC - Serif wanted to know what we thought of it - once I had a play around I thought it was brilliant, and the first thing I asked my boss was if they would do a version for the mac, which he said that he asked the same question and they said they had no immediate plans but there may be a possibility in the future, I said they'd make a killing as at the time, we where using Macromedia Freehand 7 for all vector artwork which didn't do a few things that xara did - anyway I went out and bought xara a few days later and the first thing I had a crack at was this MEAT BOIST t-shirt design and shortly after I moved over my home setup to the Mac and have never found a way to open the few xara files I'd worked on - tried again today to find a way, and gave up so thought I'd have a go at re-creating a similar design Designer (see attached all vector) One of the first things I did when I found out that Adobe where moving over to the subscription model, was email Serif saying they'd make a killing if they would port the Plus suite over to mac, they did reply with thanks for your interest... we have no plans to port over to the mac - I was left with nowhere to turn but use old Adobe stuff until - DESIGNER - what a set of fibbers, they must have been working on designer at the time!
  3. As a sign maker I miss the tools that are available for example "Fine Cut" from Mimaki, or "Winplot" from Summa that are available for Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. If you can pull this off, you'd be the new star of advertising and signmaking.
  4. Recently I noticed that your YouTube ads continually appear for me. Unfortunately it's just too long to sit thru, and it doesn't give me the option to skip the ad after 4 or 5 seconds. Yes the ad AI correctly predicted that I'm a likely candidate to buy AffinityPro - because I already purchased it!!! SO forcing me to re-watch your ad is both a waste of my time and energy, and your advertising budget (since I already bought it) so this is just aggravating and a turn off to your customer Not sure if you have any options with YouTube to at least allow me to skip the ad! I do like AffinityPro and wish you much success, esp since that will result in increased development of new features (such as full support for using custom camera profiles! hint Thanks
  5. I just made this video of a single panel of a ten-frame storyboard for an advertising agency. Drawn and rendered in AD using DAUB brushes (Marker and Concept brushes -thanks to the creator of these!). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-pNbEXMA3Y&t=5s This has streamlined the process very much for me. All the best, Kevin
  6. I've reated an A3 poster for a series of conferences here in my province. I've used Affinity Photo to create the montage. Here's the work and the making of.
  7. Some more messing about while I wait for "real" jobs to come in.
  8. This was a fun little job for Link2Golf, a golf app that offers an "easy as 1-2-3" solution for getting people on the green faster. The app allows multiple people in different locations to communicate together to reserve a course with minimal effort. The illustration is intended for web use and print advertising. The client is also an Affinity Designer user so the file hand off was in native AFD format. ;) All in Draw persona.
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