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Found 141 results

  1. Hej, I'm used to double click on the magnifier in Adobes programs to switch to the 100% view - would be cool to have it also in Photo and Designer. Tiny but nice. :) cheers, Steffen
  2. Hi, Is there any way to disable the double-click zoom to 100%? I generally use my mouse to zoom, and I'm finding that I try to zoom in quickly and accidentally get zoomed to 100%. Also, it seems like there should be a keyboard + mouse combination shortcut to zoom to 100%, rather than taking over the default mouse behavior. For instance, maybe holding down shift+z and clicking with the mouse. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I am brand new to your software and just started to explore. Already impressed :) One quick early question about Designer and Photo's zoom behavior: the zoom direction when using alt+scrollwheel seems to be inverted compared to ctrl+scrollwheel system zoom function. alt+scrollwheel: up = zoom out ctrl+scrollwheel: up = zoom in Can it be configured? Greetings and thanks for the great apps! Sascha
  4. I was working today at some small and detailed designs, such as clocks and thought about a useful tool that I'd love to see in AD: a Loupe. For me, at least, it would be extremely helpful when you want to check, say, the drop shadows or the inner glow of a small element of your design or some small detail at a corner, a bezel or even..."an aluminium chamfered edge!" :lol: I am by no means a pro, I just discovered AD and graphic design a week ago, maybe pros do it differently and don't need such a tool. But for me, a Loupe, which could serve as a local zoom tool (of a user specified amount), would be great. Thanks.
  5. I just fired up Affinity Photo Beta for the first time and had this user experience: Created a new pixel layer. Selected a brush, painted a line. Response time was not solid, brush felt floaty, jittery, and imprecise. Found no pressure sensitive thickness controls. Selected a thinner brush. Brush displayed with breaks in line. Despondancy set in. Started seeking solution. Zoomed in. Line became clear. Drew thinner line, line displayed with zoom artifacts like breaks in the line. Zoomed in further, display showed line clearly. Took screenshots, came here, posted this. Depending on response time and inclusion of error suggestion, my confidence in your company and products will be influenced. I know you're a smaller team and have a large overhead of duties to perform, and perhaps someone has already mentioned this bug, but any notice of it's receipt from a person, not a robot formula reply, will boost confidence. Personal care and service is where the line is drawn between successful and unsuccessful enterprises. Thanks for trying.
  6. I have been trying Affinity Designer for about 5 months off and on. I have a Mid-2010 27' 2.93 Core i7 iMac with 12 GB of RAM. I have been using Adobe Illustrator since 1993 and I find your app to be great in every way except in one of the main areas that you tout... Pan and Zoom. For me the performance of panning and zooming has been very laggy - no where near 60fps but more like 5-10fps. I have played around with the performance settings and have re-installed but nothing seems to make any kind of difference. I seem to be in a minority here so any help on this would be appreciated. I would like to commit to the purchase but I am not so sure that my performance will improve by doing so. Illustrator should not be beating you in draw performance here. Thanks
  7. Would like to be able to zoom the other way around on the mouse wheel. I have all my other design apps setup the other way around, but can't seem to do that with this one.
  8. Please excuse me if this is already on the roadmap: Zoom to selection is great as it is, except for the shortcut; it's a two handed shortcut. The 0 is all the way over there... needing the right hand to come off the mouse to get at. That's pretty ridiculous when you consider that zooming to selection is for the process of immediate editing, which is done by the mouse. So the shortcut for this must be an entirely left handed "ninja fingers" move so the user can continue working at a rapid, immediate pace without having to remind their mouse or stylus. Which brings into question the rest of the view shortcuts, and how they could be better, to the point of being the best in the world of vector design. One of the joys of using the Mac is that there's no Windows key to jar you out of context of your existing app, and the [Alt] key doesn't throw you into a different mode of operation. So the side of the thumb can easily be used to operate a pair of modifier keys without any risks to the user experience. The two easiest two operate concurrently are the [Command+Option]. Just move your left thumb to the left of the space bar, roll it onto its side, and press them both down, concurrently, with ease. The real joy of this is that it leaves your other fingers forcefully hovering over the tilde, 1, 2 and 3 keys. The 4 is a little bit more of a stretch, but still reachable, and the Tab, Q, W and E buttons are unreasonably placed for immediate access, too. So that's 6 or 8 or 10 really good shortcuts, depending on your considerations of the Tab and tilde and the stretch to the right for 4 and R. What's the most important view zooms and changes that could be here? I propose that since Command + 1,2,3,4 is view level zooms pertinent to the current centre point of the screen, that [Option+Command + 1,2,3,4] should be those same zoom levels based on the position of the currently selected object, rather than the current centre of the screen. Or vice versa. --------------------- And I'd strongly suggest a "centre the current page and zoom to actual pixels" be given a top level shortcut that's a switch, back and forth from the current view position and zoom. I suggest the tilde key, without the need for a modifier key, be this. How this works: Regardless of my current zoom and position on the page, tapping and holding the tilde key brings me to actual pixels, centred on the current "page" so that I can see the project in its current state after my most recent modification that I'm currently editing. Regardless of what I'm editing (with the obvious exception of entering text) this should hide all selection brackets, guides and other visual clutter that's not content so it's an absolute preview of the work, and be in pixel mode. Releasing the tilde key should then bring me straight back to the current tool, intact, ready to continue editing at the previous view position and zoom level. [Option + Command + Tilde] should do the same zoom to actual size, but around the current selection instead of the current document centre. Sound at all sensible and useful? Or am I stark, raving mad? // btw, change this forum subsection to "Feature Suggestions" instead of Feature Requests. It's an important difference in mindset, I think. We don't really have the right to request features, but we do have the innate right to make suggestions. And this makes it a lot clearer that the processes of designing, designing an incorporation, designing interface access and then the subsequent development considerations of any feature is fucking staggeringly involved work. And ever more so within the framework of an existing product. You're not starting from scratch, and it's not easy to even consider a new feature, let alone implement it in anyway that doesn't impact other things.
  9. Hey I could use some help exiting Zoom Mode, I have tried undoing or selecting a different tool but it just returns to zoom mode (z) or the hand tool (h) which I suppose lets me drag around the artboard while in Zoom Mode. I don't want to start from scratch everytime I begin a new project and accidently or purposely use the zoom tool. Thx
  10. Down with the Zoom tool — Long live the LOUPE!!! One thing I LOVE about Aperture is it's pioneering Loupe tool. By simply pressing the tilde ( ` ) key, you are presented with a VERY usable tool for inspecting details of the file without having to zoom in on the entire document and loose context. It also works as a color sampling tool, and the user can drag the tool itself or leave it anywhere on top of the image and it updates what's currently under the mouse while in place. You can also change it's size. Another app which uses this is Paper by 53 on the iPad, where you can adjust the loupe to fill almost the entire screen. Enclosed is a rough rendering of what it could look like... there's tons of videos on Aperture's Loupe tool out there, it's worth a look. I think this is one of those physical tools that can benefit the computer workflow tremendously if translated to digital form properly, as Apple did in Aperture. Loupe.afdesign
  11. G'day, I have only looked at the trial version now for a few minutes after hearing great things, and it looks really good. However, I would like to suggest adding the ability to zoom with just the mouse wheel without needing any modifier key, and the ability to pan with just the middle mouse button, again without requiring any modifier key. XARA can do this, GIMP can do this, Inkscape can do this, even Anime Studio does something very similar, and one reason I don't like Photoshop or Illustrator is that they can't do this. Being able to pan and zoom using just the mouse feels so right to me that not having this feature is a crippling show-stopper. I will purchase AD if and only if this feature will be added. Cheers, Jules
  12. In Safari there's an always active "double tap to zoom" that's kind of fantastic. No use as is in Affinity Designer because most tools need context of taps to be theirs. BUT when holding down the SpaceBar (activating the hand/pan tool) it would be super handy to have double tap to zoom into the point that's being double tapped on. Perhaps a 5x increase in zoom. And a setting somewhere to set this amount of zoom. So users could set it to 2x, 10x, whatever they want. // Spitballing and Spamming feature requests is more fun than I dare admit.
  13. Been playing around with AD for a bit and feel like the zoom tool should be a toggle and revert back to the tool you were using when you invoked the zoom. i.e.:, I'm painting and want to zoom in, I press "Z", zoom in, then I have to reselect the brush tool from the tool bar to resume painting. Could we have a preference to invoke a toggle on the zoom's behaviour?
  14. One feature I think all programs of this nature need to adapt is the navigation wheel from sketchbook pro. I've yet to find it on any other program and yet for navigation (zoom/pan/rotate) it simply can't be matched for ease of use. Photoshop and affinity already use the space bar to pan the canvas around, but what if affinity added a navigation wheel similar to sketchbook pro? It would make it hugely more useful, especially when using a graphics tablet, as you don't need to keep switching back and forth between rotate-brush-zoom-brush-rotate-erase etc etc. Any thoughts on this? I've attached an image of it in case anyone hasn't already seen it.
  15. "Cmd + " doesn't work in pixel persona
  16. Is there a way to zoom to selection? In other words if I select an object, the ability to zoom in so that object fills the window. I see that in the layers palette if you double click on the item it fills the window and that's great but I'd like that ability from either a key shortcut or a right click menu paradigm. OR- sort of related to this would be if the layers palette highlighted each currently selected object automatically then a quick double click in the layers palette would work... open for suggestions on this one. I have this ability currently in illustrator (via a plugin) and it is a great time saver and workflow enhancer for sure.