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Found 138 results

  1. The zoom does not work correctly, when I've been working for some time these annoying squares start to come out, it's very difficult to work like this. It always happens to me that I zoom with the Logitech mx master horizontal wheel. But it also happens to me sometimes using the "z" key or the icon. Macbook Pro 2010. OS 10.9 Thank you https://www.dropbox.com/s/uip4tt7siak24o5/problema%20zoom%20para%20affinity.mov?dl=0
  2. I'm aware this topic has been brought up before. But since open questions and uncommented bugs remain and the topic has been closed by serif staff I'm bringing it up again. (for english keyboards you have to exchange STRG for CTRL in my description) The functionality to easily increase or decrease the zoom factor in AD by pressing SPACE + STRG and dragging the mouse is nice and works fine from my perspective. Important is what key is pressed first. Starting with the SPACE key and adding the STRG key works as expected! starting with the STRG key and than pressing the SPACE key ends in complete failure. Zooming does not work at all. This has been reported before and still remains in the latest final and beta version. It get's scary, when you increase the speed of "clicking left mousebutton and dragging the mouse". AD starts drawing random objects of the before selected tool. The size varies and drawing randomly is finished when dragging the mouse. It seems it's just the time the software takes to realize that STRG+SPACE is pressed and the tool function is aborted (still the object is drawn). Have a look at the video to visualize the effect. Looks like AD has no real control of the keyboard/tablet input. https://youtu.be/7CVcg5Z94hM Video was made with latest final version of AD (Wacom Tablet) Cheers, Timo changed "CMD" to "CTRL" deleted "I guess"
  3. is there a way to change zoom rate with alt + scroll instead of default ctrl+scroll? I mean, every other design software ever has been using alt+zoom so I'm used to that. I didn't find a way to change that. thanks
  4. How do I zoom the FFT display in Affinity Photo Windows version. All the help says is hold down the Alt key??? Nothing I have tried zooms the FFT display. Help
  5. This is a tough one to replicate consistently but very often when I zoom or pan around a document with keyboard shortcuts, the tool I'm currently using becomes unusable. When I release the space bar that I'm using to pan, instead of the cursor returning to the tool I was using, it stays on the pan tool (hand). The tool I want to be using is still selected in the toolbar but I can't use it. I have to select a different tool and then go back to the one I wanted to use to get it to start working again. This is the case in the export persona of Desiger and Photo as well.
  6. I was tinkering with an application design in AD and at the same time switching back and forth from Xcode 8 storyboards view. While having Xcode on top and being in the storyboard view, the pinching gesture responsible for zooming in-out the storyboard zooms in-out the Affinity Designer's canvas behind the Xcode window. All the two windows are displayed on an external monitor connected to MBPro. This might be as well as an Xcode 8 Bug.
  7. I've been using Affinity Designer (on Windows 10) to make some vector art which has large and small shapes. So I zoom in and out primarily using Ctrl + + and Ctrl + -. Say I'm at 100% when zooming in it will enlarge to 150%, if I zoom in again it will go to 200% and then 300%, 400%, etc. Is there someplace to change it to keep using 50% steps? Or is it better if I start using the Zoom Tool with Z? Thanks.
  8. Hi, Have a problem, which makes me crazy... I'm really tired of it... If any object is selected and I'm starting zooming in/out (with touch pad or mouse wheel) – object disappears. In History it logs as Deleting object. Also, it's not only one selected object deletes, but the next one by order in layers could be deleted as well. Or even few next ones. I tried to find something in shortcuts, but couldn't. Has anyone had the same problem? P.S.: working on macbook Thanks in advance, Iryna
  9. It would be great if Designer allowed to temporarily switch to the Selection tool by pressing the Control key. I find it frustrating to keep pressing the V key to initialize the Selection tool. It would also be great if pressing the Ctrl key + the Spacebar temporarily initialized the Zoom tool. Thanks, Dawid
  10. Heres Johnny

    Designer | Artboard bug

    Hello. Loving the software so far, but there's a rather annoying bug of how the artboard boundaries are displayed when zoomed in (usually more than 600%). Artboard boundaries appear to be shifting at different zoom levels, which seems to be only a visual bug, though extremely distracting when constantly switching between different levels of magnification. Please have a look at the attached screenshots while paying attention to: (1) Zoom level, (2) The grid, (3) Artboard boundary in its top left corner, (4) The red rectangle looking unaligned - even though it is right on the grid (which is also confirmed by the information in the Transform box). * "example 1.jpg" @100% and "example 2.jpg" @500% look fine. The issue appears in "example 3.jpg" and the rest of the screenshots. Using Affinity Designer on Windows 10. Please let me know if you're aware of the issue. When is it going to be addressed?
  11. So far i cannot see a way to bind a hotkey to Next/Previous Artboad (like Page Up/Page Down). I suggest its strongly needed if you want to continue Atboard and Pages development. Also, to name a main menu item Layer instead of Object it's a bit confusing 'cause it contains almost nothing to do with Layer and everything with objects.
  12. After updated macOS 10.12.3, "alt+scroll up" will zoom out the view instead. Is there an option inside Designer and Photo can fix this? Thanks!
  13. In the following topic I discovered that there is not an option to turn off scrubby zoom (and therefore turn on marquee/area-based zoom) in the Windows version of AD as there is in the Mac version: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/32241-ad-features-request/?p=164936
  14. Hi Affinity Team, GREAT work on both Designer and Photo!! I use both programs at my 9 - 5 and now purchased for my new business venture too. Super productive, elegant software :) There is just one little gripe I have with both programs; I check 'use mouse wheel to zoom' as I find this much quicker to navigate the canvas. However, I spend a large chunk of my time in 3D CAD platforms where using the scroll wheel to 'pull' and 'push' objects nearer/farther feels much more intuitive. i.e. scrolling back 'pulls' the object closer, and vice-versa. This means everytime I switch between 3D and 2D platforms, my brain gets a jolt when I try to 'pull' the canvas closer and it gets pushed away. It's a small detail that tends to make my workflow feel much less seamless than it could be. ...long story short, can you pleeeeeeaaase add a 'reverse scroll wheel' feature?? I'd be forever grateful ^_^ ...and I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say there'd be a bunch of other users that would benefit from this too. Thanks! Hope to hear from you. Regan.
  15. Hi! A couple of suggestions for the keyboard shortcuts, this is for both Affinity Designer and Photo Activate the Zoom tool with Ctrl + Spacebar (key press order matters here)Currently pressing Spacebar + Ctrl will activate the zoom, but the inverse key combination will not. I often press these two keys together very fast and I can't reliably activate the Zoom tool. ​Zoom tool shortcut as jump keyZoom tool should be temporarily activated when you hold down the tool shortcut (the z key), once you let go the previous used tool should be selected again (see how Photoshop does it). It should also be possible to quickly switch to the Move tool by holding down the spacebar key. Thanks!
  16. Hello everyone! Sorry if someone already asked this (although I did a quick search and didn't find an answer), but where exactly in the Preferences>Keyboard Shortcus menu can I change my default zoom in/out option from ctrl + mousewheel, to alt+mousewheel? I found a 2015 hotkeys cheat sheet for AFDesigner that, surprisingly, says that the default zoom option should be with the "alt" key and not "ctrl", but I guess something changed since then... thanks!
  17. Hey guys, how are you? I'm working with affinity after I participated the beta and it's amazing experience. Great work ;) But sometimes I try do zoom with the shortcut ctrl+space and doesn't work. If you click first in ctrl (this is my case ^^) before space the shortcut doesn't work and in my mind is automatic. Thanks guys.
  18. I just purchased Affinity Designer yesterday and am enjoying the streamlined UI. One thing I found odd is that when I try to zoom using the Command+Spacebar shortcut it doesn't work unless I press the spacebar first. In fact, at first I didn't even think that this shortcut was available since I naturally hit the command key first. I'm not sure if this is intentional but wanted to point it out as it requires a slight adjustment of my current habit. Please let me know if this is an intentional behaviour and if so, why? Thanks.
  19. Several requests focused on ease of use: Brush size: Rather than having to go to the toolbar, let me press, say, ALT and drag my mouse to change size. Show the changing size as I drag my mouse so I can quickly and easily get the size brush needed. The request is similar to how one can change brush size in Lightroom. Changing zoom factor: There are some screens where it seems I cannot change zoom factor without leaving the tool in use. Let the zoom change work at any time in the midst of any tool without having to leave the tool. Pete
  20. AD commercial version. (non beta) Preferences / Tools. Use mouse wheel to zoom is toggled wrong : Unselected activates wheel zoom, selected puts it off. No biggie, only fear is that some other feature in preferences where is harder to check the effect, is having that toggle, too. Happy to help. :) Cheers, I was wrong. I just had X-Mouse Button Control interacting with it for a previous installation using the beta. The setting works perfectly. :wacko:
  21. Please add the ability to zoom in and out with the mouse scroll wheel to Affinity Photo for Windows. In Photoshop, that ability is available as a user interface option and it saves me an incredible amount of time when doing dust spotting or other fine detail work. Thanks!
  22. As i work in Pixel Perfect mode i use zoom options every single time. I need fast option to zoom in 100% mode from any other zoom. Going to Zoom tool and then selecting 100% from drop-down is too long for me.
  23. Hello, as a long time photoshop(also seeing same mechanic on Sketch), I'd like to be able to hold zoom and click in order to zoom in and hold z+alt+click in order to zoom out. Right now when I hold Z or Z+alt, I hear repeated error sound, which is really annoying.
  24. Hi, I experienced the following quite often: when I'm zoomed out, to have a good overview of my doc, I move objects as exactly as I can ... and to make it perfect I zoom in and do the rest. If u use the arrows (Shift+arrows) you will notice that it happens regularly that the when you are zoomed in, the first hit on an arrow will the objects not move 1px as expected - it seems that the distance the object moves, would "match" the distance of the former ZoomLevel or something like that. Cheers, Stefan AD_BugTranslationAfterZoom.mov
  25. I know how to bring up the Measurement guides by holding CMD with an object selected. However, at 100% this is fairly useless for objects near one another, as the label font is microscopic (see attached.) How can I make it so I can actually read the text without needing to zoom in to ~1200% every time? Thanks!

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