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Found 121 results

  1. I'm making a concerted effort to shift from LR/Photoshop CC to Affinity. Not only do I have the Affinity Photo desktop but now the iPad version too. One issue remains: how to handle my 80,000 images that are catalogued in LR? Once I cancel my Adobe CC subscription, I'll have 80,000 stray images? The Lyn app is okay, but not enough. Very much would appreciate other ideas. Thank you.
  2. Now that Affinity Photo for iPad is out, and since Apple's iCloud, Photos, photo libraries, camera roll, etc., etc., confuse me a bit, (what's going where, and when?!?!) any chance that you might do a video on the interactions of AP for Mac and iPad and all those Apple functions? How can they be brought together into a nice workflow? If you've already posted such a tutorial, sorry. Thanks.
  3. Hello, A functionality like InDesign's quick apply or Slack's channel switcher would be a great addition. Some things I imagine it could incorporate: swap between persona's access menu-items insert named assets and symbols apply object-, text- and paragraph-styles apply macro's apply layer effects select layers by typing its name jump to an artboard by typing its name apply a swatch by typing its name I'm looking forward to your feedback! Best regards, Bauke
  4. Hey Guys, I would love some advice about workflow RE doing a Batch process in Affinity and then being able to fine tune each photo afterwards - to individually tweak the settings applied in the batch process. Any ideas? Thanks!
  5. I wonder if there's any logical reason why very simple but essential settings in AP and AD can't be saved and made available again? When I call filters, functions and file pathes I want my last settings to be availbale next time again. This is even more ridiculous since many filters always start with completely useless settings (e.g. "Unsharp Mask" or "Gaussian Blur" with a radius setting of 0) and get resetted to these values again and again! I want MY settings available - not only in the same document but in the same session and even next time I open the programs. This is not hard to impelment but essential for even a basic workflow of someone who wants to use the program as a working horse on a daily and professional base. I wonder why so elementary topics are constantly ignored by the development?? Is the project only driven by feature nerds instead of serious users? Getting really upset and finding myself for my daily work still using PS CS6 because these kind of essential workflow topics (USABILITY!) are simply lacking or not working anyway near seamless.Just be sure, there is a reason why adobe does it this way! You are in the lucky situation to come up with new and different approaches than existing dinosaurs in the market - but be sensible enough to copy those properties that are the result of decades of handling and customer workflow experience! getting slightly grumpy over the time, Timo
  6. With the amount of awesome brushes being created for the community, it is becoming clear that the need to organize and separate out favourite brushes is the logical next step. Not sure how best to do this, and maybe just concentrating on the brushes panel for now, as opposed to an "app wide" solution might be the way to go. A simple "save as favourite" system would be a good start, eventually with the ability to move, group and reorganize in one panel or even multiple panels or panel sub structure for various workflows - texturing, blocking, detailing, dots etc....?
  7. It'd be great if the OCIO node would support the OCIO family attribute to organise spaces where they belong. That way we wouldn't have to scroll through the contract of San Venganza every time but could quickly pick the category and see all relevant spaces at a glance. Similar to how you support FontBook categories. Big plus would be to recognise the roles attribute as well.
  8. Hello! I can't seem to find information on moving symbols from one project to another. I recently reached a wall in designing multiple UX screens for an app. I had so many artboards and objects in my project that it was slowing the application down to a crawl. I took half the artboards and moved them to a new project and the app ran beautifully again. I would like to copy the symbols I created to the new project. Is there a way to do this?
  9. Hello, We're a startup and we currently use Sketch. Our processes look like this. Sketch > Upload to Zeplin > Add Zeplin notes > Developers. I'm a non-designer, but I participate in all phases, but I do not work on a Mac. So it's a hassle to change Sketch texts, titles, or copy, and I think it would be better going forward to if we worked on a system that was compatible with Windows. I'm wondering if anyone can describe to me some great Affinity workflows for developing applications, as well as the tools you use to share/store/deliver/comment the designs? Thanks everyone! Robert
  10. Hello. I’m considering Affinity Designer as replacement for my current Illustrator / Photoshop + Sketch ui design setup but could Affinity beat Sketch, actually, especially considering upcoming Sketch v43 with a new file format: https://medium.com/sketch-app-sources/sketch-43-is-coming-to-town-with-a-new-game-an-open-file-format-ae62e7e7c223#.581t0fpg5 ? Correct me if I’m wrong (haven’t practically tried AD yet, so don’t throw stones, please :) ) but I see Affinity mainly as “advanced” Sketch currently, something as transition between Sketch to Illustrator with web designing mode of Photoshop, so switching to AD partly depends on what could offer Sketch and what could answer Affinity and partly on advantages over Adobe CC. Speaking about about Adobe CC, main advantage is pricing, of course, but how does AD practically compare to Adobe CC + Sketch workflow in terms of efficiency, including integration with other tools, from your personal experience? Thank you.
  11. I'm really enjoying Affinity Photo, but I'm struggling to manage my workflow, going back and forth between AP and other tools. This has me wondering: Do I lose anything if I go from one tool to another working with a layered PSD and never use the AP proprietary format? And if so, is what I lose minor enough to be worth the sacrifice? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
  12. I have just received news of the latest Adobe CC price hike, and I do not like it - it's a price rise too far. I have Affinity and played with it a bit and I like it a lot, but there are issues with it and my current workflow that have prevented me from taking it up as a mainstream editor. My current workflow is in Lightroom/Photoshop with plug-ins from Topaz and other independent providers. I use Lightroom to import and organise my work into virtual folders using keywords and presets. I use an iMac. My issues with Affinity are with photo organisation and plug-ins. Is there an independent, cheap or free photo organiser similar to Lightroom that uses keywords similarly to assemble virtual folders and import and organise workflow, and is compatible with Affinity? Why does Affinity not support all plug-ins from Topaz and when will it? I'd love to hear what users here use to get around these shortfalls?
  13. I spend weeks without opening Photoshop, it's amazing! There are very, very few things I miss. I found most of them on the forum already, but nothing about how PS handles keyboard shortcuts, which is in my opinion better. Pressing a shortcut, say G, selects the Paint Bucket. If you want to select the Gradient, you have to go Shit+G, and now the shortcut cycles between Paint Bucket, Gradient... But G will always select the last tool used in that family. I have a feeling not everyone will agree, so please give us this as an option (use Shift to cycle tools of the same family) in Photo and Designer. ​Countless times I pressed B to make sure I had the Brush, and because of that switched tool! ​Thank you!
  14. Hi everyone! I recently posted about my lack of knowledge concerning workflow but the kind guys who left a post there assumed that I DID have some sort of knowhow, and- the sad thing is that I (and I presume also many many others who had their socks blown off by this beautiful piece of software) have no idea whatsoever how to wade in... I have been taking photos for many years and have a big collection of raws, but up to now, have mainly limited myself to Picasa for JPEGs, and Lightzone and Adobes Lightroom for the past few months. And now- gorgeous Affinity... Where do I start? Yep- I know that there are great videos and I have gone through quite a few but they go over a specific setup, and I need even more basic than that- e.g: Do I play with white/black point before or after exposure? Why are there color controls in a b&w mix? Do I have to use all the controls? what is a live layer and do I have to use it? etc. etc. etc..... In other words- A course called "basic photo editing 101" Any ideas? Maybe there are a few videos out there for guys like me with low confidence issues? And if we're talking about videos (the guy who talks you through them is a real pro- kudos!) why arent they numbered in order of complexity?
  15. Congratulations to the team who convinced so many users to give AP a try. Purchased immediately my own copy for windows after first viewing all the demo videos. What I like is the bunch of ideas which improve workflow so much compared to the most referenced PS product. Especially the multiple "merge file" operations are convincing (HDR,stacking, etc.). As there are tons of database and picture file administration tools it would be a nice "roundup" when the workflow: File viewer-->AP-->Merge to HDR or other would be supported by a functionality like "collect all open files to a merge list" and select from there. But in general I think it is a good procedure to not try to copy too much functionality from existing software products because the good ideas will get lost.
  16. I tried the beta a little and as a landscape photographer the first thing I was looking at was how I could mimic photoshop "luminosty mask" workflow. And as far as I understood it was that you do not need to do it, you have a seperate curve controller for that in your adjustments but I must say I lake some sort of preview for that, perhaps there is but then it needs to be made more visible. But on a whole I would love if there was some real though and awesome experience working with luminosity masks in Affinity Photo, because the current workflow with the extra controller in adjustments feels more like a after thought than designed to perfection.
  17. The ability to filter layers by name, visibility, lock state, maybe even tags etc. Search and replace text tool for layer names Tool to rename a selection of layers all at once. As an example if I had 3 layers selected I could type "My Custom Layer ##" and all 3 layers would be renamed like so: ​My Custom Layer 01 ​My Custom Layer 02 ​My Custom Layer 03
  18. Hi everyone. I've been using the Windows beta, and I like so far. One thing I don't understand is how to manage the many artboards I generate when doing mockups for a website. I don't know if I am doing something wrong, but I am getting dozens at a given screen size. How am I supposed to keep them together without it being one large area that I have to spend so much time scrolling and it becomes unwieldy? I apologize if this is an obvious question, I don't typically do design work, so all this is new to me.
  19. MEGraphicDesign

    Cross Program Glitch

    Since the newest release of Designer I have not been able to utilize the cross-program workflow as I get an error message saying something like "incompatible file type for this software version". I am unsure if this issue has been fixed in a beta update but I am updating to it as soon as the download is complete. Just wanted the bug to be known.
  20. Hi. I'm just waiting for my new iMac to come and I'm thinking about starting fresh with a new set-up for my photos. I'm an amateur / hobby photographer. At present I just shoot jpg but would like to learn to use RAW as well. Up till now I've been using Picasa for everything and much prefer it to Photos for mac - maybe just because I'm used to it, don't know. But, I'm thinking of taking my editing up a notch and buying Affinity. My question is - what software do Affinity users use as a catalogue / viewer to go along with Affinity as your editor? And what are the workflow steps you use?
  21. Hello. I very excited to work with Affinity Designer. It's awesome. But I would like to point out some shortcomings in GUI and workflow. First of all, my eyes becomes tired after some time working with AD. I found a problem. It is a Layers palette. There're too many visual noise. Why need to keep checkboxes on each layer bar? Maybe it's enough to put only checkmark without box? Or reverse it: visible layers hasn't any marks and invisible has a small icon (strikethrough eye). Then why need to keep triangle inside circle? It looks like "Play" button from audio player, not like expand/collapse icon. I like how it looks in Sketch (triangle) or even better in Photoshop (sign >). No need to keep circle, I guess. It only adds a noise. Then I don't like to see small layer previews at left side. It's redundant in many cases. It may be helpful only when a layer is a small and simple (like icon or logo). I always turn off layer thumbnails in Photoshop. And it is very nice in Sketch. So maybe will be good idea to add optional things in Settings panel? Now, when I click on a small gear icon on right side of top, I see incomprehensible Blend Options, while I expect to see Layers palette settings like in Photoshop. Where I can turn off thumbnails. So, removing thumbs, circles and checkmarks will make Layers palette more useful, clear and understandable. Also I have an issue with Esc key. It is very good idea to go up in the layers structure like in Sketch: I select an object, press Esc and now I have selected the parent group. Again Esc - and level up etc. But now Esc just deselects the object. It is not right paradigm, it's outdated. I like Sketch's workflow. It's very simple and useful. Please make like it, don't look what Adobe's doing. Thanks. p.s. Sorry for ugly English.
  22. Is there currently a way to select a bunch of layers/objects and collect them all into a new layer with all of those selected layers/objects nested inside or underneath the new layer? I very often find that I want to organize projects as they get unwieldily and if I could select a bunch of layers, right click or hit a button/menu that could move all of those selections into a new folder for easy naming that would be so handy. Does this ability exist now and I haven't found it? Cheers.
  23. A white point panel which enables setting the white point. I don't really understand the use of the current white point panel. There is no tutorial about this crucial aspect of processing. So, feature request: white point set: click a Kodak grey card in your photo and have all colors reset a usage tutorial for this proposed feature, and a tutorial about the current white point panel - how best to workaround current limitations...
  24. Allow me to be obnoxious and throw in a suggestion based on another tool that has a jewel for its logo (*cough*), but one thing I would love to see added in Designer 1.5 is adding or allowing for a shortcut for renaming the current layer. I've found that to be a tremendous speed boost. Or am I missing a way to do this already? Another borrowed idea (from Ps as well) that would add to a speedier workflow would be adding a layer search/sort option and perhaps auto-moving/expanding of layers while making selections (obviously requiring some kind of drill-down).
  25. As far as I can tell there is no ability to assign an "edit all layers" key short. I am working on a piece right now that would greatly benefit from the ability to have a shortcut for turning on and off edibility to all layers. Ideally this is another candidate for the right click menu structure I would love to see someday. (The ability to create our own right menu would be super stupendously marvellous) hint hint ;-) ... but I digress, If anyone can see where an "edit all layers" shortcut is possible please post here. Cheers!

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