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  1. Stupid question perhaps (in any case?)? Generally I guess / know that hardware acceleration is making calculations faster, which is a good thing. So based on the AP benchmark test I get the value N/A for anything with (Single GPU) when Hardware Acceleration is off in Preferences >> Performance. Sounds logically ... Does this literally mean, that GPU is not used in any calculation? I am just wondering, that the Windows Task Manager shows activity in the GPU column, although hardware acceleration is off. Any (easy) explanation for me?
  2. Why do .afpub files sometimes show with the Publisher red and orange icon, and sometimes with the Designer blue icon. When it does occur, the icons seem to change back to the correct ones after a reboot. I haven't yet found a recipe that consistently produces this yet, but wondered if anyone else is experiencing it.
  3. I recently downloaded a laser engraving software, and to test it, I needed an SVG. I pulled up the export menu as I have done many times before, but when I switched to the SVG export page, my desktop fans started kicking into overdrive. Keep in mind that I have 32 GB of normal ram and 10 GB of VRAM. I opened up the task manager and found Affinity to be using 100% of my CPU for a very simple design. I included the image below because I did press the "modify" button in the Windows App browser, but it didn't appear to do anything. Has anyone else been dealing with this?
  4. I use quick access to recent files (right click) through pinned applications on the windows taskbar a lot. Would it be possible to use different icons for .afdesign, .afphoto, .afpub files? Much like template files in Microsoft Office have different icons from regular documents. This would increase readability significantly. Thanks!
  5. I am a registered user of Affinity Photo and Designer. I now have a second personal computer, a laptop, and I would like to install Photo on it, as a Windows App rather than execution of the usual .exe downloaded file. That's important to me because my laptop has a very small SSD where the OS is, but will install Apps on a much larger DATA HD. (On my desktop Windows doesn't see Photo or Designer as Windows Apps, but rather as installed programs. I'd like to change that situation too, but that's a later topic.) So.... Should I pay for the Windows App, then request a refund? Or is ther
  6. For some reason Affinity has stopped allowing me to enter the copyright symbol using Alt 0169 on the number pad. It was because Numlock was turned off.
  7. I want to use Designer to design a layout for my garden. The garden is about 8 meters wide by 15 meters long. Is there any problems with creating a document so big? I am not planning on exporting it to a raster image - and can leave the default resolution at 72ppi. Would it be better to set my document to 8 x 15 cm and just divide all my measurements by 100? So that 1m becomes 1cm in the document? I just don't want to get so far in and find that performance becomes sluggish.
  8. Hi there, I tried up update Affinity Photo from 1.9.0 to 1.9.1 last night, but I had an error show up during the installing stage which then led to the following message appearing: "Error writing to file: C:\Program Files\Affinity\Photo\d3dcompiler_47.dll. Verify that you have access to that directory." Has anybody encountered this issue? If so, does anybody know how to resolve it? Thanks in advance. P.S. I also had the same problem with trying to update Affinity Designer from 1.9.0 to 1.9.1. The Affinity folder has also seemingly disappeared from my C:\ Drive.
  9. Hi there, I was trying to update Affinity Designer from 1.9.0 to 1.9.1 last night, but I ended up having an error during the installing phase and it came up with an error that said the following: "Error writing to file: C:\Program Files\Affinity\Designer\d3dcompiler_47.dll. Verify that you have access to that directory." Has anybody else encnountered this issue? If so, does anybody know how to solve it? Thanks in advance. P.S. I also tried to update Affinity Photo from 1.9.0 to 1.9.1 and that appeared to have the same issue. The Affinity Folder has seemingly disappeared f
  10. Closing an image with the X-Button always meant to me aborting / discarding of actions / changes and closing the window. In the Develop Persona it gets more complicated. If you want to close the window with the image you'll get the warning "The current file is being developed. Please complete or cancel before closing the document.". Then you have to press the OK-Button (Action 1), then press the Cancel-Button (Action 2), then press the Yes-Button (Action 3). Pretty much action for simply closing a window and aborting everything in my opinion.
  11. Hi there Just installed Publisher on my Windows 10 PC. It crashes instantly when opening .aps files (created on a MAC) and creating any New Document rendering the software totally useless. I've restarted several times and refreshed the cache. See attached for crash reports. Any help will be greatly appreciated. 0b0e418b-588d-40c2-857b-ca60fcfa2eb4.dmp 5d58f70a-f7f5-4a18-98d5-4e03dac66373.dmp 7ad88f11-aaad-4a9f-a4d6-ed2752c542d2.dmp 96c4ef37-dd31-45f4-96c3-52c3c7d3b8dc.dmp 75801063-827f-4e50-a518-f49c4e03cbe1.dmp abf0b9db-79d9-48e7-9369-ad04c0024e3d.dmp ac54b145
  12. my old PC starts needing reboot too often so I purchased a new one, both windows 10. May I transfer the license ? How can I read the installation code ? Which are the steps for this procedure ? thanks and merry Christmas!
  13. I am unable to see image thumbnails specifically for .afphoto files within windows 10 file explorer. I have already unchecked "always show icons, never thumbnails" and I have deleted my thumbnail cache as per these instructions: https://www.wikihow.com/Enable-Image-Preview-to-Display-Pictures-in-a-Folder-(Windows-10)# This issue seems to only occur for affinity files (I really only work with photo). Is this a known issue, unfixable, or something specific to my computer I could potentially fix???
  14. Grouping items where a contour has been applied breaks when dragging the group....... Create artistic text. Duplicate. Contour top item to be smaller. Add stroke to top item Group. If one then selects the two items within the group and drags, they move correctly [lower part of image]. If one selects the group as a whole, [upper part of image] and drags, the drawing parts move differently, as if the scaling of the contour is affecting the movement? Windows 10 Ryzen5/Radeon Designer 1.9 regards Gareth
  15. I guess the subject says it all. Right now if we get an upgrade it's free because it still hasn't reached 2.0. What happens if we purchase the programs in Windows 10 Store and the update from 1.x to 2.x goes live? Just a question. Because I'm thinking of rebuying the software on Windows 10 Store (for automatic updates).
  16. I bought Affinity Designer for Windows 10 recently, and was wondering if I can use the product key to also use it on my mac. Can I?
  17. Prior to exporting my document to PDF, preflight said TOC needed updating. I hit the FIX option and Publisher crashed. I have version on Windows 10.
  18. UPDATE: This issue is now resolved in the 1.9.0 update which is now available from the Affinity Store and Microsoft Store. We've had reports that our apps no longer start after installing the Windows 10 October 2020 (20H2) update. This update is changing the default Device profile in Colour Management to a Virtual profile. If you see the below information in Application Logs in Event Viewer after trying to start our apps - Description: The process terminated due to an unhandled exception. Exception information: System.ArithmeticException Exception information: System.OverflowExcepti
  19. Photo was working fine . But brush stopped working on all adjustments. The brush appears when the adjustment layers is inverted and you are trying to apply an adjustment, but it will not paint on the image.
  20. Hi, I've been having this issue recently and i'm not sure how to fix it. While i'm in the program, everything looks fine (as shown in attachment 1) but when I save I get black boxes on the images (attachment 2). I've tried changing the resolution/canvas sizes. But because i'm not sure of what's causes the issue, i'm not sure of how to solve it. I'm working with a PSD that I saved as an afphoto file after editing the mockup file to my liking. Affinity Photo 1.8.5. 703 on Windows 10 This really hinders me as a big part of my job is to present
  21. I installed The Nik Collection as a plug-in in Affinity Photo. Attached is screen shot of AP with Nik opened. As one can see Nik is too small to use. Any ideas to fix this problem? NIK 2.pdf
  22. Hi Affinity revolution people. I'm in love with all three producst on Windows, but there has been a huge problem for me for the last couple of versions. Totally suddenly, my Windows 10 (Version 1903 x64 KB4497165) stops reacting to all keystrokes, the mouse moves for approx 10 seconds, then freezes as well. This happens in Publisher only, no other application has ever behaved like this. I just have to perform a hard system reboot by pressing power button for 5 seconds, nothing else helps. I remember having the 1.7.2 for a long time and then jumping to 1.8.2 and 1.8.3 and the latest one I
  23. Pretty new user here, and have a question: Can I save a crop/rotate and apply that on other images? I have some identical product images, bust some lit, not lit etc. I want to apply the same crop & rotate at all of them. I didn't see any save crop function, so i ask.
  24. I started this thread a while back , but no answers, still doing this on new version. Thanks Gary
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