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  1. I'm a programmer that focusses on front-end web applications, I can use ui plugins in Angular2 (framework), but I would love to create something of my own. I have never designed anything. I'm basically searching for good (paid) tutorials on web design. Thanks
  2. Hi I had created a icon with vectors. I exported this as an svg (web) after this i uploaded it to https://icomoon.iothat I able to use it as a font on my website but in the preview the icon what not showing up. Now I try to open it in inkscape but there it is blurred (see the attached image). is that a bug? Kind regards, Madlip
  3. Hi guys, Latest project made entirely in affinity. Except the gif animation. https://www.behance.net/gallery/33966100/FoodJunky-Application-Design-Concept Cheers, Vlad
  4. Hello all! I threw together this social media template based on recommended sizes for 2015—largely based on Constant Contact's recommendations. It doesn't include quite everything, but it has slices already set up as well to help expedite most needs. Enjoy! :) social-media-template-2015.afdesign
  5. Hey, As a web designer I'm using the export feature a lot as the persona and simply by pressing Export... from the file menu. After I get a ready jpg I always have to put it in ImageOptim app (https://imageoptim.com/) to get it even more optimized for the web. Any change that you could implement the ImageOptim as a build-in feature in AD or AP?
  6. Hi, I downloaded the Affinity Designer Trial yesterday. As a first test, I wanted to save a new version of a logo for a website. I opened the existing .ai file. Designer put it into a A4 Document. There seems to be no way to simply crop the document. You have to select all your objects and transfer the dimensions manually to the document settings. Then you have to move all the objects around. In Illustrator, this can be done with the artboard tool in two clicks. In the export persona of Designer, I noticed that it is impossible to snap slices to objects. When exporting to png8
  7. Hi, I have a question, though: are there any plans to make two new additions to the Affinity Suite? Maybe called Affinity Web (web design without coding app) and Affinity Effects (FX/VFX app)? Now, I know that after the release of Affinity Publisher (which I saw on the Affinity website), Affinity is going to be developed for other OS (such as Windows), linux, and iOS (which means that any other Affinity-based plans won't happen until those are done). But I am curious as to if Affinity Web and Affinity Effects is being considered. Keep up the great work with Affinity!
  8. Here is a web design project i'm currently working on. Completed in Affinity Designer. Allan
  9. This Affinity newbie needs guidance on how to create two layers: first layer will be outline for 12 columns (960 grid) and second layer will be my wireframe. I can't find a tutorial on the topic.
  10. Hey, I'm pretty new to Affinity and so far i love it! The only problem I'm facing is after exporting my design to PNG for Web use, the picture becomes very blurry when uploaded to any website really. How do i fix this? ~Thanks. :)
  11. clem

    icon for web

    hi, I create some icons for my personal use ! So you can download it and use it for your creation ! if a got time, i will upgrade the AD file. Download it here ! thank for watching.
  12. Hello, as you know I am a web designer and I'm proud to share with you my first big work. My company, Offerte Tour Operator, builds iframe for booking, hosted on many client sites, but our last and bigger committer is Costa. I realize che graphic of Costa Extra (entire website), business department of Costa Crociere, and the new tool for search Cruise and Vacancy (developed by our team). Tool: Website: I Hope you like it and let me say that AffinityDesigner is superb ^_^
  13. Hi, It would be great if you add ability to export shapes as web-font. Right now I'm using icomoon, but it would be great to have such feature baked into Affinity Designer. The app is great. I love it.
  14. Hi, As Affinity is a great tool to create web banners, could it be possible to integrate in the new document web presets, all the ads standard banners format (as defined by IAB Interactive Advertising Bureau)?
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