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  1. Hi, I'm facing an issue when I export SVG with Affinity Designer. I'm working on a website and would like to export an SVG in the best way following some guidelines describes here : https://www.sarasoueidan.com/blog/svg-tips-for-designers/. My Issue : I want to export in SVG a shape and move it with code. When I export it, I get a <path d="..."> instead of a <polygon> or <rectangle>. Sadly I'd like to have a <polygon> object in order to move it with Javascript. Can anyone tell me what am I doing wrong ? I would like to do someting like
  2. Expecting a web designing platform like lost "Serif WebPlus"(http://www.serif.com/webplus/) or something something better than it...so that we can design website creatively...!!! :^)
  3. It would be great if we can get the HEX input/listing on all of the color sliders. I know it shows up on the RGB Hex setting but if I'm working in one of the other slider color spaces I need to constantly switch back to the RGB Hex to read a HEX value. It would be a great time saver. We could also have an option to have it appear or not appear on each of the color sliders in case there are people who do not need it to be shown. Cheers!
  4. Root Vegetable and Apple Hash Baked Together With Eggs 2 to 4 servings Pantry staples berries, apples and onions really are a timeless Blend of sweet and sour flavors for just about every meal of their day. Baking the beans directly onto the baking sheet makes for a no-fuss, no-muss meal in minutes, and a fast cleanup. Don't Hesitate to mix and match the components according to Anything you've got readily available - several sorts of potatoes, onions and apples may do the job nicely nicely here, from Yukon Gold sausage to Vidalia onions into Honeycrisp apples. From Wa
  5. An excellent app add-on to the Affinity graphic suite would be a web or app designer code savvy tool like Macaw, Adobe Muse or like the on-line apps webflow and silex. But with more options to edit the code than the apps that I mention. Macaw is a great tool, unfortunately the team behind the Macaw joined InVision and the app was discontinued with a lot of features that could be improved.
  6. Hi! As Adobe abandoned Muse, it would be a great chance for Affinity to create a code-free web design tool. The best would be a separate app, but Affinity Publisher could also have HTML export capability. Thanks.
  7. I know we're just getting into more programs, but are there any plans for a Dreamweaver alternative?
  8. Hi guys, I have been exporting as svg with Affinity without a problem until today. I installed some new fonts today, and after exporting the svg and viwing it into the Firefox/Chrome, the fonts look different from the ones I used, even though if I inspect the text it's actually the correct font. This problem is only in browsers, if I open the svg with Affinity the font displays correctly. Is this a browser problem, a font problem, or an Affinity problem? Thank you, Chris
  9. Today I did the design of the next site. And I remembered about the wonderful program that I bought and did not regret, it's Affinity Designer! Very powerful tools for UI, Web and advertising layouts. This is not advertising, it's just a statement of facts. Having worked almost half a lifetime in design, I came to the conclusion that nothing lasts forever in terms of tools for the designer;). Times change and need too. Now many tools have been developed that help to realize their ideas, and Affinity Designer does not take the last place. It's good that developers pay a lot of time and effort t
  10. Hi guys, If I start a new document, and I choose WEB from the prohect type, and I start it, if I later go back to the Document Setup I notice that Document Type is actually set to Print, even though I chose WEB when creating it. Does anyone know why that might happen? Is there a disadvantage to my document if I keep PRINT instead of WEB? I see that the color is RGB (the way I chose it), not CMYK, so it's not really for print. Thanks, Chris
  11. Excellent company and excellent programs. I needed to print a difficult PDF file and tried several programs. The one that did the best job was PagePlus. I am looking forward eagerly for Affinity Publishing. Also, I have reviewed several Website building programs but the best is still WebPlus. I do hope that soon there will be Affinity WebDesign. All of the present Affinity programs lack the Tool Bar with standard tools such as printing, saving etc. These are needed for speed, efficiency and user-friendliness.
  12. Is there a suggested color profile and export method for web graphics? I've been testing how to get my exported graphics to look the same in the browser as they do in Affinity programs. I found that the "Wide Gamut RGB" profile looks good and then exporting that profile with the image produces pretty similar results. Is this the optimal method? Thanks.
  13. Is it possible to export for the web (without metadata) from Affinity Photo for Mac ? Thanks.
  14. I am new to Affinity and mostly I am pleased with it but I have just hit an issue. I am processing a set of high key model images. So, there is a model and a plain white bright background. In Affinity, I have used a white balance adjustment layer to ensure that the background is a true white. It looks correct in Affinity itself and also when the image is opened in Windows picture viewer but when uploaded to the web, it seems to have a slight pink colour cast. Do I have a problem in the export (using a batch job)? What else might be the explanation?
  15. This week, I learned that Softpress, who made the web design application Freeway, closed its doors for good. Not a great start for the week for anyone involved in that project with present and past. I’ve been using and had input into the Freeway project for the best part of twenty years. For those who don’t know, Freeway is a DTP-like web design tool. You draw items on a blank page, and Freeway builds the HTML/CSS necessary to display your design in a browser. Extra functionality can be added using Actions - plugins which run at publish time to amend output. Actions can do a multitude of t
  16. Is there any tutorial or article on how to decide which Preset to choose for Web Document in Affinity Designer? Especially if you are transferring from Affinity Designer designs to Bootstrap 4 Framework? And what if you are just creating a single graphics asset like logo, header, etc.?
  17. Hi, I would like to ask how can I export in Affinity Photo multiple files from one big source image. I.e. I have source file 4000x3000 px and I need png 320x200 px, 640x480 px, 960x600 px. Thanks for help. Greg
  18. I just found out that a full UI project I delivered was done using the wrong dpi. Thus the text objects on the exported SVGs have fractions of points (10.49999142pt instead of 14pt). There are some important topics here. 1) Changing DPI settings make little sense for Web and other UI projects since these are screen based. The obvious choice would be to use the current screen dpi; 2) The default value for all Windows machines is 96 dpi. 72 dpi is just for Macs; 3) I believe there is no simple way of changing the default values for new documents, so it's something to rememb
  19. Hey there, I'm wondering if there are any tutorials specifically for putting the website design together and making it work. Is it simply html coded after designing a webpage in AD? For instance, how would you make functioning buttons and links from it? I don't mind the html part, I just need to know if the UI kit includes that type of option to make the buttons I create do something. If there's nothing AD can do for that, how are people creating mobile/web interfaces with their AD designs? Second question, are there any tutorials on how to make keyboards with the UI kit for mobile
  20. Hi there friends, As a couple of you may know Im new to all this world of design and illustration. I´ve been using AD since I started, only use Illustrator for a couple of things that are not available (yet) in AD. I´ve been looking for this on the web, maybe I haven´t look for it well, but what better place to ask than in Affinity forums. The things is I have a web design. All my pages, or my one page web site. How do I put it on the web to work properly? I don´t know how to do it, can someone please help me. Thanks in advance.
  21. Hello. I watched affinity designer more than a year. As soon as the beta for windows I downloaded it immediately. Once the program came from the beta - I bought it immediately. Soft good, very good. So good that I almost immediately replaced by CorelDrow and Photoshop. I immediately tried to use Affinity Designer for Web Design. And experimental success! But two things I was very disappointed: 1. I made a design, and then what? Adobe brackets - works well, but the PSD files in affinity is not very good. Because text. The text is translated in a raster. Because of this, it is impossible to
  22. Hello to anyone, First of all I’m apologise of my rough English, it looks like I’m a alien ;O) lol Well, now I’m starting with Affinity Tools and try to build a website. I’ve no knowledge about AP & AD it’s my first try with Affinity tool’s. I started with looking on google & in this Forum, later on I Pulled all Tutorials Video in. ….now I’m confused about to Design a Website with AD, there are many question about AD, couse I’ve not seen any Tutorial or a simple explain how to do make a website, may I getting this wrong but where the hell I can make this design in to a
  23. Hi, I'm fairly new to using Affinity Designer after switching over from Adobe Illustrator. I am basically working on a document which has vector/JPEG objects inserted. It is intended for print, but I would also require a digital version for web purposes. When I export the document as a PDF for print at 300dpi, it seems fine; the JPEG images look sharp as well as the vectors (just as everything looks when working on the document at 100% scale). But when I export the same document as a PDF for web at 72dpi, all of my vectors are nice and sharp, the document is the right size, but my JPE
  24. Hi! I made a simple template for my everyday web-design needs, which i'm glad to share. It contains five pseudo-artboards which are Desktop, Tablet Landscape 1024, Tablet Portrait 768, Mobile Landscape 480, Mobile Portrait 320. They all have semi-transparent grid over them so you can start quick. I think templates like this are good to emulate artboards untill we have real artboards in AD and are just nice way to start your design projects. Will be glad to know what you think of this template, any suggestions are welcome. Feel free to modify it in any way possible. AD-Web-Templat
  25. Hi, first of all thank you for this great software, recently I stated using it to draw websites mockups and I love it. The biggest problem in designing websites I perceived is the lack of an appropriate gird system: now i'm using guides, but I have to place all my artboards one below the other due to the artboard context guides bug (If i duplicate the artboard and move it to the right, the guides stand still and go off canvas, not be rebased on the new context). The integrated grid system would be great and really suitable for webdesign needs (thanks to his gutter feature), but the problem i
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