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  1. In the adjustments>HSL adjust please add a transparent adjust because we may want to make a color transparent... example we may want to make for example just all the purples transparent. (our job can be done ways faster if we choose the purple or if we set the color area in the HSL color range and then turn it transparent) thanks!
  2. Not sure if this is a bug, but...After selecting background of an image then using refine edges and pressing delete it leave some of the image partially transparent and unavailable to fully fill with the flood fill tool. see attachment. cant fill area.afphoto
  3. In my workflow, I often have to take an image that I've created in another program (a 3D program). I set the background color there to be distinct from the object I want so that I can select it and make it transparent. In AD, the process (the best one I could find) is the switch to Pixel, Rasterize, then Select -> Select Sampled Colors. When I select the background color, the marquee does indeed seem to properly select the object. Unfortunately, it doesn't really work this way. If I cut (intending to cut out the background) color is lost from the object as well. If I invert selection
  4. I am using Affinity Photo. I'm a novice to photo editing. Please excuse me if I don't explain what happened well. I uploaded a photo to Affinity with a transparent background. When I exported it back to my computer, the background became white. Or maybe I saved it. I don't exactly recall. At any rate, I've lost my photo with the transparent background and I need it for changing backgrounds on it. How can I get it back? Please help.
  5. Hi everyone! I want to know how I can export to EPS format (to impression) with transparent background. I have a image (with (Pixel) type in the Layers panel, not (Image) type). This layer have a mask. But when I export to EPS format, the mask doesn't work. I did the same thing into Photoshop, export to EPS and import into Affinity Photo to see what's happened. The only difference that I can see is that the image have (Image) type and not (Pixel) type. I don't know if it is the key, but if it is, I don't know how I can change the type of the layer (Pixel to Image).
  6. I have created a logo including letters and symbols in Affinity, and am trying to export the logo as a jpeg file for import into my website. Problem is that no matter what technique I try, the exported image includes a rectangular white background - even though the logo was created against a transparent background. What am I doing wrong? Sorry again to ask a stupid question... grovel grovel ... Robert
  7. Hey, I'm so desperate. I have been trying to apply picture with transparent background on another picture, but all what I am getting is picture with white background. I am pretty sure such a great tool as Affinity allows to work with transparent background, but I have no idea how and I am so lost. Please someone heeelp. Many thanks, Josef (iPad user)
  8. I have followed several tutorials on YouTube regarding creating transparent text images using Affinity photo desktop version. But I cannot seem to do the same on the ipad version. For example how can one make a selection using the text layer? I imagine that the majority of users would like to make imagery with text (perhaps for their business) rather than only spicing up photos.
  9. For some reason the steps taken to make transparent text on the iOS version does not work. Just try to emulate one of the many affinity photo tutorials for advanced text editing, such as transparent text. I purchased this to make Facebook banners, posters, and other graphical work for the non profit that I work for.
  10. I've tried to search this on the forums with limited response. I want to know how to remove a black or dark background from white or colored lettering to reveal transparency. Generally this is for text logos etc. I'm some cases the text has graphics inside it that the selection tool struggles with. Would like this to be one click! Thanks!
  11. I have a PNG file with a transparent background which I use to overlay my images with my logo...when I open the PNG file, it opens with a white background...How do I open the file and maintain transparency.
  12. I need to add a line drawing to my file but I do not want the white background. I use RealDraw on the PC and they have a tool called AutoTransparencyFromIntensity that automatically removes the solid white background. How can I do this in iDraw since I need to use the Mac. Currently I purchased Parallels and am running Windows just so I can do this for a single client! Please advise
  13. Transparent PNG export used to be trivial with Paintshop Pro 9 - PNG export asked what colour I wanted to be transparent, and that was sorted. But I'm struggling with Affinity Photo (and Designer - I have and use both). Example: I have a JPG snippet of music score - black notes on white background. I simply want to invert to white notes, and export a PNG where the resultant (black) background is clear, for use as an overlay image in a video project. I start with document option for transparent background checked. I can apply an Invert adjustment to get white notes on black back
  14. Hello. Has any one else had this problem with imported photoshop brushes... They only work in Pixel persona... But more importantly, they are all about 80% transparent. - Opacity 100% - Flow 100% - Hardness 100% - Blend mode normal No matter which PSD brush set, all the same transparency issue. Thanks for any ideas. Cheers.
  15. Since you don't offer a normal support and I don't have much time, I will try to get a response here. I have made a file with some objects on a transparent background and I export it as an eps-file for export, but when I open it, it opens with a white background. What is this and how do I avoid it? I hope someone can give me a response asap and I also hope you can offer some normal tech support some day. And when I open the exported file in AD it is rasterized and not a vector-file. I am sorry, but this is really a disappointment then. Perhaps it is me who don't understand vector and only
  16. Good morning everyone, I'm actually intensively using Affinity Photo/Designer for a web project. My design include many embedded documents for a greater flexibility. But here's my problem: I like to set my embedded documents with a canvas much bigger than the element I need in my final composition For instance, the following illustration is my embedded document (vastly unzoomed). Its canvas is bigger than what I need on my final design. In fact, I basically just need the book and its shadows. But having a bigger canvas, allows me to better "view" the book in an "environnement". When I'm
  17. Hi, I have been browsing the forums for about two hours now attempting to solve the low quality export of vectors (with transparency) I'm experiencing. I adjusted to bicubic and lanczos in the export window, I've tried resizing the vector. Attached below are rasterized transparent png and gifs, plus a pdf of the original vector, exactly how AD exported them. On a side note, I'm not exactly sure why this is so difficult to accomplish: to create a smooth realized export of a vector image for the web. Super easy and intuitive in very old versions of adobe illustrator (back in 2004).
  18. Hi guys, in my case it is not possible to export white content (icons) on transparent background. The whole slice will be exported as plain white. Neither as PNG nor TIFF. In AD 1.4.2 it works fine
  19. Hello All. I wanted to use Affinity Photo (AP) to replicate watermarking images in the following style: http://photoshop-tutorial.org/photo-effects/watermark-your-photos/ My reasons for wanting to use this particular style of watermark are because it is a less intrusive method for the viewer because it permits the image under the watermark to be seen and also it is not that easy for the casual observer to remove the watermark. Method: 1. Select and open the image to be watermarked in AP 2. Press ⌘J to duplicate the background layer 3. Type the desired copyright text in black
  20. Im struggling a bit with a piece of text; I just want the outline with a transparent centre. If I just set a stroke, the stroke goes 'inside' the letters. If I set an 'outline' in fx, then remove the fill, it removes the outline itself. I have tried making another 'punch out' image and using geometry, but it axes all of the letters, not just the centres. The only way I can think of to do it is rasterise the image and then 'erase' the centre, but this would be messy and inefficient. I know this should be straightforward, but appear to be pretty well stuck now. I assume
  21. Is there a way to use the transparency tool to only apply on the fill or just the stroke of the object… I cannot seem to find a checkbox or setting for this to only affect a particular attribute. Thanks!
  22. Hi, Is this possible to export TIFF images with transparency in RGB and CMYK from Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer? I can't do that from Affinity Designer so I just got the rial version of Affinity Photo to test the TIFF transparency export but it seems TIFF transparency is not supported for Tiffs. (?) Either in RGB or CMYK no matter what matte color you pick the TIFF image is exported with a solid background color. I have also tried Placing a PSD transparent file into a transparent background document in both Designer and Photo exporting it to Tiff ... same solid background
  23. Hi, I hope I'm not creating an unnecessary topic, but I couldn't find what I was looking for in past threads. Would be good to have the forums separated by AF Photo and AF Designer as well. I'm trying to find out if AF Photo's crop tool has the following features; 1) Crop canvas based on transparent pixels - I come from using Adobe for the past 15-20 years and their crop feature of being able to crop an image based on transparent pixels is extremely useful when trimming images. Is this hidden somewhere in the menus? Being able to do a hard crop and soft crop would be great too (des
  24. Hi, please If you could explain to me which is the difference between the Transparent and the Fill tool, for me they look like do the same thing but has to has some differences
  25. Hey, I'm trying to cut holes in a group of vectors - the squares that you can see on the attached image. I'd like those squares to be transparent so that you can see through to whatever is behind the image itself. I've fiddled around with compounds but can't seem to get it to work that way. Is this possible at all?
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