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  1. Hello, When i open an EXR file into Affinity Photo, I dont get the transparent background, all i get is a solid black background, im pretty sure the file has transparent background, becouse when I open the same file using photoshop, i get nice white transparent background. what am i missing here? is that a bug? pls help me!! original EXR FILE above!!! test_renderxdd.exr
  2. Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to fill a colored area of a bitmap logo to a different color yet keep the transparency around it (original was a png). In Photoshop I could just select "fill" then pick my fill color and check the keep transparency checkbox.. How do I achieve this in AP ? THX
  3. I always wonder that in AP there is no direct way to apply a transparent color adjustment gradient fade, which would be pretty useful for macros to have. When recording macros one actually can only use an adjustment gradient or a fx gradient effect, but the first one (which I would prefer to use for quick turn arounds) doesn't allow to alter/setup a linear gradient color transparency ... ... the fx effect in turn allows to setup this but works on a whole pixel layer and not an adjustment mask level. Also the usual gradient tool allows to setup such color->trancparen
  4. Hi Affinity Team, I am having some issues with PNGs with transparency. If I add these PNGs inside a CMYK document and export them as PDF I get different colors behind the transparency of the PNG. This happens when I use the format PDF/X-1a:2003 or PDF/X-3:2003. If I use the PDF/X-4 the transparency problem does NOT occur. It would be great to fix this issue since most professional printer would like to have files with the PDF/X-3:2003 format. Thanks and Kind Regards Tim
  5. Hi! I'd love to see a Gaussian Blur tool that acted similarly to the Transparency or Gradient tools ... You could have the blur get progressively heavier as you dragged the mouse pointer towards the edge of the object. Having the ability to have a "blur gradient" could make for some awesome effects! Does anyone know of a way to duplicate this effect without the Affinity folks having to come up with a new widget tool?
  6. Friends Sometimes exporting a project to SVG results in errors in the resulting file, so when those files are reopened in AfDesign some text disappears or is transparent, or the like. Attached original file and error file.... Help Logo Toledo 2018 30.afdesign Logo Toledo 2018 30e.svg
  7. Hello! In Affinity Designer, is there a feature to replace transparent areas by a specific color? • Replace all transparent areas • Replace only the single contiguous transparent area I click on I have searched for this in the program, but I did not find anything.
  8. Hello, I have pixel layer in AP with semi-transparent pixels. How can I remove transparency of those pixel without changing color of those pixels? I basically want to reset alpha of those pixels. But whenever I make editable only alpha channel (in Channels pane) and use flood fill or paint brush with while color I don't get completely "white" alpha channel. I have to paint the pixels several time to get to make them completely opaque. Is there a better way? Thx
  9. Hi there, just something I noticed, not sure if it's a bug, missing feature, or something that can't work by design. I made a nice artwork in Affinity Designer, using bunch of gradient fills (linear), and also transparency fills (linear). I exported the file as SVG and it looks great in Safari and Firefox (no lost features). Next I optimise things with SVGO (https://github.com/svg/svgo) which does its thing and reduces the file size by almost 40%. The resulting file still looks great in Safari and Firefox (no lost features and all gradients and transparency effects are
  10. Hello. The photographic tutorials are really excellent. It seems very difficult to match the range of especially 3D effects in AP with those available in Photoshop, especially things like the tags above. This might be due to different methodologies. Is this something still in development perhaps? Would it be possible to produce some tutorials about this feature for AP? Or in Designer for that matter. I have tried to apply methods used in the past with Photoshop learned through the Photoshop Wow Books, things similar to glass marbles for example, but that doesn't seem to apply. Neither in
  11. Came across this oddity... 1. Create a text frame, and insert filler text. 2. Lock the text frame. 3. Draw some other stuff. 4. Apply transparency to the locked text frame. 5. Make some alterations to the other stuff (so that there is something to undo). 4. Now undo repeatedly. All other actions undo, but not the application of transparency to the locked Text Frame, which is skipped, despite being listed in the History Panel. It tried the same sequence of steps with a Rectangle in place of the Text Frame and the applied transparency did undo correctly - which is bizarre!
  12. I’m currently working on moving from Adobe to Affinity Designer but I just hit a road block. I recreated a logo in AD using transparency on an element. When I create a PDF from this file, the transparent element doesn’t show at all ! Freelancer Logo Full Color.afdesign
  13. Greetings... There seems to be quite a bit of confusing regarding .tga files... to which I need to add another... In PHOTO how do I create some kind of transparent export from a .tga file with a transparent Channel? Any assistance is much appreciated, thank you kindly.
  14. Where is the transparency tool on the iPad version? I feel like I've looked in every menu and I just can't seem to find it. I've also looked at tutorials, but every tutorial that speaks about the transparency tool is showing the desktop version.
  15. Hello, I'm sorely missing the feature to export palettized PNG-8 with alpha from Affinity Designer for web development. I can export PNG-24 with alpha or PNG-8 with binary (on or off) transparency, but not PNG-8 using a palette in which the colors of the palette have alpha values attached. This is a feature that's supported by both the standalone tool ImageAlpha (converts PNG-24 to PNG-8 with alpha) and by Photoshop's Export dialog that you get by right-clicking layers. I'm using PNG-8 with alpha for image size optimization, especially for spritesheets and graphics that would not quite
  16. Not sure if this counts as a bug or a feature request, but currently the Colour Picker Tool does not recognise transparency. (This makes it pretty hard to do icon design for non-retina screens in Affinity.)
  17. It just struck me how handy it would be to be able to set a transparency or gradient vector on an object, and then go to the Transform window to specify the angle and position of the vector. Could be especially interesting when Ctrl-J'ing (new phrase :) )
  18. I'm new to affinity photo (using windows version). I'm trying to take a png logo file with transparent background and save it as a much smaller file ~ 159 x 55 px When I do this with gif or png8 it looks terrible (upload of export attached). I'm sure I'm doing something wrong but not sure what. Any suggestions on settings? I'm trying to keep the file as small as possible which is why I'm not doing png-24 although that looks fine. Thanks in advance.
  19. Affinity Designer crashes every time I try to add opacity gradient to a pixel layer in Draw Persona Steps to re-create issue: I am in Draw Persona Added image in new layer, and selected layer Select Transparency tool Draw with Transparency tool on image (nothing happens) Undo create transparency Get unhandled exception error message and Affinity Designer crashes Then get cannot start the Crash Reporter I am very new to this so am sure I am doing it incorrectly e.g. opacity on pixel layer in draw mode, but Affinity Designer should not crash! I want to remove the hard edge of my
  20. Affinity Photo Beta 1. Open new image 2. Duplicate Background 3. From Document menu verify that Transparency Background is checked 4. Attempt to start Topaz ReMask 5 from the plugins menu 5. Topaz returns: Transparency is locked, please unlock the transparency.
  21. Is there a tool for creating images with transparent regions? I have a stock photo of a cat on a white background, I'm trying to make the background transparent so I can export to a PNG and import into powerpoint, where the cat will be placed over different color backgrounds. Also, is there a way to get Affinity Photo to display the background in a grey and white checkerboard pattern so we know that a region is actually transparent?' Lastly, I know this is the questions forum, but the export options in photo are surprisingly complicated, partially because of the transparency issue,
  22. Hello How to find out in Affinity Designer and in Affinity Photo where the image has the transparency or alpha channes? I'm trying to import an App Icon to Itunes Connect, but I get the following error: images can't contain alpha channels or transparencies? The problem is described also here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/25681869/images-cant-contain-alpha-channels-or-transparencies How to solve it with AD or AP. The png image (pixel) does not have any layers.
  23. I would very much like to see a Texture "Pane" Option in Affinity Designer (and Photo): In addition to being able to paint with texture brushes (in vector or pixel), or simply import a pixel layer with texture, I would love to be able to save and use an entire Texture "Pane" (as in window "pane") Option from a panel of options like the brush window offers. I would like to have the ABILITY TO MAKE A TEXTURE "PANE" TRANSPARENT (or translucent; either vector or pixel) IN ADDITION TO BLACK, WHITE, AND COLOR and be able to choose whether it will cut through all layers, or only a selection
  24. I'm doing some logo work and have multiple layers on top of each other. I want to burn the top layer of text through all the layers and make that area transparent through the whole image, not just transparent for the top layer, but for all layers. See attached image: I want to remove the white and make it transparent where the white is and then also through the area where the white covers the red. Thanks in advance.
  25. Hello. A huge request to create a linear gradient as in Adobe Photoshop. If, of course, this is possible. And that's all I've achieved in Affinity Photo. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but nevertheless, the difference is obvious. Thank you.
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