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Found 15 results

  1. Hey @Ash getting some additional transparency tool presets or the ability to add our own presets would greatly enhance my workflow. I find I am recreating the same setup all the time and the ability to either have or create and save a preset would be awesome. Currently I have created assets of the few I use often but the ability to create and save a preset to have it in the context toolbar would be nice. Examples would be linear with transparent ends with a solid centre or elliptical with solid edges and a transparent centre... or linear dashed, eg solid, transparent, solid, transparent.
  2. Hi! Just to remind, there are 4 ways of getting transparency (at least that I know, I am newbie here): At object level: fills and strokes At layer level: Opacity settings At Layer Effects level: Fill opacity At Tool level: Transparency Tool It looks like some options of "Select Object" and "Select Same" are not working properly. I attach a file and write the following tests: Deselect all objects and layers, then Select->Select object->Transparent Objects: It selects ALL objects (and text layers), regardless if they are transparent or not, and regardless of the type of transparency applied. Select one of the objects with transparency via Colour panel: Select->Select Same->Transparency: selects ALL objects, same as before. Select one of the objects with transparency via Layer panel: Select->Select Same->Transparency: selects NOTHING, not even the object in the third column, which has the same properties. Select one of the objects with transparency via Layer Effects: Select->Select Same->Transparency: selects ALL objects, EXCEPT the ones with transparency in Layer Panel. Select one of the objects with transparency via Transparency Tool: Works correctly. Also: Could it be great if we can have a little hint (icon) in Layers panel to show which objects have the Transparency Tool applied. Thank you! transparencies.afdesign
  3. Hi there! In Designer, is there a way to know, quickly, if a layer is using the Transparency Tool (the wine glass)? I don't see any icon in the Layers Panel and maybe can be difficult to guess where the transparency comes from, as there are several places to check for opacity/transparency isssues: At object level: fills and strokes At layer level: Opacity settings At Layer Effects level: Fill opacity At Tool level: Transparency Tool Also, another question, what "Select->Select object->Transparent Objects" does? Always selects all of my objects, regardless if they are transparent or not. Thank you!
  4. Good afternoon, The transparency tool for my Affinity Designer program (Windows-based) no longer works. I can click the icon for the tool, but it doesn't function. It doesn't bring up options to change (linear, radial, etc.). Nada. Did I miss something? I'm running the latest release as far as I know. Please advise? I love that tool!
  5. I have a vector art file with a white background. I want to remove the white background so that the background is transparent. The actual graphic doesn't have any white in it. Is there a way to (a) select all white pixels, and (b) delete them so that only a transparency remains? Thanks
  6. Si all, how can i use the transparency tool on an image that has been rasterised? When you import images in affinity designer they are displayed as "image" in layer panel. But since you rasterize them, they are defined as "pixel". Is there a way to put "pixel" back into "image" in order to use transparency tool on them? Or is there a way to use transparency tool on pixel? Thanks ! Bento
  7. Hi! Is there any way to edit Fill tool or transparency tool? I cannot see the line anymore and don't know where to find it! :-) Btw: How can I add next fill tool? I need to put on new mask? or new layer? :-) Thx! Cheers!
  8. OK so I have been busy making music and getting flu. Now I am back on Affinity and updated to latest commercial releases, WHERE has that little glass icon tool gone? HOW do I make my object transparent?? What am I missing here? It used to be in the Default styles which has been replaced with textures I wont use.. In photo it was on the lhs menu.. I have played Hunt& Peck like I used to do in Adobe programs.. Am I going MAD?
  9. Is it correct that only a photo imported to a document using the Place Image Tool can then have transparency applied to it using the Transparency Tool? If I draw a picture frame then place a photo, when I try to apply transparency, the slider appears in the photo but has no affect, which seems odd.
  10. Is it the desired and expected behavior? I have two unlinked text frames. At first, the effect is applied using the Transparency Tool, on the second using the Fill Tool/Gradient. If I link these two frames, the transparency will be transferred to the second frame, and his gradient will be lost. This is true even if the first is filled with a gradient, and a second transparency. Second question - is possible unlink linked text frame?
  11. What kind of magic would be involved to get the transparency tool to work on pixel based elements/layers?? Possible, no/yes?
  12. Giving followup to this bug https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/21478-crash-undoing-trasparent-tool/?hl=transparency+tool
  13. Since I have Serif Drawplus I Noticed some features that Drawplus has that affinity does not. These two tools I really enjoyed in Drawplus and thought it could be very useful in the AD. They are the Blend Tool and the Shadow tool. the blend too is really cool for blending different objects together to make some nice affects. The drop shadow tool is so easy to use. This makes applying shadows much easier; however, I know there are other ways to apply shadow. I did not see any way to apply the blends, though and I don't know a work around for that. Something else I was looking for was a replicate option. Did not see this when I looked in designer. I regards to the gradient tool. I think it would be good to have it be able to follow a curve, Such as in the case of an S, where currently the Gradient is limited to certain options like Linear, radial, etc. This leaves an S with only the top and bottom of the S getting part of the gradient and the other side the opposite instead of the entire right getting the darker and the entire left getting the liker or ice versa. In the image, If you can see it, I have a line down the center of the S design in which there is bleed over from one side to the other. I feel that if the gradient could follow this line it would solve this issue. I'm sure there are professional that can work around this issue, but I am not a pro. I am a home tinkerer. This program appeals to me as has the other Serif products I have purchased because they are affordable to the lay person. I also like the transparency tool, but I don't know if it is possible, but the transparency is applied directly to the layer the transparency is applied to. I think it should have at least a sublayer or it's own adjustment layer clipped to the layer the effect is being appied to. Just some thoughts to consider. Thank you guys for this wonderful program. You are great. Billy
  14. In AD we have Transparency Tool how can I do this operation in AP? I'm pulling my hair out on this one.... Cheers, Bill
  15. It would be really useful if the Transparency Tool would allow user selection of Fill or Stroke Context in the option toolbar, like the Gradient tool allows...
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