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Found 153 results

  1. Hello Community! I accidentally changed something at the Tools, Navigator, etc. Panels. Does someone know, how I can reset it on default settings? Thank you! -Timo
  2. I'd like the ability to remove tools from the standard palette (in both Photo and Designer), especially subset items. There are so many tools that I don't use that I'd like to remove them, and I'd like the ability to pull commonly used subset items (like Rectangle, Ellipse, etc. from the Shapes tool) and place them on the "main" level. I'm hoping removing unused tools would also remove them from the keyboard shortcuts/toggles (in Photo, for example, "B" cycles between four different tools, two of which I don't use).
  3. In AD's Pixel Persona the same keystroke is applied to 2 different tools: Pixel Tool & Paint Brush Tool. Why is that? Shouldn't each have its own letter rather than having to toggle back and forth?
  4. I'm here on behalf of my 70-something sister, who I'm trying to wean away from Adobe Creative Suite because she's on low fixed income and cannot afford Adobe's highway robbery. She bought Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo, but she is having trouble with her visual acuity diminishing and cannot see the tools. The grey-on-grey scheme may be pretty, but it's not terribly functional for those of us who are getting older. She is very depressed because she depends on her graphic design work to help keep her focus off her painful fibromyalgia, and it's her one great joy in life to be able to do design. She already has a big honking monitor, but the Affinity tools stay too small even when she's at full screen for her to be able to see well enough to work. Is it possible you could add a hover-over-tools feature that folks can enable to be able to see the tools better? I know you've got the tool tips, but they are really too small for people with older eyes (and I am one of them) to be able to read without straining. Or maybe a skin that people can apply who need help in this department?
  5. I mentioned this in another topic but posting it here as it seems to be a bug... Make a shape with a fill and stroke colour. select it (use the blue cloud with the up arrow icon) to synchronise defaults from selection. select the rect shape tool, draw a rect it's all fine - I get stroke and colour. now try the pen tool. I only get the stroke. Seems like it's been broken for a while, my MAS version has this issue as does the latest beta. Cheers.
  6. Tried to change the size of the tools icons, but nothing happens. Restart is of no use. OSX 10.10.5, MacbookPro Retina 13", Affinity Photo 1.3.5 via App Store.
  7. I suggest the implementation of "INERTIA" settings in both "Affinity DESIGNER"(especially) and "Affinity PHOTO";Alike you can change the behavior of tools in Artrage. so your curves etc. smooth out while you draw. Just like you would apply more pressure to the tool, which would normally have the effect in reality of not being able to move so fast. (Would be much easier to draw specific curves...(sry4myenglish)
  8. Can we get just B for brush and Shift B for all other tools inside? I hate to have to scroll through all inside to get to the brush.
  9. Really would like to see the tear off option to tools buried inside others. Unless I am missing this somewhere?
  10. I don't know what happened, but I left Affinity Photo open and put my iMac to sleep last night and this morning when I switched to AP and noticed that the left side Tools were missing. When I click the View menu, I see a checkmark to the left of "Show Tools." Toggling that does nothing except expand or contract the left sidebar by 1cm or so. Quitting and relaunching AP does nothing to solve the problem either. The Toolbar shows just fine, and I can toggle that just fine. It's only the TOOLS that display at left which won't show anymore. Choosing "Customize Tools..." expands or contracts the black space at left by about 8cm or so but otherwise shows nothing when I toggle it. This seems like a bug, but since I could be doing something wrong and since I have no steps to repeat this bug I am writing this QUESTION today. I guess the only way to resolve this problem would be to reset all preferences to defaults or otherwise reset AP, but how do I accomplish that? Thanks. UPDATE: Solving my own question (although the cause of this anomaly is still a mystery), I clicked Preferences > Miscellaneous > Reset XXX on all 5 buttons and then relaunched AP. To my delight the Tools now display at left. Very odd but glad to see there's an easy fix. If I can find a way to repeat this bug I will of course report it in the Bugs forum.
  11. Shiiro

    s unavailable

    Hi, I bought Affinity Photo (v. 1.3.4) recently... Since yesterday, the tools on the left just disappear... Any idea why and what to do ? I trashes the preferences but no result. Thanks for help.
  12. As I suggested in this thread, currently tool settings are remembered only on a per-document basis. For some tools, some people like to use different settings than the defaults (such as the Healing Brush layer sampling options in my case). This means that with the current implementation, I need to change those types of settings every time I create a new document and use a particular tool for the first time. This is obviously not ideal. I see two possible solutions to improve the workflow: 1) Add a "Make Default" button (and possibly also "Reset Settings to Default") to the tool options bar 2) Add a preference "Remember tool settings across documents" Should you choose to do both, you would obviously only need to show the button(s) if the preference setting is turned off.
  13. The closest I can find in the Help guide is the Pen Tool in either "Pen" Mode or "Smart" Mode, but I'm not very skilled (if anti-skilled were a thing, I'd use that) at using the Pen Tool. Is there a "pre-fabricated" tool like what Illustrator or iDraw has for those of us falling into the "Artistically Deficient" category? ;)
  14. How are we going to make Affinity 10x better than Photosh**? For the portrait photographer, we offer the Frequency Seperation tool - where low frequency allows for the control of large areas of color and tones; and high frequency which allows the control of fine details, skin pores, hair, skin blemishes, and fine lines. Who needs to remember all the layer steps or actions, when we have a single tool to do the job. For the landscape photographer, we offer the Zone System tool - based upon the zonemapper/zonefinder technology used in the lightzone project over at LightZoneProject.org. The visions of Ansel Adams brought into the digital era...SWEET!!! Did I mention 10x better? Think light-years better...
  15. One small suggestion. When scrolling over the tools in the tool pallet, it would be nice if they gave you some feedback like highlighting or enlarging. Make the app feel more responsive to what you want. Also some of the shapes in the tool pallet should be combined to save space. This will give room for other tools that will be added later.
  16. I am finding that neither the Dodge Brush Tool nor the Burn Brush Tool function at all for me. Simply nothing happens when I attempt to use them. I've adjusted the opacity and size and even tried using them within a selected area and then without any specific selection active. Just giving you a heads up! But, I think you guys definitely are on to something and I am very glad to see something so compatible to Photoshop at a price that everyone can afford, so thanks! :D
  17. Is there a morph tool to edit the picture or design you make on affinity designer?
  18. http://motherboard.vice.com/read/why-computers-have-trouble-with-blending-colors I read this article, and think Affinity (all of them) need a more accurate blur, square brightness, average (or whatever else), then square root brightness. Simple compared to the other things, like photo's inpainting tool. (If you are really curious, the other layer in the screenshot is a picture of a pine marten)
  19. Hi Gentlemen! Can somebody tell me how to put the icon "Fill/Stroke" from the Color or Swatches panel - on the Tools toolbar in AD? See screenshot below: Thank you in advance! yoO
  20. Here's one for you that a lot of programs don't seem to get right: Perfect Triangles Every so often, I need to create a triangle in a layout. It would be fantastic if the triangle was based on a true equilateral shape, where each side where the same length (rather than building a triangle based on a square, which results in two sides that are longer). Additionally, Even when I can create a proper triangle with resizing one dimension by about 86%, the central rotation point is still mis-placed. I've sketched something up so that you can see what I mean. Thanks! Anton
  21. I've tried looking around to no avail. Is there a way to align or distribute objects to the art board rather than to each other? Thanks!
  22. Hey guys, while i see the benefit of converting to curves for shapes that have editable parameters(such as cog, star, etc.), i don't see why you would have to convert a square or circle/ellipse to curves before being able to edit them. Those shapes being basic should be editable from the start, convert to curves just adds one more click and can become annoying. The facebook moderator told me that rectangle could be merged with rounded rectangle tool in the future. Perhaps is best having the rectangle be an editable curve by default and only turning into non-editable when you set rounded corners. Even though, rounded corner radius could be applied on a corner point even if the shape is not a rectangle. What do you think?
  23. Being a typography junkie, i'm often switching to the type tools. Trouble is I usually end up with the one I DON'T want - mostly the Type Art Tool. when I want the Text Box. The simple answer is to set modifier keys for alternative tools - so "T" might be Text Box, and "Shift-T" = Text-Art - or vis a versa… And similar for the other non-type tool variations. This one should be a snap for the next release, without distracting from the serious stuff like multi artboards. TIA!
  24. I think in Illustrator, when you select a shape tool - you can perform a key command (I think option+click) to pull up a menu for that shape tool in order to pre-define the shape you want to create. So, let's say you wanted a rounded rectangle at 100px x 100px with a 20px corner-radius, you would be able to set those properties in the options menu and then click a submit type button and it would create the shape on the artboard for you. Currently, (as far as I know) you can only create the shape by clicking and dragging the shape to whatever size on the artboard. I'm assuming there may be an options menu for at least some tools, or a feature request out there for this feature already - but just in case there isn't yet, here you are. Thanks!
  25. Parabéns pela iniciativa de construir um software concorrente..... .. Mesh Tool ,, Gradient mesh tool ... Sim , seria uma ferramenta incrível a adicionar no affinity. Quando não chega ,, ou façam algum contrato para fazerem uma ferramenta, igual ou melhor que o http://www.meshtormentor.com/ . AH e diga-se de passagem, uma boa dica ..... Suporte para Linux ,, Chrome OS que provavelmente será o sistema operacional a substituir o windows e OSX ... Porem no Chrome OS o software offline com suporte online para alguns ajustes ... não curti muito a interface.. que tal aproveitarem o embalo do Material Design da Google e fazer algo realmente inovador. Ah e o quick look do Mac,, Seria bom fazer algo em relação aos arquivos affinity , que poderiam conter as paginas no quick look , e também futuramente no Chrome OS.