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Found 153 results

  1. I think it would better for the workflow to have the context toolbar as dialog boxes with the specific tool options for each tool on right mouse click, like in photoshop. Maybe also a keyboard shortcut to resize brushes, pencil etc with mousewheel :)
  2. Hi. I'm fairly new to the forums, so if this has been mentioned before then I apologise! I'm an illustrator and would really like to make the transition from PS CC to Affinity but there's a couple of things that Designer/Photo don't have atm: Pattern Overlay with the ability to import .pat files and also the ability to import .tpl files (I use a lot of Kyle Webster's brushes). Could you add these features in the future please? Thanks.
  3. I follow every update from the beginning of beta, and I am delighted with the fast moving development. You guys are wizards! Can I ask you to do even a little bit of magic in your wonderful app: Aligning to the key object (ctrl+left-click on the object to select it as a key) , and repeat the last transformation (ctrl+d in Illustrator)?
  4. I can use the color picker to select a color. I cannot get Designer to use that color to fill an object. Nothing seems to work. I've tried every possible drag-and-drop sequence I can think of. There is nothing in the help fils about this. Nothing in the forums about this. Used to Adobe, where this is trivial: there, selecting a color with the eyedropper tool loads that color into the palette and a drag-and-drop of that color to an object fills that object with the selected color. Help!
  5. In photoshop we have the 'info' pane, which tells you the X Y coordinates of your cursor position. We don't have this in affinity, and we also have a less accurate (more sparsely labeled) ruler to make matters worse. Additionally, there is no ruler tool to measure things. This makes it extremely difficult to make precise changes especially for corporate and web design work. It's starting to seem like Affinity is better suited for freeform graphics rather than precision. Please add these features.
  6. Hi - I just started using Affinity Photo a couple of days ago. Thanks for making a great program and getting me out of the clutches of Adobe. Looking forward to 1.5 and batch editing/renaming. I noticed that in the tutorial videos, the tool icons have color accents. How do I switch this feature on? Thanks!
  7. I've been able to change the shortcut for the Rectangle, Ellipse, and Rounded-Rectangle Tools, but I don't see a listing for the Tool that includes the rest of the shapes (triangle, arrow, etc.). I noticed that, when hovering over that tool before I changed things, the "Shapes" Tool displayed the M shortcut--same as the Rectangle Tool. After changing the Rectangle to R, no shortcut is listed on the Shapes Tool, so it must have been "removed" somewhere. Does anyone know how to access the shortcut entry field for it? I couldn't find anything related under the Draw/Tools list in the Keyboard Shortcuts section of Preferences.
  8. Hello--I'm just learning to use Affinity Designer and Astropad and the Apple Pencil. Has anyone experienced AD making a tinkling rejection sound when trying to undo or activate certain actions with the large circle on Astropad? I can use the side tool bar on Astro to zoom in and out but cannot get it to undo. It's tedious going back to the keyboard to command z, and Astropad doesn't capture/show my very top Mac tool bar that has "edit" so I can't undo that way. Thanks for any thoughts, advice.
  9. Hi, I am new to AD but used PS/AI a lot and I have problem in work efficiency / speed when it comes to select objects. Normally I press "V" and I can be sure that I am in the move tool and start to click-drag a marquee selection. Unfortunately in AD I'm not. Because if the move tool is already active "V" toggles to the last used tool. And if I start my click-drag action to create the marquee selection - something other happens, e.g. I paint or what tool is ever active then. I couldn't find a setting option in the preferences to prevent that behavior. Is there something I overlooked? Thanks. Also thanks, for that great software package.
  10. When customizing the Tools Panel, there is no visible icon for the Dust & Scratches Tool but you can drag the blank-looking space where it says it is over to the Tools panel. And when you click on the blank space in your Tools panel, the Dust & Scratches pop-up appears in the display. Definitely not a major dealie but it sure looks funny.
  11. Hello friends, from now would like to congratulate for the great work they have done. Regarding Affinity Design (I'm new to this forum), it would be possible to include in future versions of the following tools?: 1- Tool "average" vector points 2- Tracing and expand a vector image tools 3- In the absence of, any way to get a color pantone from a RGB or CMYK base? Again, congratulations and greetings!
  12. Hi, please If you could explain to me which is the difference between the Transparent and the Fill tool, for me they look like do the same thing but has to has some differences
  13. I don't like very much the shaping tools in Affinity designer. I know that you copy the mechanics from illustrator, In my opinion you should take Corel Draw as reference for the shaping tools. Instead of add, subtract, intersect, divide and combine you should have - trim, weld and intersect each one with leave original and/or target object.
  14. Hi Affinity Designer is an amazing tool. But still has some minor issues. At work I work with 2 screens. at home aswell, but as soon as I go from home to work or back, my tools are all wierd, takes me about 10 seconds to set all the tool windows back in the right position. now I just get sloppy and drag them all in different places. This is awkward and I cant imagine it being a hard fix. Adobe has window presets such as "essentials" and "2nd screen" I think they also save the position or something. so I never have problems with photoshop. I know its a small issue, but its just anoying to have to re-arrange everything everytime I startup Affinity designer. Cheers
  15. I would like to see AD have certain things I use all the time in AI. 1. A way of displaying and applying all glyphs in an OpenType, including all variants and alternates. 2. Optical Kerning. 3. Optical Margin Alignment. Thanks, CM
  16. Hello, I have not been able to find anything on this topic! All of a sudden my tools are missing - the Tools panel is empty no matter what I do. I have restarted, changed views, undocked Tools, etc. I have also restarted the computer. Maybe the last thing to do is trash the application and redownload?
  17. hello, i just downloaded from the app store the new 1.4.1 version of AP and the 1.4.1 beta 4 versione does not start anymore (as expected). in the last few weeks i spent some time to change the configuration of the toolbar, but the new app does have the default configuration again. is there a fast way to port the beta configuration to the released app (i.e.: copying or renaming or overwriting some preference file, or something like this)? thanks in advance stefano
  18. The Healing Brush, Patch, Blemish Removal and Inpainting Tools will not work after I apply a layer. For example, I attempted to use the Frequency Separation as outlined in the Affinity tutorial: https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/tutorials/photo/ As soon as I applied the Frequency Separation Filter, however, the tools would not work. I followed the instructions to the letter and every time I added a layer the tools stopped working. I had the same issue whenever I opened and worked with other layers. The tools only worked if I used them on my photo before opening any layers. What am I missing or doing wrong?
  19. Hello, I'm really interested in Affinity Designer, but the one thing holding me back is that I'm not sure if it has something similar to Adobe Illustrator's "Shape Builder Tool" the one that lets you manually combine shapes together or delete parts of them, I hope there is one.
  20. I'm learning how to use Photo and am enjoying it as many are. I'm erasing parts of one layer to reveal the layer beneath, and sometimes I see later on I've gone too far, and want to bring some of the first layer back. How do I do this? I know I can use the undo, but then I get rid of any work I've done in the mean time (in this case quite a lot of fiddly stuff I'd rather keep. Or is it gone forever? Much thanks for any help. Greets, Luke
  21. Hey guys, not sure wether it’s a bug or a (missing) feature, or I simply misunderstand the concept behind it … maybe all of it? :D I’m a shortcut-junky. Most of the time I work with the keyboard, to me it feels more convenient and quicker, navigating through the different panels, tools and options. But sometimes I get stuck in the most annoying situations, where I copy/paste a value like a HEX-code into the colour-panel, hit enter and then »b« to switch to my brush tool and paint on, working in Photo beta here. But instead of switching the tool the Photo starts to select the HEX-code again, sometimes replacing the code with what ever letter I punched on the keyboard. :mellow: I noticed this behavior in other situations, different panels, adjustment layers and other fields, but this one just was recent. I also noticed that some fields stay somewhat »selected« I guess, with an outline/slightly highlighted field, and as soon as you hit a key the value is changed. After clicking once with the current tool one can change to another tool via the assigned shortcut, after moving/selecting other layers unwillingly. Here’s a short demo what happens to me. https://youtu.be/HJVurXgcnWE Maybe you guys can look into it? I would really appreciate it! :) Cheers Dennis
  22. Hi, everyone I read through the prior posts on requested features for Affinity Designer. But I did not find ones for the following tools: 1. Path Smooth tool 2. Shape Slice tool It would be so useful if these made their way into the next update. Apologies if this repeats a request I did not happen to see; but I thought it would be good idea to request. It would help vector workflows tremendously. Looking forward to the update! Best, Josh
  23. Hello, As of this first AD beta with the artboards feature, I attempted to use the customise tools option to separate the Artboard tool from the Move tool so that it's positioned below the top tool position, as I prefer not to have that tool hidden away inside the Move tool in it's default setup. However once that is complete, when clicking on the Artboard tool from it's new position, the icon above also changes to another Artboard tool, hence making the Move tool disappear from view. Possible you are already aware, but could this be addressed? Thank you
  24. rebeccaturnerdesign

    Distort Tool Menu

    It would be super awesome if more was made of distorting shapes. At the moment if you hoover the mouse over the protruding centre line at the top of any shape and wait, you get a little icon which is two arrows pointing in either direction, you can click and drag this to skew the shape a little bit. But they you need to keep rotating the item then turning it a bit if you want to adjust it and it can be a bit of a pain. It would be great if there was a distortion menu which allowed you to just selected pre-made angles for which your shape could distort too, so for example isometric left, isometric right, 45 degrees etc.. and if then you can add advance alteration like changing the percentage of the skew and the manually pick the direction that would be perfect! Really awesome work on the software so far I use it everyday now!
  25. Anybody has unveiled the mystery surrounding the PATCH TOOL?