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Found 153 results

  1. Hi there, since about a week or so, the interface icons aren't rendered correctly. When starting the program, nearly all icons are inverted: When I've opened a document (new or existing) some of the tool-icons are appearing as they should: And when I've selected an object or layer, some more icons are being rendered correctly: I've tried rebooting my pc, uninstall/reboot/install and removing the 1.0 folder from AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Designer, but nothing has seemed to help so far. Is there anything else I can try? Kind regards, Maarten
  2. From this thread. Please consider this for the new feature. At least this will be more familiar to Adobe users. I think it is not hard to do, maybe. :D Cheers.
  3. In my Panorama I need to align several areas. I have watched the Tricky Panoramas video which uses the "Add to Source Image Mask Tool" I looked through the Customized tool panel and cannot find any tool with this name. Please advise.
  4. Hello, I downloaded the Affinity Photo on my MacBook Air and I am unable to use the tools on the left (all the brush tools, erase tools, fill tools, etc.) I cannot repeat what the tutorials show. It seems that the tools do not respond to mouse clicks, even though I can use all the other functions from the top menu (layers, etc.) with no problem. Could you please assist me in resolving this issue. Thank you, Margarita
  5. First I want to say that you guys are literally the only ones who have made the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro useful. Seriously, it's great execution on having appropriate adjustments and functions on the bar. Most app devs treat the bar like an after-thought and, if implemented appropriately (which it almost never is), it's quite useful. Something I'd love to see implemented is a more robust Touch Bar for the character menu. Currently there are only the three bold, italic, and underline options, all of which often aren't applicable for most fonts. I can imagine having things like tracking, leading, and font size dials available, perhaps with a few options like all-caps or small-caps. And while I wouldn't want the actual font-picker menu on the touch bar (way too much swiping), having a picker for font variations within a family would certainly be valuable (slightly less swiping). I can even imagine seeing ligature or Open-Type variants pop up when highlighting specific characters.
  6. Hi, First of all, I'm a complete beginner to image manipulation and I copied (via Printscreen) a portrait from Photo's website to practice on it. I don't use this image for anything else other than this little practice, but if this qualifies as a copyright infringement against Serif, then please don't approve my post. (Or even better, just remove the attachment, since the post could be useful for others encountering the same issue.) I have both Photo and Designer and I run into this issue from time to time with both apps. Unfortunately, I don't know the exact thing that triggers it, so I can't present steps to reproduce the "bug", but I attach a file for Photo which already has this problem (i.e. the Paint Brush Tool does not paint anything). I tried Layer > Merge Selected on all the filters, adjustments and other layers, hoping this would solve the problem, so now the file has only two layers. The original and the work-in-progress with the adjustments merged. But the Paint Brush Tool still doesn't work. I tried to delete the layers with the Del button, but nothing happened. (The Remove Layer button on the Layers panel does work.) I think the problem is that the app thinks there is a selection somewhere and because the Paint Brush Tool paints only into the selection, and this selection is not on the image, the tool does not paint anything - since we are outside of the selection boundaries. The Del button does not remove the selected layer, because it tries to remove the selected area from the layer, which, again, is not on the image, so nothing happens. The reason I think there must be an "invisible selection" somewhere is that if I press Ctrl+D (or Select > Deselect) then the problem is solved, everything works again. But there should not be an invisible selection outside the image and, additionally, I'm pretty sure I did not select anything anywhere. So this "phantom selection" occurred somehow "automatically" and once it is there, I can't paint anymore (and can't use any other such tool which is limited by a selection). Until Ctrl+D of course. Please see into the attached file. Hopefully you will find the reason for the "phantom selection" and fix it. Until then, if someone runs into this issue (can't use the Paint Brush Tool or any other tool which is sensitive to selection) then just press Ctrl+D (or Select > Deselect) even if there is no selection in the project and everything will work again. Cheers paintbrush.afphoto
  7. I’m really excited about your upcoming brush stabilization tools. They look like they’d make illustrating a whole lot quicker and easier. I was just wondering what other tools you’re going to add in that vein. I can think of one other thing that would further streamline the design process. MattP mentioned a while ago that he intends to add a Roughen Tool so as to make lines that look hand-drawn (as well as numerous other uses for the feature). I was just wondering if roughening could be implemented similarly to the Bungee and Rope tools.
  8. Hi, My text tool has disappeared from the toolbar, anyone knows where to find it? :) Thanks
  9. I spend weeks without opening Photoshop, it's amazing! There are very, very few things I miss. I found most of them on the forum already, but nothing about how PS handles keyboard shortcuts, which is in my opinion better. Pressing a shortcut, say G, selects the Paint Bucket. If you want to select the Gradient, you have to go Shit+G, and now the shortcut cycles between Paint Bucket, Gradient... But G will always select the last tool used in that family. I have a feeling not everyone will agree, so please give us this as an option (use Shift to cycle tools of the same family) in Photo and Designer. ​Countless times I pressed B to make sure I had the Brush, and because of that switched tool! ​Thank you!
  10. Hello everyone! I'd like to request a feature: Pressing a shortcut to select a tool shouldn't select the standard tool for that key, but rather the tool that has been used last for that key. For example: When using the "Inpainting Brush Tool", after clicking B for the "Paint Brush Tool", clicking J will not select "Inpainting Brush Tool" again, but rather the "Healing Brush Tool". This means, I have to cycle through all the tools to jump back and forth from "Inpainting Brush Tool" and "Paint Brush Tool". I think the behaviour could be optimized when Photo and Designer use the last tool that has been selected when pressing a shortcut. It would allow a faster workflow. Best wishes, Shu
  11. Hello everyone! I'd like to request a feature: When selecting View -> Toggle UI, all of the UI will be hidden, which can be really great. The only problem that I am running into sometimes: I don't know which tool I have currently selected. Could you please include an option to let the user show the tools window even when "Toogle UI" hides all the other UI? Or maybe even better: Just show the one icon of the tool that is currently selected. The confusion especially happens when you have to cycle through tools. For example, for the "Pixel tool", you have to press B twice for "Colour Replacement Brush Tool" three times and for "Smudge Brush Tool" four times. Personally, I run into this especially when I don't know which tool is currently selected. For example, the eraser (E) is selected, but I think the brush (B) is selected. Then, I press E to select the eraser. Then it doesn't select the eraser, but rather the background eraser. Best wishes, Shu
  12. Weird. Weird. Weird. For some unknown reason, my tools (left of screen) started to appear and disappear with each click.This is with "dock tools" unchecked. If I dock the tools, it works fine, but I prefer using 2 columns and docking only allows me 1 column. I have tried: • Restarting while holding down control key. •Removing 'com.seriflabs.affinityphoto.plist' and restarting. •Deleting the app and re-downloading from Apple. No change. Any ideas or suggestions?
  13. I would love it if you could make a perspective crop tool. I photograph a lot of artwork and every now and then despite my best efforts a painting might be slightly out of square and such a tool would be very useful, a conventional crop tool doesn't always work if the camera back isn't perfectly parallel to the artwork, this sometimes happens when working on location in makeshift studios. I am sure such a tool would be brilliantly useful for other crops also. Thank you :)
  14. I find there's zero difference in the effect of the Blurring tool whether I set the tool's opacity to 1% or 100%. Similar lack of adjustability is experienced in the Sharpening tool, although I do like that it's hard to grossly oversharpen to the point ugliness with that tool. Can the opacity sliders on all tools be improved to provide control so that when I set opacity of a tool to a percentage, it actually applies that effect by that percentage?
  15. These tools have probably been requested already but I'd thought another member asking can only speed things up. I loved the blend tool in drawplus, and always craved the mesh warp tool, but it never arrived, although it was in pageplus for some reason. I've only had Affinity for one day so I'm sure there are work-arounds I haven't found yet, but please Serif, bring them back soon. Thanks.
  16. Hi, It looks like the crop tool in Affinity Photo is not as flexible as in PhotoPlus. With the latest crop tool update in PhotoPlus we were able to go anywhere we wanted like creating a fixed dimension crop from any size crop marquee: Constrained 658 x 498 -> crop marquee became this dimension and could be manually dragged bigger and moved. When applying the effect the selected area was cropped and automatically downsized to 658x498 (image size). This seems not possible in Affinity. Additionally, when recording a crop in a macro there is no way to select an image area to be cropped: Affinity just crops the area recorded, period, while no way to select the area to be cropped. This makes the crop tool useless for macro recording. That truly exciting crop flexibility was very useful for quickly transforming (part of any) images to required sizes like website uploads, wall papers, optimizing images for DTP purposes, etc. Hope PhotoPlus crop power is going to make it in Affinity :-P Roberto
  17. I believe having a perspective tool is something to look at. I just come to Designer from CorelDraw but I still have to use the perspective tool in Corel. using the skew function in Designer doesn't allow you to get accurate results.
  18. Possibly already mentioned somewhere but how do I reset all tools and or brushes to default?
  19. In working with Affinity Photo (MAC, 5.1), I usually used the selection brush. Today I realized I don't have the freehand selection tool. The Help search does not help.
  20. On a 13" MBP 13" with default resolution (1280x800) the bottom end of the Tools are not visible if docked. I couldn't find something to click on, that the Tools will be docked in double columns. Appreciate any help, many thanks in advance! Cheers, Roland
  21. Dear AD developers team As a new customer using Affinity Designer, after using Illustrator from version 7, I miss some tools. I understand Affinity Designer is a young application and it can't have all the tools a software like Illustrator has. But I hope my request to be fullfilled. My needs: What I mostly do (did) with Illustrator, is create simple graphics, with a maximum of 3 colors. Most of the work consist of clean and create closed paths that I'll work later on a CNC. Here are some of my most used tools. The "Magic Wand" is very useful and it one of my most used tools. I've not been able to find it in AD, if it's there. I can live without the "Shape Builder Tools". Before Adobe introducing this tool, I used a combination of Divide, Magic Wand, Unite. Mostly to create a closed shape for each color. Other commands I use very often, quite for every work, are Average = to overlap two points Join = to join the two points into one The Cleanup tool Since I have to export my paths to CNC, I must be sure there are not hidden paths, Stray points or other things that are not closed paths. I've seen this feature requested already It's extremely useful to have a wide range of selection tools. Actually, seems like AD, when using the distribute command, use the Top-Left anchor as reference. Being able to use a Key Object would be way better Another things I'm missing: - Offset command - "mm" as unit for the Stroke panel, I just work in mm - Being able to set a Layer as template (for tracing works) Last thing, for now. I found no way in AD to quickly know if there is a hidden object somewhere. What I do with Illustrator is raw vector manipulation, I need these kind of tools for my daily work. I wish you could add such tools as soon as possible. Thank you.
  22. Hi, Yesterday I was trying to do something as simple, as rotating a group of nodes. And all i could find was how to rotate them by 90 deg. Is there a free transform for a group of nodes?! Coz if not, I can't even belive You guys let that happend.
  23. I use the Mesh Warp Tool to manually de-lens panoramas post stitching to get as much out of the coverage as reasonably possible. It would be great to be able to lock the axis of the point I'm dragging with a modifier key (shift, option, CMD… I think shift works best ergonomically). Also for more accurate matching (matte painting for example) it'd be great to be able to shift the points using the arrow keys like with the Move Tool. In general this helps avoiding unwanted distortions while warping.
  24. For some reason none of the tools are working. I cannot select any of them. Instead of selecting a specific tool it draws a blue rectangle on the page as if selecting. Can anyone help? Thank you.
  25. I have serveral serious issues with my Affinitiy Designer for Windows. In fact, the program is hardly useful at all. 1. The crop tool does not work at all. What it does is to just move the picture around on the canvas. 2. The "Convert object to artboard" and "Convert artboard to object" menu options are greyed oout. 3. Seems like some tools are missing from the toobox (I have checked the option "Customise tools"). 4. Not all tools are working. The "Sharpen brush" has no effect whatsoever. I can see the potential for this program. But as it is now, there are too many things that does not work.