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  1. I often do forget and also have a hard time to find again resources that others or I have contributed over time here in the forum. In former times I've often oriented on MEB's Affinity resources page, which sadly nowadays isn't up to date any longer (probably it's too much work and too time consuming to keep that up to date). - Here are some links to my own resources section contributions, so I have and keep myself sort of an overview for these. Assets: A few Paper Effect Assets new Cat-Silhouette assets Common callout assets Hairstyle Assets Halloween I + II Assets Fall assets & styles set I'am Groot - Vector assets Numbering assets OS X El Capitan UI Kit assets Ruler back to school assets Some BW arrow assets Some Firework assets Some Fruit Assets Some Nicholas/Santa Claus assets Some Snowmen vector assets Star Wars - Mandalorian assets Washi Tape assets Xmas cutout assets & sample Xmas silhouettes Xmas cookies/gingerbread Xmas trees vector assets Macros: B&W play macros Matte Color Macro Rusty Boost Macro Styles: Div Metal Styles Fabric styles Fall assets & styles set Fire Styles Fur styles 1+2 Knock on Wood Styles Rust Styles Some Metal Styles Valentine texture styles Wild animal texture styles Xmas texture styles 1+2 Tools: afthumbs - Extracting PNG Thumbnails from .afphoto and .afdesign files new Affinity Designer Shortcut Mapper Affinity OpenCL Disabler (Windows tool) new v.1.3 A visual shortcuts explorer for Affinity Tools Delineate - A Raster/Bitmap to SVG Converter Thinning multi architecture Affinity apps under MacOS via Python to reclaim disk space new whatFileType - Detects file signatures and tells what sort of file it is new Various: Christmas Photo Storyboard Chalk brushes Daily Planner DE/EN localized - Letter (ANSI A) print template Daily Log DE/EN localized - Letter (ANSI A) print template Desk Calendar for 2019 Desk Calendar DE/EN/GR for 2022 Desk Calendar DE/EN/GR for 2023 Fall Photo Storyboard Halloween Polaroid Photo Storyboard OS X El Capitan UI Kit Pocketcalendar 2019 Reusing filmstrips as photo borders Round Calendar Reminder Stickers Xmas Card & Envelope Xmas cutout assets & sample Xmas FB Cover Xmas mug mockup Xmas Trees And most importantly ... Quick Tips: for finding Affinity content with Google Search List of some third party vectorization & tracing tools
  2. Vectorization and autotracing software for Win + Macs: Super Vectorizer 2 (commercial, Mac) TracedLines (commercial, Mac) Intaglio Vectorize (free to use, Mac) DragPotrace (Mac) + Potrace (free, Win + Mac) Potrace (free, Win + Mac) AutoTrace (free, Win+Mac) Inkscape (free, Win + Mac) MS Expression Design 4 (Win, nowadays free) Image Vectorizer (commercial, Mac) Trace (free, Win+Mac) Vector Magic (commercial, Win + Mac) vtracer (free, Win + Mac) ...etc... Online tracing tools: autotracer vectorizer vectorizer.ai vectorization Vectorize Raster Images Online (online Photopea, free) VTracer Online SVG Converter (by Potrace) ...etc... Online centerline supporting tracing tools: Rapid resizer fConvert Online Vectorizer ...etc... iPad tracing tools: Vector Q Adobe Capture Vectornator ...etc... Some forum threads about tool based bitmap tracing/vectorization: Image Tracing in Affinity Designer? Image Trace to Vector Path Converting Pixel drawing to Vector? Auto Trace In AFFINITY DESIGNER Best Image Vectorizer for Mac with Affinity Designer ... and so on ...
  3. I was curious to know if there are any hopes that down the road a python or some sort of scripting API will be available for Affinity Applications like Designer/Photo. Working in the film/vfx/games industry for over 10 years now, one of the biggest headaches is developing pipeline tools for Adobe applications due to their constraints and poor choice of Java implementation for API. I would love to see a modern API like python supported in Affinity applications. Thanks guys, keep up the great work!
  4. I prefer how this tool is in Affinity Photo, all of the shapes are contained within the one tool button. I can add the individual shape tools, but I like to have my tools as consolidated as possible.
  5. I can hide the toolbar at any time, but is it possible to add the option to drag the icons into the tools bar? Something like this:
  6. This may seem like a small detail, but it constantly trips me up when opening new documents that the top default tool in Affinity Photo is for some reason the View tool (Hand, for panning around) and not the arrow pointer Move tool. This is different for some reason in Photo, whilst both Affinity Designer and Publisher follow the convention of most other tool-based graphics software that have move/select tools as the first default tool and the view/pan tool placed by the zoom tool. Seems extra strange since the View tool is probably the one tool I never use as it's so easy to pan around with middle mouse button or space bar. So if you don't have any good reason for this, please change the default top tool to the Move tool and move the View tool down like in your other software.
  7. I was wondering if a dimension tool is in the works for Designer. Something that designers/architects can use to label and indicate dimensions on drawings. For example, features such as CADTools ( a plug-in for illustrator), or the dimension tools in iDraw. I think such a tool will be a fantastic addition because I'm an architect and I think all designers of physical objects will probably appreciate it. But overall, I was wondering if such a tool was part of the planned future features roadmap. Best, Jawad Altabtabai
  8. An accessibility improvement such as a hotkey for the "Protect Alpha" option would cause a great improvement in digital painting workflow as this option is used many times throughout the process of a single digital painting in most techniques. In Photoshop it is possible to assign a hotkey for this as far as I know. In AP the only way to do this is by clicking the button that hides in a dropdown menu (shown on the attached pic) when using Affinity on a laptop (which has smaller screen than desktop monitors - on a big desktop monitor the option is normally showing in the same toolbar). There should also be the option to customize the tools in the said context toolbar. When it comes to the brush context toolbar, the customization option would allow me to hide the "Symmetry" and "Mirror" tools since I hardly ever use them and make space on the screen for the "Protect Alpha" tool that I use all the time. I've seen someone on the Affinity Photo forum raise tha case of "Protect Alpha" hiding in a dropdown menu. I believe that the customizable context toolbar would help not only digital painters often needing to toggle "Protect Alpha", but also users across variety of disciplines to improve their workflow in Affinity software.
  9. I've noticed that while drawing a selection with the marquee tool coming from PS I was expecting modifier keys to work, such as holding Space to move selection while drawing, holding Alt for center to bounds drawing. Also missing were cursor cues to the action, whereas the cursor never shows a plus sign if adding or minus if subtracting, x for intersection, etc. Are these features planned? On a side note, the software as is is quite impressive, the native filetype crunched an 80mb PSD file to 17 while retaining quality. I mainly do comic book coloring with PS and most features are there, save perhaps a few like processing grayscale to bitmap for the line art, but it looks like I could migrate. The UI is snappy, we like it.
  10. Hi! First things, first: Your applications are wonderful and awesome. They are a must for me and lots of people. Getting better and better every day, so keep the good way, team! 🙂 I would like you to create a new tool that will be able to make a shape or figure that requires a little time to get done by hand (manually). I do not know what to be its name. Maybe umbrella. I make and use it every now and then to use it as a sunset or sunrise or whatever. Maybe the tool will have some parameters (you know: the interactive little red points to change them): Number of sectors or parts, some of them larger than the others alternativelly, the external part of the sector if it is concave, hollow or convex and so on... I think that with the image attached is good to understand the meaning of the new “umbrella tool”. I know that Designer has similar tools, but the key of the “umbrella tool” is that have “divided sectors”. Thank you - - - - - - - - - - - In Spanish: Petición o sugerencia de una nueva herramienta llamada paguas o sombrilla que sirve para muchos propósitos como simular un amanacer, atardecer, sombrilla, paraguas u objetos parecidos. Lo interesante aquí es que no sería como otras herramientas parecidas ya que habría sectores (partes del objeto total) separados. Además se podría hacer que hubiese manejadores interactivas como en este tipo de herramientas que permitiesen que el perímetro exterior del objeto pudiera tener segmentos, cócavos, convexos o desiguales, etc. Gracias por vuestro tiempo y dedicación.
  11. Observation In Affinity Designer there are multiple input options using the modifier key for shapes, these include: Holding shift to constrain to proportions (square, circle) Holding ctrl to scale the shape from the centre out Hold alt to ignore snapping Hold spacebar to move the shape (this is not in the tool description at the bottom of the window though). Shape and selection feature parity.mp4 Expectation However, in Designer, I may expect this to work for selection tools as well, whereas it currently does not. As you can see from the video, while using the same sequence of actions, there are things I expect to be able to do from using the shapes tool, that I cannot replicate with selection tools. Proposal My proposal for how it ought to behave is listed in italics below the observation of actual behaviour. Shift does constrain proportions (square, circle) This decision means you cannot use shift to add to a selection. In Photoshop, holding shift allows you to do both, first you hold shift to add to a selection (mitigating the need to reach to the toolbar for this) and after the initial click, you can release or press shift again to constrain the shape if needed. Shift constrain selection.mp4 Ctrl does not scale from the centre > it moves the selection with ctrl + LMB However, upon the initial creation of the selection window, with the selection drawn out, I don't see a reason why holding ctrl afterwards would not constrain the selection to be created from the centre. Alt does not ignore snapping > it subtracts from the selection (which is perfectly fine the way it is) Spacebar does not move the selection that is currently created This should be added to make more refined selections possible and to ensure continuity between the tools.
  12. At the moment I tinking to go back to PS, because I cant use any tool in AP to work, or AP frezz 100%, ony to kill with Taskmanager. No crash reports found. Not very happy with this. Its the Nviea driver or Win11 or what it is I don; t know. Other programms are working without any problems.
  13. Would be nice if I could switch not only studio panels but tools also with studio presets.
  14. Hi everyone! So I recently bought Affinity designer 1.9.3 program for Mac and started watching tutorials on YouTube. I saw in one video that they are using the Healing tool however, when I check my software it has none, I already checked in the customized tools and it has less tools compared to what I saw in the video. Does anyone know why Affinity software is like that or do you guys have any solutions for this?
  15. My desktop version is missing tools beyond the rectangle tool. How do I get that fixed?
  16. in Photo persona when I go to edit/preferences/tools and try to change tool size nothing happens, is this supposed to change the size of the tools or am I doing it wrong?
  17. Is there a short cut / shortcut key for quickly cloning the color of one object to another? For example, I have a square that is purple and a circle that is orange. I select the circle and would like to sample the color from the square to turn it purple. The only way I can seemingly do it is to select and drag the eyedropper tool (from the color palette), then sample the color from the square. Then I need to select my circle then click the colored sample from the eyedropper in the palette to change it's color. Basically, I'm looking for the exact same function that illustrator provides when sampling / cloning colors and I have to assume Affinity Designer would not make it a three step process when it could be one. In illustrator you can quickly shortcut key to the Eyedropper tool and it changes the current objects color to anyone that you sample. Thanks everyone!
  18. The closest I can find in the Help guide is the Pen Tool in either "Pen" Mode or "Smart" Mode, but I'm not very skilled (if anti-skilled were a thing, I'd use that) at using the Pen Tool. Is there a "pre-fabricated" tool like what Illustrator or iDraw has for those of us falling into the "Artistically Deficient" category? ;)
  19. Hello, so i use the freehand selection tool i choose polygonal and start to trace the selection! like you can se on eh first photo. when i arrive to the first point to close the selection, the selection will be modified like the second photo! and this happen in all kind of photo with the same tool, sometime became a circle sometime change shape but still isnt the shape that i trace. someone had the same my problem? there is a solution?
  20. Hello, I am a designer YouTuber from Indonesia, I want to ask about how to mention the tools in Right Studio. For example, color is it called "Color Studio" or "Panel Color"?, or another example in the stroke tool is it called "Stroke Studio" or "Panel Stroke"? or maybe there are other names that are more appropriate. Best Regards, Sudarmin damir
  21. I use the Mesh Warp Tool to manually de-lens panoramas post stitching to get as much out of the coverage as reasonably possible. It would be great to be able to lock the axis of the point I'm dragging with a modifier key (shift, option, CMD… I think shift works best ergonomically). Also for more accurate matching (matte painting for example) it'd be great to be able to shift the points using the arrow keys like with the Move Tool. In general this helps avoiding unwanted distortions while warping.
  22. I have searched both web and Affinity Designer itself and I can't find any informations if following is possible: Is it possible in AD to have more advanced transform, duplicate options? In Corel Draw you can easily multiply an object by a set amount of pixels/milimeters using "relative to object" mode in Transform tool it also allows me to insert the number of copies I need. Is there any way of doing this in Designer? I know there is the duplicate option but I'm having problems with it (and also, hitting Ctrl+J 20 or 30 times to get the desired number of copies seems exhausting). Basically, I need to print and cut on plotter a number of labels. The label is text and a rectangle around it that acts as a cutting line later when I cut the labels on the plotter. I can save time and space if I change the rectangles into a grid (so the ploter cuts in a few long lines instead of cutting multiple rectangles). But in order for that to work I still have to duplicate a rectangle multiple times in a way that the rectangles stick to eachother. But when I hold alt+shift to move the copy, the copy never snaps to the previous rectangle. So when I use duplicate (Ctrl+J), the rectangles would never be in perfect alignment and moved the desired amount, so later created grid won't match and the labels would be uneven. In Corel I can easily do it with Relative Position option. Is there any way do that in Affinity Designer (or Publisher, I have it also)?
  23. Affinity Software – Beginners Guide Photo - Designer - Publisher Finding The Tools You Need If you are following an online tutorial for any of the three Affinity programs and they use in the tutorial a tool you cannot see on your set up. Then this tutorial will hopefully help you find the Tool or Studio tab you need to follow the other tutorial. As Affinity Photo, Designer and Publisher look and act pretty much the same, the info here should work in all 3 programs the same way. This is done on a PC but should be the same for the Mac version. Not sure about iPad versions as I do not own them, but I guess they too are built in much the same way. https://youtu.be/U7mKyKYTXf4
  24. Are there any tutorials that explain each of the tools & how they are used? I have my favorite tools I use all the time but many others i never use, and would like to expand my understanding. Thanks.
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