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Found 187 results

  1. This should be quite easy, but it does not work for me. I have opted for a floating toolbar and would like to add the Flip Horizontal tool and others to this toolbar. I've tried dragging from everywhere to the toolbar (via Customize Toolbar and Customize Tools in View), but nothing pops into the toolbar. This may have something to do with the fact that I have no tools along the horizontal top of my AD screen. I chose not to have ithere and now can't find how to get it back there. Where am I going wrong? Thanks.
  2. I'm having a recent issue with my cloning brush tool, in that while I can set a source, the closer I bring the brush to a light source or brighter area, the darker it becomes when used, regardless of the selection. Conversely, the further I take my selection away from light/bright areas, the brighter it becomes. I'm kind of at a loss here .... thanks for input!
  3. I'm totally new to Affinity photo and am struggling with some basic things. Right now, I'm trying to figure out how to "bend" the text in this image (see attachment) to fit the lip pictured. As far as I can tell, the tool I am looking for is the node tool but I can't find it for the life of me! All the tutorials I have seen show it as being visible in the toolbar to the side, but I sure don't see it there. I think the tutorials are showing an earlier version of this program, though I'm not sure. Any tips?
  4. Attempted to blend an imported photo into a black background using the transparency tool, something I've done many times in the past, but this isn't working in version 1.4. Anyone else? Any solutions?
  5. I don’t know if such thing exists already, at least I haven’t found it yet: In Fireworks there is a “select behind” tool in the same place (i. e. as “subset item”) as the default select tool (what you call “Move” tool). I’ve always had a hard time selecting objects behind other objects in Affinity Designer. In Fireworks, with that tool, if first selects the topmost object, and then if you click in the same place it selects the next object behind the one currently selected, and then the next one behind, and so forth. How about this?
  6. It would be nice if AD could create interactive prototypes for wire frameing. This could be handled by attaching actions to objects and then turning on / off certain layers. You could also allow the action to go to a different page or artboard (I know artboards are still coming). You could export the whole thing as an interactive SVG for viewing in a browser, or export as html. As many designers use multiple tools to handle this already, you would be doing everyone a service by combining all the tools in one. Just my opinion.
  7. Hi, I just downloaded the trial version today [25/09/2015] and installed it on my 2 week old iMac with Yosemite. Presently I use Photoshop Elements 9 and didn't want to spend a lot on more software for my new computer. I like the initial look and feel of the program and the fact that command-L brings up the much used levels option that I am used to. Another aspect of Photoshop that I sometimes use is the clone stamp tool and I tried this next, It works the same way as Elements in that alt-click selects the starting point and shows a little "+" as the source point. But when I start trying to clone the way I do in Photoshop nothing happens. Opacity and flow are both at their default 100% and hardness at 80%. Am I doing something wrong?
  8. Hello there. I studying Affinity Designer — it's awesome app. Thank's for your work! With new update 1.3.5 from Apple Store i'm notice different behaviour for Zoom Tool. How i can revert marquee for Zoom tool? I find it very useful for precise zooming.
  9. Is there a way to start the programs on Move Tool instaed of View Tool? I find that more useful. I use Affinity Photo and Designer. Ernest -
  10. Gradient tool changes to Corner tool after I move gradient point. Same with Transparency tool. For more clarity I'm adding gif with screen record.
  11. Hi friends, I have been checking out the wishing list and I guess I have not seen any perspective tool in it. Or so..O may be wrong though,i find that it would really nice to have it.lllto be able to change the perspective of an already done object I even do not need to be it too sophisticated, Not talking about an. Illustrator replication, but something that would let us use changes of positon of any vectorial drawing, I know you know what I mean, Thank you so for you help and understanding, Rosa
  12. Hello! I just began on this new application and I have absolutely no idea what I am doing. I am sure that when I get some fundamental basics out of the way, I can refer to other tutorials for further detail. This may sound stupid, but I cannot figure out how to fill color into the objects I create or how to properly snap loose points together. Those are the only two things I have run into trouble with so far. Does anybody have a link to a basic tutorial or a reply on how to find and use the fill tool?
  13. CalvinCoolridge

    Object On Curve Tool

    just as we have text following a curve functionality, what if we had object follow a curve functionality also? heres a simple graphic i made to demonstrate what i mean, i hope i conveyed the information thoroughly.
  14. Can we get just B for brush and Shift B for all other tools inside? I hate to have to scroll through all inside to get to the brush.
  15. Bought AffDes and AffPho the other day. Excellent! Super happy with them. Would love to see a Rotation tool in a future release (sooner than later). Trying to create complex, symmetrical shapes without it and the adjustable rotation point is ULTRA FRUSTRATING. Also, negative angle numbers in the transform tool box would be nice.
  16. Choose a tool from the toolbar that comes with a dialogue, for example the crop tool. Then you should be able to cancel the tool by pressing the ESC key and the cmd-. (dot) Apple-shortcut.
  17. Hi everyone, I'm new on Affinity Designer and I got a problem concerning the path type. ( I've already checked the instructions in the helped menu but that doesn't work for me ). I hope you'll understand me because I work on the french version so that the traduction of the tools may not be exact. Well here's my problem: First I create the curve that will define the curve of my text, then I use the text box tool and I click on the curve I've juste created in order to insert a text that follows the curve. The text insertion zone is in the rectangular zone that defines the curve but the text doesn't follow the curve !! The photo attached shows where my text insertion zone is and how my text appears when I try the make a path type Thank you so much if someone here can help me, I've tried everything and I'd be very grateful ! :) Antonin
  18. Does anyone know if there is a way to remove the line inside the pie during the creation of the circle or ellipse? You know, like Serif Draw and CorelDRAW does. Thanks
  19. Hey there, I'm starting a post about the interface problems in order to list and create a roadmap like kind of post. I'm gonna also suggest some optimisations of the UI in order sometimes to gain only 1 click, but definitely improve workflow and reduce the amont of stress/anxiety people get when starting using a new app. I apologize for my English and if a Moderator wants to edit my posts, I have no problem with that. I'm going to edit this post regularly and add screenshots of the issues I encounter as well as the suggestions. Issues Case 01: This is my current workspace and this just happened, the dropdown menu should have the higher z-index value in my mind. Case 02: I find it really hard to resize the Tool Panels (Finding the scale cursor at the bottom of the panel). It is not possible to resize the boxes once they are snapped and some Tool Panels have always the same size where they aren't floating like the Swatches Panel which result in the lost of usable space. Case 03: It is currently not possible to create two columns of Tool Panel next to each other, the second one can only be made of floating menus. Suggestions - When the gradient tool is selected, a large part of the Tool area is empty, whereas we have two dropdown menus "Context" & "Type". It would be nice to have icons instead on the free space available like the two blue highlighted icons on the image. It would save many clicks. - When you create a color palette from system/document/application it gives you a tons of colours. And I didn't find a way to remove several colours at once and it will take age to remove them one by one. This is a problem for creating style guide for example. - Is there a keyboard shortcut for the colour picker? I didn't find it in the documentation. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks for your time and I hope you find that is relevant feedbacks and useful post. Have a nice day! Eddy
  20. The new corner tool is awesome. I tried it and played a little with it. Now what I found is, when you select a lot of corners and modify them with the corner tool it is sometimes hard to recognize the changes it makes, because the corner tool requires so much UI (circles and lines, etc). It would be great to simply move with the mouse outside the canvas and the UI would disappear and reappear once the mouse is inside the canvas again. That way, you could easily see even small changes made by the corner tool quickly without deselecting every corner you carefully selected. Sometimes the changes are covered by the UI (or corner-tool-quide-lines, if you will, those red lines, circles and dots). Also, the corner tool quickly becomes slow on my iMac mid 2011, 2.7GHz i5, HD 6770 HD, 20GB Ram. And finally, to celebrate the new corner tool, here are some great and funny shapes, one can do when mixing the live shapes with the corner tool:
  21. I was working today at some small and detailed designs, such as clocks and thought about a useful tool that I'd love to see in AD: a Loupe. For me, at least, it would be extremely helpful when you want to check, say, the drop shadows or the inner glow of a small element of your design or some small detail at a corner, a bezel or even..."an aluminium chamfered edge!" :lol: I am by no means a pro, I just discovered AD and graphic design a week ago, maybe pros do it differently and don't need such a tool. But for me, a Loupe, which could serve as a local zoom tool (of a user specified amount), would be great. Thanks.
  22. Hi I haven't been able to figure out how to create a sharp corner with the Pen Tool. (See picture). Can you guys help me out: What are the settings for the Pen for making such a corner? Thanks! -M
  23. Hi Gentlemen! Can somebody tell me how to put the icon "Fill/Stroke" from the Color or Swatches panel - on the Tools toolbar in AD? See screenshot below: Thank you in advance! yoO
  24. Ouchies, no 3-point curve tool? CorelDraw has this. Manga Studio has this. MS Paint has had this since the stone age of the internet. If Affinity implements this, Illustrator can basically choke on a urinal cake, because the simple 3-point curve tool has served to shave so much time off my productivity that it makes Illustrator users red in the face to time-trial a project against me, to this day. If this could be implemented, I'd definitely buy the software. If a macro could be made (or already exists), I would be SO beyond grateful for a link in the right direction! It would give this program a great edge against Illustrator's chuggy, time-consuming, inefficient and headache-inspiring methods.
  25. I haven't seen this in software yet, and its something that's tedious doing manually: Flopping. Not Flipping. Check out the attachment which explains it visually. I would distinguish the two by saying Flipping involves a single item, while Flopping involves two or more items. Flipping is self-explanatory, while Flopping is a multi-step process: 1 Flip all items as one group 2 Flip all items independently (to restore proper orientation).