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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, I've been using AFphoto since its beginnings and it's the first time I have this kind of problem. The DJI_0452x5.jpg file was exported from Affinity Photo 2. It shows a large yellowish area in the sky around the spot where the sun had just set down. The weird thing is that while editing the image in Affinity Photo, that area looks orange, just like the sky on its sides: I can't understand why exporting the image, colours change, and they change only in that area. Some more details about the workflow: - the orange colour of the sky is yielded by a HSL layer (yellow shift and saturation): the sky originally look all yellowish - the image comes from an HDR merge of 5 tiff files, done in Affinity Photo - each tiff image comes from the same DNG raw file, exported to tiff 5 times with 5 different exposure settings, in order to cover a -2...+2 stop range (this step was not done in AFPhoto) - more than weird (to me): if I take a screenshot of Affinity Photo while editing the afphoto file, the screenshot looks exactly like the exported jpg and has the yellowish area in the middle of the sky, while the same area, in the same moment, is orange in Affinity Photo. - Affinity Photo 2.0.4 + MacOS Big Sur 11.7.2 on Apple M1 chip I could not attach the afphoto file, I guess it's too big (220 MB): it can be downloaded through this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16wIC5zlyBDsSE3BK4w6cyHTizeOwUoNd/view?usp=share_link Thanks a lot in advance for any suggestion. Stefano
  2. I have been creating my own bank of presets based on ones that came with Obscura 39. I give them a name which indicates the original preset from which they are derived, with my own additional relevant tag. Over time I have amassed a list of custom presets, but I'd like to re-order them for swiftness of application. For example, I have 3 custom preset variations based on the Mercury 50 preset, but they have been saved at different time intervals, which means there are several other custom presets saved between them in the list. Since I now have about 20 such custom presets, with the list ever-growing, I'd like to be able to order them, at least alphabetically, so I don't have to hunt around for them, or forget that I might have a specific one pertinent to a particular project. Is there any way to do this? When I reach perhaps 30 or 40 presets, it will be sensible to create a new presets folder, each time I create a new custom preset, and move them all, one-by-one, in alphabetical order to the new folder. Workable, but tiresome...
  3. Greetings! I love the power and control that using the Tonemapping persona provides with single image editing. But I'm concerned that it is so slow to go into the persona that it hinders my workflow. Once it gets into the module it moves quickly but it lags again horribly when applying the change. I'm using The files I'm using are from a Canon 5DSR, and I go to 32bit Adobe RGB straight from the raw engine. The System is an i7 8700k 3.7-4.5GHz CPU with 16GB 3200 speed DDR4 RAM. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11GB GDDR5X GPU . Running windows 10pro. The performance monitor shows it is spinning at 16% (1 core 4.5GHz) and not using any disk. Are there plans to improve the parallelism and overall performance of this wonderful feature? Thanks!
  4. Hi, I have question about the Tone Mapping Persona tools which I really love. I would like to better understand what is happening under the hood when using Tone compression tool and Local Contrast. Usually for realizing what some tool does I use SliceTool in Nuke, which shows me what is happening with the curve after using the tool. On images below we see what tonemap tools do to the curve of the linear gradient ramp. Some results are pretty crazy like when local contrast is combined with Tone Processing. I thought that if I apply same curve as I got from Tone Processing with a normal Curve Adjustment I will get same result, which is not truth. Here is an example. I would like to know what is happening to the image under the hood with Tone Processing and Local Contrast. I am curious if this effect is possible to replicate with other adjustments or tools. For example lately I use 3DLut Creator with Affinity, I am interested if this effects are possible to recreate with tools in 3DLut Creator and save it to .cube file. If anybody knows more about this topic please enlighten me.
  5. In this image I tried too mess with color selections, color balance, selections, Adjustment layers, tone mapping and tonal adjustments to create this illustrative look.
  6. Had a play with the HDR feature. I loaded 5 Pentax RAW files. Once Affinity had finished processing, I selected the high contrast black and white option. So far, so good. I then applied the Dodge brush to emphasise a line of mist in the landscape. If I then export to jpeg and resize the image, I end up with some cyan dots near, but not under where I used the brush. (jpeg quality 95%). This doesn't happen when not re-sizing, and when I didn't first use the dodge brush. If I recall correctly the problem remained even after I had gone back on the History tab to before using the Dodge brush. I tried to attach the original sized jpeg - not sure if it attached or not
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