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  1. I can’t edit the existing text i can creat a new text box and edit the text in the new box by double clicking it but that doesn’t help me please help me?
  2. Hey folks! I'm learning the ropes with Affinity Publisher, but there's one thing that keeps tripping me up. When I'm editing text, I frequently want to change to moving or editing the text box instead. Hitting 'v' requires me to first move to the mouse and then find somewhere to click off, which doesn't always register, and sometimes draws an unwanted text box. It's a mess. Firstly I'm used to inkscape, where having the tools mapped to F keys is fantastic because you can hit 'F1' to change to the move tool whether you're editing text or not. I've remapped move to F1 so I
  3. Hello. I was working with a document in AFDesigner before the last update. There I used line spaced text like "16.5 pt", with decimal values. Today I updated to version 1.9.2 and it is impossible to work with text and line spacing as before. All decimal values (16,5 for example) are transformed into larger numbers automatically (in this case 165). I have the same issue in AFPhoto qith 1.9.2, but not in AFPublisher with 1.9.1 How can it be solved? I attach an example video. problem with line spacing.mov Thank you.
  4. Hello everyone, This is driving me nuts and I'm sure that there is a simple answer... but I can't seem to find it. I have imported a 32-pages .idml document into Affinity Publisher and the text boxes appear with 4 x's at the 4 corners of the frame... and this is making it impossible for me to select with the Type Tool, Move Tool or Selection Tool. I have included a small video showing the problem. Hope that you can help me -))) Screen_Recording_2021-03-28_at_5_16.17_PM.mov
  5. Hi, I would like to point out some issue I encountered on Affinity Designer while writing in Thai: some of the diacritics / accents are misplaced: Consider the following combination of 3 characters: They should produce the following combination (here using MS Word): However on Affinity designer, the third diacritic overlaps the second diacritic instead of being placed above where it belongs: Could you please help fix this issue? Thanks.
  6. Illustrator allows creation of a curved (or straight) path upon which one places text before selecting whether to use ‘stairstep,’ ‘gravity,’ ‘rainbow,’ or two other FX to affect its look. The effect I cannot find (or create) in Designer is VERTICAL text on a curved (e.g., arc-ed) path. It's easy enough to create a path and place text on it, but that appears to be endgame. Text then only follows the shape of the path, skewing left or right, depending on how and where the path curves. Yes, I realise I could convert the text to curves and straighten it manually, but then it's no longer editable.
  7. I’m making a variety of small images for the web (320x50px for instance) and am struggling to figure out the best way to get crisp text at those sizes. I’m using Designer on the iPad to create them, but they need to be delivered as png or jpg. Obviously everything is fine as vector inside of Designer, but what is the best way to export those designs to keep them from getting too pixelated? I’m sure they’ll lose some crispness no matter what I do, but I’m hoping to keep the quality as high as I can. I do also have Photo if that’s helpful.
  8. When grouping objects and converting them into an Asset, the text of a text box is shrunk when the Asset is placed on a new page. Furthermore it is not possible to place the Asset in the document from which it came. The Asset vanishes from the cursor when dragging the Asset from the Asset panel to the canvas. The file was an idml file. test_in_asset_shrunk.mp4 disappearing_placing_cursor.mp4
  9. Is it possible to hide the layer bounding box when kerning or making other type adjustments using kbs? Obviously the spacebar can't be held down during this process. Thanks.
  10. Incorrect display of text on placed PDF when numbers are set proportionally
  11. I can turn of snapping and do it manually but I'm wondering whether I'm doing this the right way: with a text decoration and an indent of -7.8 I'm trying to learn best practices (something I've not done for many many other applications!) Affinity_Snapping.mov
  12. Hi, This is my first attempt at using Affinity Designer and have come to a hurdle; I am trying to edit the text on an existing logo that was created in AI. I cannot seem to be able to select the text, is this maybe because it has been rasterised? Is there a way I can do this please? Thanks.
  13. Hi! How can I scale text boxes together with their contents (ADesinger and APublisher)? When I scale using the handles, only the box scales - the font remains as large or small as it is. Thanks for answers!
  14. Hello! Has anybody ever experienced a locked leading? No matter how I change the leading size, the spacing doesn't change on the text. Please see screenshots of when leading value is different but the spacing remains the same on the actual text. I noticed that this only happens when I copy over existing text on other afpub files. And that actually opens up other problems as well (e.g. stroke outline becomes thicker or thinner when I copy paste from another afpub file) This is really bugging me so much as I work with templates and I have to use pre made layouts over and over again. I
  15. hi there, I will preface this with saying I've just came to affinity photo from photoshop, I'm self-taught with PS so i can't even say I know much about that either! I'm a boardgame designer and I'm using affinity photo to create cards, which are a combination of text and icons. On PS when creating space at the end of a text line it would include the spaces as characters for centre alignment purposes, but I can't seem to give spaces any 'volume' in photo now that i've opened the PSD in affinity. I've tried using special characters and playing about with paragraph options but don't want to
  16. OMFG!!! Just switching over from Photoshop, and I cannot begin to tell you how much I hate working with text. I can't edit my text once I've created it — not with any tool. WTF?!!! And in the layers I have groups with all the letters? Who thought this shit up?
  17. The text cursor in AP 1.9.1 is wonky. I created a text block. When I insert the text cursor at the beginning of the last line to add a space, the whole working area shifts to the left and the cursor shifts off the "artboard". I quit AP, restart, and it still behaves the same way . . .
  18. Only two months into using Affinity Designer here. Starting at some point through the progress of my project, any time I create and type new Artistic Text, a purple highlight appears behind it. I don't remember messing with any settings to make it appear. I've tried to look very carefully at the color options on the Artistic Text object but I can't find anything. What am I missing? This hasn't happened to me during other projects until after the 1.9 update, so there's the possibility of a bug or new feature/setting that I'm not aware of yet. I also attached what the problem looks lik
  19. Hi there, I'm trying to add text on path in 2 ways and don't know how to do it: 1. Add text on path on the top of diamond shape, but keep all the letters pointing straight up. 2. Shape the text in diamond (starts short, tallest in the middle, then short at the end). Please help, i couldn't find any tutorial for that online. Thanx.
  20. I know it can now be done with border text. But large paragraphs of text can be cumbersome. This kind of typesetting is very common in Eastern countries, such as Japan, South Korea and China. I wonder if you could consider adding this function, just like Adobe Illustrator.
  21. Hello, i used CorelDraw X7 until now. I know, there are different ways to export files to edit them in Affinity Designer. I'm having a problem importing text. Some text is importted as text, but other parts are imported as vectors. This means, i can't edit this text any more. This happens in any file format like PDF or SVG. Any idea, how i can import all text as text? Thanks.
  22. If a text is Bottom Aligned, by default, it is placed exactly on the line/outline of the selected area. This not happens when the same text is Top Aligned. How to perfectly align text to the top? text is Bottom Aligned here text is Top Aligned HOW TO ELIMINATE THIS GAP?
  23. I have a hexagon. The points are top and bottom. I want them left and right, so I turn it either by the turn handle or by the toolbar. Now I add text to create shaped text. No matter what I do, the text aligns from the points, so instead of reading left to right, it reads from bottom to top. How do I correct this ?
  24. Hi everyone ! Just a quick question/request as there are numerous topics in the older forums already over the last 3+ years (moved my question as I've noticed that the other forum is deprecated, the old post can be deleted): Is there any news about importing editable text in *.eps files? I've bought Affinity Designer a few days ago and now searched the forums after struggling with the non-editable text in those files... If not: That would make a great feature request😂 Affinity Designer is really an awesome tool but this is a core thing (in my opinion) as most of the *.eps templ
  25. I have a weird bug in the latest version of Designer. In the attached file, when I group the two objects (circle and text box), the text scales up a little bit. 247 365.afdesign
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