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  1. Hello all! I threw together this social media template based on recommended sizes for 2015—largely based on Constant Contact's recommendations. It doesn't include quite everything, but it has slices already set up as well to help expedite most needs. Enjoy! :) social-media-template-2015.afdesign
  2. I want to use Affinity Photo to design paperback book covers. Because many elements of my book covers use standard fonts and positioning. The standard elements are simple text and boxes (author name, publisher and price info, box for back cover text, white box for bar code) and some guides for spine, margins, and bleed. I would like to create a template with these standard elements. The challenge is that the page count differs for each book. The page count affects the spine width, which in turn affects the x positions of the front cover elements. I could move the text and guides manually, but anything I do manually is a nuisance and prone to error. Until now I have used InDesign for book covers. My InDesign book cover template uses a spread with three pages: back, spine, and front. The front cover page is positioned relative to the spine’s right edge. The front cover elements are positioned relative to the front cover page. So if I adjust the spine width, the front cover moves over to make room, and all of the front cover elements and guides move with the page. Is there a way to do something similar in Affinity Photo? Or is Affinity Designer a better choice? Or a combination?
  3. Hi everyone! Help! I was wondering if someone could do a template for me for a jewel case panel? Ive attached a picture similar to what I am talking about. I found this online so I copied it just to show you guys what I mean. I also attached the CD Label that someone else had posted in affinity forum back in 2014. That worked perfectly for me because it allowed me to edit it. So I would like something similar done to the back panel template so I can edit it in the future. Thank you! CD_Label_120mm-22mm.afdesign
  4. 1. HTC one mockup (how to use: http://footof.tumblr.com/post/128198265431/htc-one-mockup-for-affinity-designer-affinity) 2 & 3. iOS and WP set of icons creating file (not the icon itself, but rather resources for developers, additional info: http://footof.tumblr.com/post/129307198541/templates-to-create-set-of-ios-icons-for-app-store) htc one mock up.afdesign icons set WP.afdesign icons set iOS.afdesign
  5. Free to use as you like :) Icon template mac.afdesign
  6. I'd like to be able to modify the content (text, colors, gradients, effects etc) without risk of moving an object. Having a way of locking the position of an object (or, at least the anchor node) would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hey Guys, I have been using AD as a tool to do DTP on my mac. Works great but I found something that i'd like to see added: TEMPLATES There are a set of standard templates in the system but I have not found any way to create your own templates. It would be good to have the option to design a document, set it's parameters and any guidelines etc and then save that as a template so the next time you can simply select your own template and start designing., Especially for things like posters, leaflets, brochures and business cards this is highly useful. Regards, Peter Broerse RGBLASER BV
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