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  1. Good morning, Is there a way to have nested master pages, where modification in 1 master page affects other master pages? For instance, I have one master page that defines the background and other master pages that contains the picture frames and text box. I want to change the background, without having to change the master pages that use this background individually. Thanks
  2. So I made this video for my weekly blog....and I thought you guys might get some value out of the downloadable template...I attached it here .....and the tutorial that actually shows you how to make it. J Downloadable Madala files.zip
  3. I use Affinity Designer It would be great if we have ready to use social media documentation size. Or at least let us save the size dimension as custom template please.
  4. I've attached two AD files containing templates: [1] for creating icon/tile assets for a UWP app (if you can't use the Asset Generator of Visual Studio 2017); [2] for creating Microsoft Store art. Even if you use the Asset Generator you can still use the templates to see how your icon will look in various tile sizes/shapes. (The attached image is just there so you can see what you get with the first set of templates.) Basic instructions for each set of templates are included in the AD files themselves. Both sets of templates were used for my own - very simple - little app... * on the web: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/p/pipagen/9p44qw5l4vm8?activetab=pivot:overviewtab * in the store: ms-windows-store://pdp/?productid=9P44QW5L4VM8 ...so I know they work (at least as far as I've been able to see in normal usage). Neither set of templates is comprehensive but they give you the basics for most general projects. UWP Tiles Templates.afdesign Microsoft Store Art Templates.afdesign
  5. Hi Everyone, Just started using Designer, and I have a question that's probably been answered 100x... If there any way to make a template, where I can quite easily drop in ready to print business cards, in the layout I need for my card cutter? My intention is to design and print directly from Designer, without having to export and change programmes multiple times. i tried making rectangular boxes on an A3 page, where i need them to be, but i cant seem to easily replace them. i remember in serif x8 i could change a box to a picture frame and select the picture i want to fill with, i cant seem to find this option in Designer. Any help, info, suggestions would be highly appreciated. Thanks P.S. the attached pdf shows the layout i need. Publication1.pdf
  6. Hello, I made these login pages templates in my spare time. They're for Affinity Designer. Maybe it will be useful to someone. You will need the free "Chivo" font from Google Fonts to edit the file - https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Chivo Enjoy! Login Template FernandoLins.zip
  7. I am trying to make sublimation ornaments with a Conde predesigned template. I have the Designer workbook, but can't seem to figure it out. When I add the template it says it is added but no image is available for viewing. I need to see the template in order to place a photo into the template for printing purposes. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Hi all I have released a Boostrap 4 Grid Template for Affinity Designer. It includes columns, gutters as well as guides and some more stuff. This should hopefully help when setting up a new Bootstrap 4 project in Designer. I hope you find this useful, let me know if anything is missing. Cheers Alexander
  9. One neat feature in Illustrator is to set a layer as a template, so it stays visible (with Dim percentage) in Outline mode to draw onto. Is there anything like this in Designer?
  10. Hi, I am about to redo a customer design for some notebooks with Affinity Designer. Thanks to great user feedback, we already clarified in another thread how it can be achieved to get a background pattern with dots. In order to illustrate my design and my next question, I also attached the current print template. From what I read and learned so far, it seems that I should create a file with (at least) two artboards, one for the front, one for the back. My next task is to find means to provide a page template for each artboard. The page template resembles the constraints that the production company provided. I would like to be able to add multiple artboards and assign those templates to them. The page template should be invisible when exporting the artboards into a PDF or EPS. I read in another thread which options are available for creating templates and I wonder, whether I should strive for creating "artboard templates" and add it to assets; the logo could be placed in "studio contents"? Any other ideas on the realization of my design project are also welcome as I am a complete beginner with Affinity Designer. Cheers Vince Print Template Notebook A5.odg
  11. I have a lot of photos form a shooting. I am now editing them and finally want to export sections (details) of the images for use in a webshop and on facebook. So I need to export a square image, and one in the h:w ratio that facebook requires. Obviously, I want to define the location and size of the slices for each photo individually (because I need to decide on the detail I want to show), but all the slices should have the same aspect ratio (and export pixel size) for all photos. I thought the export persona is great for this, but it appears quite clumsy to 1) create a slice in exactly 476x714px, then 2) scale the slice frame to fit my desired detail, then to 3) define the export width as actually 714w so that the exported image results as 476x714px. I thought there must be smarter way to do this for each photo. Can't I create some kind of template that has a 476 : 714 aspect ration slice associated with a 714w export? I noticed a menu called "create template for export settings" (translated from german), but it is grayed out. How would you tackle this?
  12. Do anyone have any tip i could use to build a let's say month calendar template where it would be easy to edit next year? Let's say i have one month ready and the next year all i have to do is to use the tab key or delete key to move all one forward or one back, but i would like to do it by weeks. Example attached. Thanks in advance
  13. Hey guys, because the comunity in the Facebook Group helped me a lot i decided to give you some resources i've created. This pack contains: - 3 custom ribbons - twitter, facebook and youtube title picture templates - 1 grass brush - 5 Smoke Brushes - an awesome color palette for flat ui design You can use it private and commercial, more informations and credits are as a pages and docx file in the pack. Sorry for my bad englisch im just a student from germany cheers and have a nice day Affinity Designer Pack.zip
  14. Hey there! I want to access templates I can save in affinity photo (for example HSL). When I'm in the RAW menu I know how I can access my saved settings, but when I'm working on adjustment layers I can save my settings as well. In the end I'm a little confused, because I do not know how to access the saved settings Already now thanks for your help!
  15. With this Affinity Designer template you are able to easily create seamless repeating pattern with a nice preview inside the document. You can watch an introduction into the template on my YouTube channel. https://youtu.be/dj2t50BLyPg and here you can download the Affinity Designer Pattern Template. These are some samples which I have already created with the Template: Hopefully, Affinity Designer also supports real vector patterns one day. Keep on drawin' Norbert
  16. HELP! I've tried searching here and couldn't find an answer to my problem. I made a photography template. I figured since I import templates in PSD format I could export it the same way. Well, when I go to export in PSD format, and then reopen, everything that was suppose to be in text is now a pixel layer. I'm making templates for others so I need the text layers to be editable, but they are not when I go to reopen them. Is there something I am missing? How do I keep it a layer in it's text and not pixel when I export psd? Pictures below to show what I'm talking about if it helps. Thanks!
  17. Hey there, it would be nice to have a prefilled template for reporting bugs when clicking the Start a new Topic button in the related subforums. The people then have a rough guide to pass the right/better information you (Serif) need to solve the described bug. It is a very common pattern used across software support forums that are heavily customer driven. E.g., I remember last time when reporting bug I forgot to mention the version of AD. This could've been helpful in the first place. Greetings, Johannes
  18. Hello, I have downloaded the iOS UI assets file that comes with AD which is a great showcase of restraints and a great resource, but at my company we design all UI at 1x and the iOS assets are in Retina scale. Scaling doesn't work properly on these assets so I thought I'd make my own collection of UI elements for iOS and Android. How should I save/export the file so that I can import it in the assets panel and use them in any projects? (BTW here's a nice article about the benefits of designing UI at 1x - https://medium.com/shyp-design/design-at-1x-its-a-fact-249c5b896536#.bhxum5ugk) Thanks, Fernando
  19. I create images for a web site. These images have a fixed size (i.e. 700x150px). Is possible to create a template? In New Document Dialog, in the Type combobox, I'd like to have a personal section and, by selecting it, select my own page presets. Is it possible?
  20. Created with the place image tool - edit one icon updates all Export to all relevant sizes using slices Preview on different backgrounds Preview on different shades of grey Preview in pixel views for pixel perfection Preview and export with/without rounded corners Download Icon template.afdesign
  21. Hi everyone, I made an icon template for iOS apps. Will be glad to know what you think of this template. ios icon template.afdesign
  22. Hi! I made a simple template for my everyday web-design needs, which i'm glad to share. It contains five pseudo-artboards which are Desktop, Tablet Landscape 1024, Tablet Portrait 768, Mobile Landscape 480, Mobile Portrait 320. They all have semi-transparent grid over them so you can start quick. I think templates like this are good to emulate artboards untill we have real artboards in AD and are just nice way to start your design projects. Will be glad to know what you think of this template, any suggestions are welcome. Feel free to modify it in any way possible. AD-Web-Template1.afdesign
  23. I've just gotten Affinity and the biggest thing I'm missing from sketch, and kind to think of it, pretty much the only thing holding me back from switching over completely is the lack of a ui template built into the app. You could work than into a UI Design persona, which would then allow for this to show up in the file menu. Something like New from Template > iOS UI Template, iOS Icon Template, Android UI Template, Android icon template. What I'd also love for it to do is allow for script-supported batch processing. Ideally javascript, but I'd be ok with python too. Also, if you'd throw in a free/purchaseable viewer for iOS and Android, that would be sweet ! Something to allow for the design to be mirror-able to the phone so I could check out the design live. Ideally that client would incorporate some of Bjango's cool features like being able to colorproof for all 4 types of colorblindness and ideally short-sighted-ness too. Keep rocking guys !! :D
  24. These are all my bookmarks i've collected since i started to use AD. The most of them are free resources, and i'm amazed how good quality resources you can find for free. Free vectors, photos and PSD Downloads | Freepik [CG Textures] - Textures for 3D, graphic design and Photoshop! GraphicBurger | Tasty design resources made with care for each pixel. Have a bite! Free vector icons - SVG, PSD, PNG, EPS & Icon Font - Thousands of Free Icons IM Free - Free Design Resources | Free Images, Free Icons VectorStock | Vector Art, Images, Graphics & Clipart Subtle Patterns | Free textures for your next web project. Handpicked free fonts for graphic designers with commercial-use licenses. | Font Squirrel WhatTheFont! « MyFonts Free High Resolution Textures - gallery Palette / dreamscape :: COLOURlovers The Day's Color dafont.com Free Flyer Templates & PSD Party Flyer Design Blog http://freebiesbug.com
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