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Found 104 results

  1. Hello, Clicking toolbar and menu buttons does not work with Wacom tablet stylus. I use Wacom Intuos Touch M with latest drivers on Windows 7. I can still draw using the pen with Pen/Pencil tools. Menu items got hovered, but not clicked. Touching works thought. Disclaimer, I'm new both to vector graphics and tablets. I suspect there could be a setting to enable it, but I failed to find it. Regards, Roman
  2. For Affinity Photo (maybe also on Designer) i use Photo with a Wacom tablet. My Problem ist: i have no Crosshair when i use "Paint Brush" ("Always show Brush Crosshair" is ON). I only see the Contour (without the a CrossHair in it) but this is not exactly enough for me. Sometimes i have the WindowsCursor instead the Brushoutline.... Can you fix this, because this is a "no go" for me i must return to evil Ph*** ;-) Thanks ps. by the way now, when i start a new Document i have the Crosshair! (when i use Paint Brush) In the Moment i open an old Document the Crosshair disapeard an the outline is there ... or sometimes the Cursor from Windows!!
  3. Can someone please give me a quick guide on how to set up a digital tablet. Specifically, how do you set up pressure sensitivity in regards to size/color/opacity, and other features in Affinity?
  4. Hello I would like to use the brush tool with pressure sensitivity that change only the flow of the brush, not the size. However, when i try to modify the jitter settings of the brush by disabling the size pressure jitter and enabling flow pressure jitter, the behavior of the brush does not change. When putting more pressure on the stylus, it still increases the size of the brush. I have tried in Affinity Designer Vector + Pixel modes, and in Photo, and they act exactly the same. I am on Win10x64 with Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch M.
  5. I know graphics tablets questions have been asked a heap of times but looking at buying one for a project I have coming in February so need to know I'm getting kit that works first time. So my question is this: Will budget graphics display tablets such as XP-Pen 10 or Parblo Coast10 work and play well with Affinity software, or are they a disaster? Ive heard drivers can be tricky. I would like the Wacom Cintig 13HD but £600 is a lot of money to pay out in a very skint January.
  6. Big fan of Affinity, and I'm loving all the updates and community support! I've been using Affinity Design for sketching, and am having problems with small, quick strokes. These simply do not appear, as though Affinity is assuming they were mistaken taps. I've tried other programs, and haven't had this problem (and have checked my pen settings -- Huion tablet -- and it's picking up plenty of pressure). I'm using the Paint tool in Pixel Persona. Is there a way to turn off any pen assist features? No editing, filtering, etc? ( This is similar to a question I'd asked a while ago (about "smoothing" problems), but I could never solve that one either. ) Thank you!
  7. Sorry but this is important to me. I know this feature has been requested before. But I have a reason to repeat this: I love Affinity Designer. Except for its lack of brush smoothing that drives me crazy. Meaning: when drawing w/ a Wacom tablet, the strokes are all wiggly and wobbly. Can we fix this? I'm willing to do whatever it takes, so that people around the world using your product can have this feature. Hire me for $10/month to do this. Autodesk Graphic (formerly iDraw) has it. Illustrator has it. Functioning brush tool is quite basic feature of a vector drawing program. I know you have priorities. I know you can't do everything at once. I know you have an existing feature roadmap. But this feature has been requested time after time, starting from 2014. Please get it done. Again, if I need to work on it for free or for a coffee, I'm ready to do it. Let's get this done. I'm 100% serious. Contact me anytime, and I'll jump working on this on a 24 hours notice. You have help. You have demand for this feature – guys, it's time. Let's get this feature on Affinity Designer. Waiting for your reply.
  8. Hi, I am looking to buy Affinity Designer for Windows to use on a Surface tablet (Win10), but missed the Beta and there is no evaluation version yet. Could someone confirm if the UI is set up well for tablets and also if Touch is supported? Thank you!
  9. Created a new topic https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/32852-experience-with-ugee-m1000l-tablet/?p=159700
  10. Many thanks for this update, you guys rock ! My Wacom Tablet works very well in AD. But I have to make sure it's on before I start AD. If not, the pressure sensitivity wil be missing. Most of the time in wireless mode, my tablet turns itself off after a while, and I turn it off when I don't use it. It's really not a big problem, and I don't know if it can be done, but it would be nice if AD would connect automaticaly when the tablet is switched on after AD is already started. This has been discussed here in AP forum.
  11. bodobe

    Illustration Dino Planet

    This illustration was a work for a(n) sci fi / fantasy book cover (graphics tablet). http://b-bertuleit.de/illustration-dino-planet/
  12. HELP! I am completely stuck. I tried all settings but somehow it will not work... Q: How to configure Wacom Intuos Pro + Affinity Photo, that key ring can be used to alter brush size? configure zoom in/out to work correctly? Will appreciate any help! :) CU, Roland
  13. Hi, Does anyone have any experiences of using an iPad with a stylus as a graphics tablet for Design, Photo or really any other software on their computer where using a pen is better. I've narrowed it down to the following three apps 1. Astropad Graphics Tablet 2. Air Display 3 3. Duet Display I've bought the Bamboo Fineline 2 stylus which works quite nicely on the ipad in different apps. I downloaded the Astropad mini (free) which says you can't use it on the ipad, but actually you can draw behind the big splash screen to test it out. It flows very nicely without any noticable lag for me. I felt the flow of drawing, and it translated to the computer screen with ease. I tested it with AD, AP & Mischief (free version). The only drawback I see is that when something moves it pixelates coarsely, so videos are grainy, but also the "running ants" selection is blurred in AD and AP. I also downloaded Air Login - from the same company as Air Display 3 - which was very laggy, although I don't know if AD3 works with the same connection. (I'm mailing with the maker.) I haven't been able to check out Duet Display. What's you're story? cheers, Luke
  14. Analogue Blacksheep

    Sensel Morph for Affinity?

    I was wondering if anyone has looked into this yet as a graphics tablet? Concept sounds interesting, think it could work with Affinity at some point? Here is there website: http://www.sensel.com
  15. Dear users, I just tried editing in Affinity Photo using a Wacom pen and tablet instead of the mouse and something ist quite strange for me. With the mouse, when I change for example a color adjustment with a slider, like changing color saturation, I can move the slider and the image shows instant preview. The change is made then, when I release the mouse button. That's like I would expect. But using the pen and tablet, there is no preview, when I drag a slider. The image just changes, when I lift the pen, which is like releasing a mouse button. This is quite irritating, because one cannot adjust a slider properly without preview. Does anybody know how to change this behavior? Moving a slider with the pen should do the same than moving it with the mouse. Thanks and best regards, Berin
  16. Good day, Curious if anyone can tell me if the program works with the Art pen and Tablet. or would using a mouse instead of the touch pad be easier? Thank you for your thoughts.
  17. Hi, I have a problem, when I draw with tool Vector brush on my tablet (Wacom Intuos 3). The drawing result is different, than preview. Please, check my video. Paint (pixel) brush tool works correctly, so problem is only with Vector brush. (I try drawing on the same tablet with Vector brush in Adobe Illustrator and no problem.) Brush bug.mov
  18. I love Affinity Designer and, if Apple's iPad Pro and Apple Pencil promo videos are to be believed, these products could be the perfect companion for Serif users when they're released in November. Is it possible to use an iOS device as an input for AD? If so, what's the timescale.
  19. It would be cool to be able to set the tablet pressure mode to blend between foreground (0% pressure) and a background (100% pressure) colors when using the Brush tools...
  20. Hi. New to Affinity Designer (and the forums.) I've been searching in the forums as well as the net, and I can't really figure out why the pressure-sensitivity isn't registering. I've tried to set my Controller set to both "Automatic" and "Pressure." Sometimes (rarely) it works - other times there is no obvious difference. I've also set the "Size Variance" to 100%. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  21. bodobe

    unexpected meeting

    I am fascinated by dinosaurs (since my youth…). Drawing with my graphics tablet, do you like it? ... :)
  22. Hi, scrolling through layers is not behaving as I would expect when using a Wacom tablet, or similar (other tablet providers are available..) 1. Select a layer. 2. Hold the 'middle mouse' button on the pen. 3. Grab any other layer to scroll up or down through the layers. 4. The layer you happened to grab in order to scroll has now become the selected layer, and the layer you had originally selected is no longer selected. This is especially problematic as is means that you are unable to shift select an amount of layers that is larger than the available screen space eg... You have 100 layers, you want to select layers 25 through to 75. You can't do this with a tablet pen, because the moment you try to scroll down to get to layer 75, layer 25 gets unselected :[ I would expect the middle mouse button of the pen to have no effect on the layers panel, other than to grab the layers and scroll through them. It should not select or unselect layers. Thanks Wayne
  23. I can't find an email to ask the support team directly, so I'm resorting to posting this here. Basically, long story short, I downloaded the free trial some time ago, when I was first getting into trying to create digital art. Well, now I've gotten myself a graphics tablet, and would like to try it again, with the graphics tablet. My free trial is obviously over, but I never really got to play around with it in the first place. If any of you can direct me to an email address so I can contact the team directly, that would also be much appreciated. Thanks, Nick
  24. Ok I think I have casually requested this but haven't actually added it to the forum. Im looking into a graphics tablet, however I started to look at tablet with a screen, then it sprung to mind that an iPad is way cheeper with (probably) and much better screen and way a better os. Now I don't know if this is possible but could an iPad be used with the addition of an app? (bolt on sale for you chaps here) Live screen action would be fantastic or sketches be send to Affinity designer on completion?
  25. I would like to know if you can make a brush created with a graphics follow the pressure curves, like you can with a mouse? As I really like the appeal of the thin tip and thick middle. When I draw the lines with a brush, it obviously creates it's own pressure curve based on the true pressure, is there a way to disable this, so that it follows the saved pressure curve under the stroke settings?. Stroke pressure curve settings Desired line quality (drawn with mouse) A Line drawn with a tablet under the same settings