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Found 104 results

  1. Hi, please is Wacom Intuos Pro FULLY compatible with AP for Win? I mean including ExpressKey and all other functions. Want to know whether the investment is useful for me Thanks for info Jindra
  2. Affinity Photo registers single touch inputs as a brush input. This is not ideal when using the software on penabled devices. Computers with an active stylus (i.e. Surface, Cintiq) let users rest their palm on the screen while using the pen, but the technology is not perfect and occasionally there are glitches where computer registers users' hand as a single finger touch input. It results in small dots and strokes all over the canvas, and it is quite frustrating to see your work speckled with these glitches after merging all the layers. It is also troublesome during the normal use as well, because you occasionally end up with unintentional lines when you just wanted to pan the canvas and unconsciously attempted to do so with only one finger as you do on many other apps. It would prevent a lot of frustrations if you could add an option to make the software react to single touch input differently rather than a brush input, for example, pan, brush size, or just do nothing.
  3. Hi everyone, one short question... When i read the system requirements for AD i found this: Wacom (and other WinTab devices) support I have an "XP Pen Star 04" tablet. Does AD (and AP) work with this tablet? Thanks and greetings from vienna Martin
  4. Hello! I’m testing Autodesk Sketchbook with Wacom Intuos Photo Small tablet. I can zoom, rotate and move (in any direction) canvas with two fingers, without take fingers off tablet. It is very comfortable. Can you implement such feature in Affinity Designer / Photo (Windows)? I love Affinity software but I miss comfortable manipulation of canvas. Sławek
  5. Hello. I have a question: Do you have any experience how does Affinity Photo or Designer works through any Wacom Intuos tablet (not Cintiq) and extra wide monitor with 21:9 ratio? I use external LG 34" with resolution 3440x1440 connected to MacBook Pro (mid 15) via Thunderbolt 2. I would like to buy tablet, probably Intuos Pro L but I am worried about large monitor and crazy ratio screen. Does it work? Can you see any potential issues? Thanks.
  6. karlton81

    Graphics Tablet help

    Hello I am a huge huge fan of Affinity Designer, and have been using it religiously for over a year now. But I have recently purchased a Ugee 2150 graphics and when I draw a line it is very jittery and not smooth. Are there any settings I can use to help stop this issue? My other question is, are there any tutorials about on the best way to set up your brush and the best tool to use for graphic tablet drawing? I have the affinity designer manual but can't seem to find anything on this. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks Karl
  7. Hello all. Recently I ordered an XP-Pen Artist16 15.6 Inch Monitor Drawing Tablet and I'm awaiting delivery this week and looking forward to it. I have, however, heard some complaints before about calibrating colour, or rather not knowing how to, and being sure that drivers are installed appropriately otherwise there would be issues with pressure sensitivity and such. I heard XP-Pen is a very good alternative to Wacom and was more than happy to decide on the investment, but I was wondering if anyone here has used the Artist series before and would have some tips on colour/cursor calibration, driver installation or any other experiences to make sure that starting using it on Photoshop CS6, TV Paint or any other drawing software will be as smooth and frustration free as possible? And is there a chance that other drivers being installed on my PC such as Wacom or Huion would cause any interference with the XP-Pen one, as I have used both brands before? Any advice or shared experiences at all would be greatly appreciated. I use a HP Pavilion 15.6 inch laptop with 8GB ram, AMD A8-4555M APU processor and a 64 bit operating system on Windows 10 (with pen and touch support) if any of this should be taken into consideration also. Thank you in advance for your kind support and help. - Mark K
  8. Hi, I have problem, that with AP my tablet (Wacom) works the other way round..... while Zooming it Scrolls and while Scrolling it Zooms.... no matter whether using the Touch Wheel or Touch On gestures. Other applications work fine, so the bug should be in the AP (Win), I have checked the settings twice..... Thanks Jindra
  9. Hi, how can I please easily adjust Opacity and Hardness with tablet (Wacom Intuos Pro)? I would like to have on the wheel not only Brush Size (by [ ]), but also Opacity and Hardness of the brush.... If it was possible to set Keyboard Shortcuts for Opacity and Hardness, it would be OK, but in the shortcuts there is only the size Thanks Jindra
  10. Today a Windows 10 "balloon notification" informed me about an issue with "apps which drain the battery" on my Surface Pro 4. Under "Settings -> Battery usage by App" Affinity Photo is listed with 49% "background usage" on position one! (I attached a screenshot from the Windows settings page.) I already posted another issue about the "Huge processor usage" if I use the selection tool. But I guess, this is not the same problem here, because its "background usage" this time. Does anybody experience the same battery usage problems?
  11. Hi all, I have been thinking about buying a drawing tablet to use with Affinity Designer and have spent a bit of time trying to make sense of all the options. Then it occurred to me that I have a (rather elderly) iPad 2 lying almost unused and maybe that could be used as a drawing tablet...... And, heck, there are a lot of options here too. Two main questions to find answers to: which software to go for, and which stylus? After some reading, it looks like AstroPad is one good option, or Duet. No free trials unfortunately, so no chance to try them first. So I wonder if someone has been through this already and can recommend a combination that works well with AD - and will run on an iPad 2? Thanks a lot, Ralph
  12. Hiya, I'm about to purchase both Affinity photo and designer as I've been very impressed with their performance in the free trial. I'm also considering purchasing a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet and want to know if Wacom support Affinity applications? I'm using an iMac. many thanks Pete
  13. I know it's a bit early to be requesting features on the iOS apps, but seriously, this would be all kinds of awesome. Handoff is typically used to sync up the state of an app and then let it go do what it wishes, but there is also an option to open a data stream (continuation stream) between the two platforms. From there, you can make edits on one and have them reflect on the other. Notably, they would not have to reflect one another's view, so one can be zoomed and the other show the big picture. The user would be able to use both platforms at the same time, editing one file and choosing to use the most convenient or appropriate input or view. From a marketing perspective, Apple might give you another design award for rocking out with one of their newest features. From a business perspective, it gives people a solid reason to spring for both apps and not opt for one or the other. From a fanboy nerding out perspective, omfgjustdoitsocoolsqueeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  14. I think its been motioned before but please add in the ability to use the rotate command in the cintqe touch Wacom to allow for canvas rotation and zoom!!!! Also the ability to map canvas rotate to the touch ring on a standard Wacom!!!
  15. I am looking to upgrade a really really old Wacom Graphire 2 tablet, but I would like a tablet that would allow me to have the most functionality and options in the brush settings. In other words I want all the whistles--tilt, rotation support, if possible!
  16. fallenskellington


    Having issues with the brushes and my intuos wacom tablet. the curves come out choppy, and the flow of the brush on screen its weird. don't want to compare but I've tried other softwares for drawing and the tablet works fine.
  17. Hi folks. I can use the pen tool now, after the bezier game! I thought I'd put my copy of AD to proper use, illustrating that is, not just page layout mode. All this despite 'losing' a borrowed drive for a Tevion tablet. Never mind being unable to find my Epson scanner power supply...any way this is for you the AD community, the AD Team at Serif labs (And the Drawplus team for getting me hooked on DrawPlus in the 1st place). A big thank you goes out to you CartoonMike and that awe inspiring tutorial earlier: for pushing me over the edge and well into the abyss of time, know as creativity mode. It's so good seeing images in my head finally landing on paper/screen. I can now concentrate now :P peter Ps A brief intro of the picture. Family Guy did 3 Star Wars films as you know and they are better than the original. So why not do Airwolf in the same vein? The main villain Dr Charles Henry Moffet was the creator and thief of Airwolf. He was a tortured evil genius who had an upper class English accent...sound familiar anybody. I would love this to go viral (Dream on. Ed) and maybe to Seth McFarlane et al :ph34r: The cast would be Chris Griffin - Stringfellow Hawke Peter Griffin - Dominic Santini Stewie Griffin - Dr Charles Henry Moffet Carter Pewtersmidt - Archangel Joe - The Senator Joes's Wife - Marriella Glen Quagmire - Test pilot, Moffet's team there's more to follow :) ​Why "She's a lady", well in the program Dom , the hopeless romantic dotes on that machine...and the song by Tom Jones makes it funny too. Edit: see below MEB's post, for finished image. grab.tiff Stewie pilot.afdesign
  18. As i searched some older posts, i found some very positive feedback about the drawing tablet from Huion. As i am searching to buy one, i want to know if this is still the latest one available. I have been searching all over google and found only this one as a good alternative from Wacom. The posts that i read here are from 2015, so i was wondering if the people who wrote back then are still so enthousiastic. (the one i have in mind buying: aliexpress Thank you for your reply.
  19. I just decided to get an entry graphics tablet. I do a little photo retouching with APh, and some of my design work in AD is quite repetive, so I can see a tablet with express keys coming in handy. Does anyone have experience with the UGEE M1000L it's a 4000 lpi. made by Huion, a smaller model to the popular 1060 Plus (5080 lpi). [EDITED] The deal was ending, so I just bought it anyway. Pease still respond, as I am still interested in members' observations and/or experiences. Is this tablet enough to get my feet wet? I have a 13" MacBook, but plan to get a 27" iMac soon. Would this size tablet be ok for MacBook for now? Also, are there any unique features of the Wacom Intuos models that I would not get with this model that I may find useful with AD and/or AP? To advanced revellers: compliments of the new year Michael [EDIT] updated
  20. Hello, I have had a look through the forum and did not find a topic about this or I may of missed it. I have a HP Spectre x360 and would like too know how to set up affinity designer for use in tablet mode as the keyboard when in tablet mode is on the underside of the screen so things link holding ctrl or shift are a problem, is their a way of setting up on screen keys without opening the onscreen keyboard as this blocks a large section of the screen making it unusable. Thank you for any help and suggestions. Regards Chris
  21. Hello, Since installing a new Huion tablet and updating to the latest Affinity Photo, I can add colour / erase with a brush to the original background image or a placed vector image, but not to new pixel layers. The brush preview appears empty of colour. Other tools appear to work normally with both pen and mouse. I have tried rolling back to an earlier version of Affinity yet the bug still persists on both saved and new files. Other paint and imaging software have not been affected (Krita, MSPaint). OS: Win10 enterprise, updated Affinity Photo Logitech K270 wireless mouse and keyboard, Huion H610PRO tablet and pen Puzzled, Pansycow
  22. I ordered a slightly used Wacom Intuos5 touch Small Tablet with pen, cable and wireless kit for $140 from a graduating Arts student. Does it sound like a good buy? Being a lefty I noticed Wacom's tablets can be flipped around and software switched. I know Huion has handedness settings but I still don't fancy rotating the tablet and have the labels upside down. My only concern is whether it will lag on wireless with AD or APh? I recall reading somewhere that USB cable is preferred. Can you advise me. Have Affinity staff got inhouse experience with this model (PTH-451) Thanks Michael
  23. graphissste

    Undo Button

    Hello I am really enjoying drawing and pixel painting on my Tablet. I have a Assus and remove my keyboard so that I can draw or paint more freely. I know this product is not meant for tablets, but it does perform wonderfully. My only problem is that to Undo, I must enter the File Menu each time. A undo or even the option to personalize the menu bar and add such a button would be great. I think PC/Tablets hybrids will become more popular especially among artist and designers. Who can afford a Wacom Tablet these days. My cheap Assus Tablet runs Affinity wonderfully, except for a undo button. Thanks for a wonderful product.
  24. Windows Affinity Designer: I dug out my hardly-used Wacom Bamboo digital tablet today and have managed to activate pressure sensitivity for the peNcil tool and the vector Brush tool via the Controller menu. Wonderful! But can pressure sensitivity be applied to the Pen tool, too? I cannot seem to work it out.