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Found 144 results

  1. Forgive me if this has already been asked. I didn't quite see the exact suggestion I'm about to ask below: Global / Shared Symbols: I'd like to have the ability to not only create symbols that are document specific, but in the form of a global library that can be shared or distributed in such a way that i can reference them from any document. I see the need for this in that I'd like to create libraries or packages that can be used across different teams within a company. If I update the symbols within, it would be nice to have all the symbols update accordingly provided the reference file was updated or something along those lines. I'm not necessarily suggesting some sort of cloud storage for the symbols because it would be nice to pass the libraries around without an internet connection as an option. I'm also not keen at all on Adobe's symbol sharing mechanisms and although it "works", it's a pretty bad experience imho. I just feel like as powerful as symbols are, as users we can extend that power and freedom to a level in which we can have an external or global areas that can be referenced. In our company for example, we'd even like the ability to save it to a file (doesn't matter the format) it can be committed into version control and backed up however we or anyone sees fit. In this way, creating entire design guide element collections can be grouped into either a global library or collection of categorized libraries that define an entire platform or range of products that are not tied to a single document. Again, i'm sorry if this is a duplicate feature request. Thanks for your time and patience :) Very Sincerely, Frankie Loscavio
  2. Hello, I have created a few symbols that do not seem to resize as indicated by their constraints. Intended behaviour: In the icon "UML provided interface", the circle should not get stretched/resized, I only want to extend the line. I think my constraints are correct. Am I missing something? I attach my document. System_Context.afdesign
  3. Hi, I am trying (and failing) to setup a symbol that would also have constraints. Is it even possible ? My goal is to be able to work on a design and see simultaneously the impact on desktop, tablet and mobile versions. As long as my layer is not a symbol it works as expected but once transformed into a symbol I loose the constraints. I tried adding the constraints to the symbol itself but doesn’t seem to work. Anyone could help me figure this out ?
  4. Make live boolean with symbols please.
  5. Hello, It was easy to create multiple symbols at once, but not easy to delete multiple. The other issue is when symbols are the same color as the interface
  6. Symbols that have been applied to images and put into assets… does not update properly… Video of problem Attached Detailed Steps to problem - Create a Rectangle Name Rectangle (Profile Crop) Convert Profile Crop to Curves Create a new symbol from Profile Crop Apply Profile Crop Symbol to Image 1 Apply Profile Crop Symbol to Image 2 Apply Profile Crop Symbol to Image 3 Apply Profile Crop Symbol to Image 4 Edit Profile Crop Image 1,2,3,4 will update properly Now create new asset category Add Image 1,2,3,4 to new assets subcategory Add Image 1,2,3 from new assets subcategory to artboard Edit Profile Crop Symbol … Only the first image from assets will update properly the rest will not update Capto_Capture 2016-10-10_05-48-28_AM.mov
  7. The attached image is a manipulated screenshot from an old screensaver called Whitecap. I really love aesthetics like this, and ideally I'd love to be able to recreate it in vector. I've been trying to think if it can be done with symbols, but I don't think so. Maybe others have some other idea. Or maybe even a lead on some third party program that could create something like this that I can then manipulate in AD. Any thoughts?
  8. A simple example: I have a line made with the pen tool and I position ellipses over it. I'd like to be able to then manipulate this as an integral symbol, which still retaining editability of the line, and without expanding, so i can change it's shape easily. Can this be done? So in my simple example, when I bend the line, the ellipses would be locked to it, and bend also. Ideally, I would be able to remove the line at the end, after ungrouping the symbol.
  9. Hi, I wonder if the following behavior is wanted but at least it is not consistent, and so it makes the usage of symbols confusing for me: 1. create a rectangle 2. man it a symbol 3. duplicate now select a rectangle via layer hierarchy and modify: 4.1 size > both symbols change 4.2 color/stroke > both symbols change 4.3 transparency > both symbols change now select a symbol via layer hierarchy and modify: 5.1 size > ONLY selected symbol changes 5.2 color/stroke > both symbols change 5.3 transparency > both symbols change I don't see the point why 5.1 happens. Both should change as well. OR maybe better: I.1) if you change an element of a symbol group > it influences every element of each used symbol I.2) if you change a symbol (symbol-group) it does not influence other used symbols. This would allow to alter a symbol e.g. transparency, fx, size > to create e.g. a button in its disabled state Currently the workflow for I.2) is to put the symbol into a new group/layer and modify that one. But that always means to have more hierarchy-objects. In this example: group>symbol>rectangle just to change the color of one rectangle independently from all other symbols. Cheers, Stefan.
  10. I just heard about the new symbol feature in Affinity Designer, and I was wondering if that's going to make it possible to make symmetrical shapes. It looks like it would be great for designing, but it would be extremely useful to have the ability to make a symmetrical curve so you're not reduced to eyeballing a vector shape when you want something symmetrical. Would the Symbol feature make that easier?
  11. Hi, I'm loving the new 'Symbols' feature in AD1.5 beta. I'm wondering if it would be possible to save libraries of symbols that persist across sessions? Such that when one opens a new document, it is possible to have a default (or perhaps selectable by a drop down menu) library of custom shapes available to insert into the document? Cheers, Oliver.
  12. Hi. I am trying to add an emoji icon to a text box but it appears as just a box i.e. no image. Can anyone help with suggestions to correct this please?
  13. Hi Friends, I have felt the freedom for asking for some features to have into an implementation consideration, And of all of the. appearing on the road map, I feel that having a mesh fill tool, or fussin tool for gradients, a possibility for creting and having a symbol palette and a true custom rotation and centering anchor points would be just great. I am not pressing the developers. Just wish to share my "wishing well" with the reat of the tribe and being at the queue when expecting these up datings to come. Thanks a lot for your attention. Rosa
  14. I am very interested in moving into Affinity permanently but so far I don't see any way to create symbols which can be edited as separate documents and then handled as self contained objects within a work document. This is critical to UI/UX work flow (a single change to a button can be instantly reflected in hundreds of documents) and can also be pretty useful for certain styles of illustration with repeating patterns. Dose Affinity handle this in its own way? If not is it on the roadmap to being implemented as a feature? In terms of this feature, it would be wonderful if these symbols can have many states - and each state can have property / behaviours added. In a best case situation this feature set I would be supporting the following: a symbol / object can have multiple states. each state is a separate page, each page has a properties panel to assign an action or variable. e.i. "click / swipe action trigger page [X]" or "if [variable x] is true / false trigger page [X]" symbols can be exported as SVG / PNG / GIF and each additional state is saved as a child file. e.i. button_X.png, button_X_focus.png, button_X_disable.png, button_X_hover.png symbols groups can be exported as an Axure RP library - this would be sooooo awesome but obviously difficult as the framework is very different in the Export Persona mode, symbols can be automatically spliced and placed into HTML for quick mockups
  15. Would I be right in saying that Affinity Designer does away with the concept of symbols and smart objects, simply making files these?
  16. hi guys we need some cool features like symbols , text styles , like sketch program
  17. Hi there, thank you so much for replying every single post i've made that's insane in the good way of course. So in the past i've used one GIMP where you find a tool called Clone brush, and with the brush you can clone in one determined point the objects that you're brushing. Is that the same than symbols? I think that's a cool feature.
  18. I see you have symbols on the roadmap. will user be able to export a symbols pack to be shared exported/imported and shared like brushes? It could be useful for creating and sharing with other interface developers or graphic designers. I thought it might be better than creating a file full of vector symbols and having to copy and paste them between files. just import and share them. I was thinking also if I applied a bunch of native affinity effects to a symbol they show up in designer retaining those effects as well.
  19. Just like the title says: Affinity Designer is opening Symbols from Photoshop. It seems that there is no way to alter the preference for this that I saw and it is really kind of annoying.