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Found 144 results

  1. I have two instances of a symbol in a layer. One of them, I want to make transparent. I assume I can treat one instance as a layer and set its opacity, how would I otherwise apply layer effects to one instance? However, when I adjust the LAYER opacity on a SYMBOL, all other instances of the symbol also go transparent. Looks like a bug to me, since I am not editing the curve inside the symbol.
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm not sure if this has been discussed before, or if it is possible and I'm just missing how to do it, so please excuse me if I'm mis-posting here. I would like to create symbols that are derived and synced with other symbols. The purpose here is that these symbols-of-sumbols are unique variations, but I want to use them to keep the common elements in sync. Here's what I have tried: - Create a new symbol. - Create an object from that symbol. - De-sync the object, make some changes, and re-sync the object. - Click "Create" symbol button, but nothing happens. Any help would be appreciated, or maybe this should be a feature request? Thanks!
  3. Another suggestion: It would be nice to know if the object(s) being moved or edited in any way are inside symbols, because they will possibly affect other instances / other artboards. I suggest coloring their selection handles differently. Orange would be an obvious choice. See example below: Symbol handles.afdesign
  4. In this tutorial (German) I would like to explain how you can project symbols on a transformed parent object to create your own packaging designs. I've used English labels in the layer panel and hope you could follow my instructions. Keep on drawin' Norbert
  5. Hello, I suggest to make very useful function. Replacement symbols. At the moment there are symbols, but there is not much sense from them. I suggest making the symbol replacement function on a click. This will give a huge advantage to this function, because there are 100 symbols on the page, of which 20 need to be changed. It is much easier to select them and click on the new symbol from the symbol panel, than doing something else. How will this work? Like sketch. We create two different symbols. Output to the artboard of any of them - for a replacement click on the second character from the symbol panel. The first changes to the second remaining with the same size. It at times will speed up the creation of interfaces with small details and make your functionality more logical. Sincerely, Anton Gavva UI / UX Designer.
  6. bowen192


    I like this feature. :) Can we have it so symbols can be saved and then used in another / new document?
  7. With this Affinity Designer template you are able to easily create seamless repeating pattern with a nice preview inside the document. You can watch an introduction into the template on my YouTube channel. https://youtu.be/dj2t50BLyPg and here you can download the Affinity Designer Pattern Template. These are some samples which I have already created with the Template: Hopefully, Affinity Designer also supports real vector patterns one day. Keep on drawin' Norbert
  8. In this tutorial I will demonstrate how to use an Affinity Designer template with symbols to create a CSS sprite for an animated Jumping Jack. Download You will find the AD template for the animated Jumping Jack here on my website and the tutorial on my YouTube channel. Keep on drawin' Norbert
  9. If I have symbols added to the symbols palette, I can not move these to the assets palette to better organize them. I feel this is redundant to have the symbols palette if It can not be organized in Assets. Maybe mixing the assets palette and the symbols palette would be more efficient. That way your symbols are kept organized and there is no need to duplicate effort, create a symbol and then drag it again in your assets palette. I feel a big miss. Efficiency is what we are after. no?
  10. Sketch has a feature where you can test-retrieve a feed of data which can see values like text, numbers and images.Then you can connect or similarly name symbol fields to match the feed fields which allows you to them repeat a set of symbols (like a list) based on the values of a feed. I would love a way to takea feed of data and select a number of symbols to connect to the feed.
  11. Hi, I have learned that a symbol is marked as symbol by getting the suffix "(Symbol)" but also by getting an orange stripe on the left in the layers panel. But what means a dashed stripe (see "logo banner" in the screenshot)? Thanks, Stefan.
  12. Is there a way to create a custom brush that mimics the symbol brush in Illustrator? For instance, if I wanted to create rows of lines, is there a way to easily brush these pre-created lines as a texture?
  13. Entering Alt+0169 on the numbers keypad does not produce the copyright symbol as per the Windows standard.
  14. Hi MEB, I experience the following bug in my current project-file: 1. I open my file 2. select 3 objects 3. hit "copy+c" OR use the menu to copy these objects 4. move my view around (to another artboard) as result: the selected 3 objects are squeezed and somewhere in the project file (far away from the original position, outside of their artboard). And because of the fact, that they are symbols, all artboards suffer from this bug. You cannot undo this step - because it is no real step (means: if I close my file, there is no popUp that asks for saving my modifications. MEB, can you give me a link to provide you my project file and a desktop-screening? Cheers, Stefan. Damn ... so many issues with symbols :/
  15. It would be nice a feature like AutoCAD POLAR ARRAY, so you can place object/selections around a specified point, or along a specified path. The essential options are : number of objects, angle between objects, radius of array, rotate objects ON/OFF. Thank you :)
  16. After accidentally discovering the assets (hello there, left side studio menu!) I've started integrating it into my workflow. I like too that I can define symbols and define them as assets, and the symbol is imported into the document when I add the asset to the canvas. It means I can have a lot of control over what assets are symbols and make any consistent changes across all the symbols within that design file. Now that I've been using the asset functionality creating categories, subcategories and adding the assets themselves, I have a few suggestions for extra functionality/improvement: Visually mark in collection if asset is a symbol Ability to turn asset in collection into a symbol (in right-mouse click asset item context menu; maybe ability to detach as well is good) Update asset in collection with selected object on canvas (in right-mouse click asset item context menu). It's a pain having to delete the asset, then re-add the asset if I've made any minor changes I found there were times I was trying to drag the object's layer into the asset collection and it wouldn't work — I had to drag the object on the canvas itself into the asset collection I also had another idea for symbols to support variations on properties/nested objects. I'd like to have a button design which I can have as a symbol, but can change the text of the button to something else that is not carried across all other symbols. Maybe that could be another button option in the symbol menu that I can select the object I want to be variable and mark it within the symbol?
  17. Hi, unfortunately I'm experiencing heavy issues by using symbols, but that is another story ... anyway: I just found this "bug": I got rid of all my symbols in a file by deleting them one by one (there is no option to delete all) and I still see and orange strip on the left on a text-object. Cheers guys, Stefan. AD_Bug_Karteileiche.afdesign
  18. Hi, adding a symbol behaves different (wrong) compared to adding just an object Watch the attached video to see how to reproduce the issue. Or: 1. create a rect 2. make it a symbol 3. use the symbol e.g. 3 times by dragging out of the lib 4. group the 3 symbols 5. make the group a symbol as well 6. use that group-symbol once again by dragging it from the lib, so you have 2 group-symbols 7. create a new object and move it into the hierarchy of one of the 2 group-symbols >> the object appears on the second group-symbol as well BUT if you make the object a symbol and use that symbol into one of the 2 group-symbols >> it will not appear - it will stay unique - so the 2 group-symbols are no longer identical Cheers, Stefan. AD_BugSymbolsWrongBehavior.mov
  19. Hello! I can't seem to find information on moving symbols from one project to another. I recently reached a wall in designing multiple UX screens for an app. I had so many artboards and objects in my project that it was slowing the application down to a crawl. I took half the artboards and moved them to a new project and the app ran beautifully again. I would like to copy the symbols I created to the new project. Is there a way to do this?
  20. Hi, I have several problems that didn't change with any AD update. Precisely: when resizing a vector, at some point the vector disappers - it is "still there" as a rectangle to transform, but it disappears same happens when groupping elements where ther are constraints or symbols inside - it disappears and moves out of the artboard somewhere else union on vector curves makes cpu load approximately 50% (AD) and doesn't work on a vector map (there is dozens of curves) - it just keeps showing the loader... Nothing helps to make it visible and working again. Thank you for looking into this. If you want me to provide videos, I can do that. Best, Ladislav
  21. I've noticed that if I 1. Create an object (square) and turn it into a symbol A 2. Create an object (circle), group it with an instance of symbol A and create a new symbol B This works fine. However, if I then 3. Create an object (triangle), group it with an instance of symbol A and create a new symbol C Suddenly all instances of symbol A are removed from instances of symbol B and start to produce strange, erroneous behaviors where they first can't be selected and then eventually disappear. Instances of symbol C remain intact UNLESS, I try to group symbol A with a new object and create a new symbol. In which case, it suffers the same fate as symbol B. This is a consistently reproducible problem, so it should be easy to test. Please allow us to create sub-symbols and allow them to be members of multiple other symbol groups. This will save a lot of time for my development process.
  22. Hi, Why when duplicating a page, symbols is converted to groups and are not symbols anymore at the new page ?
  23. Hi, Today Affinity had some crashes when I was working on a website project. The document uses artboards and symbols. As you can see in the video, when I try to create an artboard in the document Designer crashes right away. Later I found out by trial and error that the causing factor was the symbols I was using. Yesterday I noticed that when I duplicated an artboard containing those symbols and moving them caused symbols act erratically. Often those symbols or some of their contents went miles away from their original position although I did not move them at all. You can see the video of the error in the link below. https://youtu.be/Fcf6zkta5lQ If needed, I can upload the project file as well. Kind regards.
  24. Hello, When I CTRL+Click in Designer (Windows) it always selects the deepest level in the hierarchy, so if I have a rectangle inside a symbol inside a group and ctrl+click it, it will select the rectangle. Is there a way to set the depth of this selection, so that it doesn't select the "insides" of symbols, or only selects up to the first child of a group? Thanks, Fernando
  25. Create a new symbol. Rename it in the Symbols panel as "MySymbol". The original instance does not acquire this name, but remains simply "(Symbol)". Drag an instance of the symbol on to the canvas, this does have the correct name "MySymbol (Symbol)" Now rename the symbol in the Symbols panel to "NewName". The neither the second instance, nor the original update to reflect the new name. Now drag an instance of the renamed symbol to the canvas, again it shows the correct name "NewName (Symbol) We now have 3 instances of the same symbol, all with different names. Surely the name of all instances should be updated to reflect the source symbol? I can see an issue where the user has explicitly renamed a symbol in the Layers Panel, and this is then over written by the base symbol being renamed in the Symbols panel, but the present system seems pretty messy and incoherent to me. Perhaps the layer naming should be… "Instance name [base name] (Symbol)" e.g. "Reflected Logo [MyCorp Logo] (Symbol)" Thoughts?