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Found 120 results

  1. Just wanted to know if gradient swatches will be added in the future?
  2. Colour lists get invisible when clicking on Stroke / Swatches. In all versions. :( Has anybody else this problem?
  3. Hope AD will provide vector based pattern | swatches. I like my fills sharp and crisp.
  4. I moved the Color,Swatches, Stroke, and Brushes panel to the left side of my screen. And the earlier "disappearing swatches" problem returned. With the panels on the right side, I can click back into Swatches from any other panel and the swatches all appear normally. With those panels grouped on the left side, I have to click into Brushes and then back to Swatches before I get the full display. Resetting Studio, which puts everything back on the right side, corrects the problem. Again, maybe a glitch in my system but it is repeatable. I tried it several times to be sure. This used to happen with the panels on the right side but was corrected in one of the betas. Now it's back, in a different position.
  5. I have used the Create Palette From Document command to fill my own palette with the allready used colors. Now I played around and added some more colors, but I don't need all of them at last. Is there a way to delete the unused colors of the palette automatically? It should be cause of automatic creation is possible :) Also, I can't edit a saved palette color. I can rename it and delete the fill but I can't change the color. Is this correct or does the beta jokes on me? I think it is important to change an existing color -> which also changes the color of all objects that used this fill.
  6. I can't manage to rearrange, reorder my swatches in a palette. I mean if I add a color to a palette, it comes in the first position and I can't move it from there (to have brown together, yellow together …) Is there something I missed or is it not possible ?
  7. The system color palettes seem to be randomly (semi-randomly?) sorted in Affinity Designer. I have attached screenshots of the list in Designer and the System color picker to show what i mean. The System color picker sorts them (almost) alphabetically. Since there is no ability to make folders, i have been using prefixes to keep some sort of order.
  8. In Affinity Designer the swatches palette has a "recent" area that shows recently used colours. The odd thing for me is it will show many different swatches of the same colour. Why is this? This seems confusing and redundant to me. I would think that colours of the same value should only appear once in the "recent" colours. Is this the way it was planned or has something gone awry? I wasn't sure whether to post this in the "Feature Requests" or the "Questions" but because I'm not sure about the reasoning behind the current behaviour I posted it here.
  9. Some issues I've noticed with Color Swatches: 1. If I create a color swatch using the Gray Slider color palette (and even using thethe built-in color Grays color palettes in AD) and then proceed to inspect the values AD uses by switching to the CMYK sliders color palette, AD converts the 1 channel (grayscale) swatch into a 4 color blended CMYK "gray", not a true C: 0%, M: 0%, Y: 0% and the K% (black) channel corresponding to the original value in the Gray slider-defined swatch. See attached images for reference. 2. Furthermore, if I double click on the color and open up the expanded color palette with all the HSL, Hex, RGB, RGB# and CMYK fields, my supposedly neutral gray has a certain amount of saturation in the HSL readout, and the RGB values are not equivalent, meaning the Gray I defined is not neutral anymore and has a color cast. 3. The grayscale palette should simply be a horizontal gradient from black to white, not a full color palette converted to grayscale, as is currently the case. (See attached screenshot) 4. Is the Grayscale sliders color palette backwards? Meaning when I type in a gray of 17% it's actually showing a Gray of 83%. If you go into photoshop and adjust type in 17 into the Gray slider input field, you will see what I mean. (image attached for your reference.) 5. I went to rename a color palette. I used the standard keyboard short-cut for navigating and selecting text in the rename field, but AD's text tool interpreted the command and didn't let me jump backward or forwards between words inside the rename field. See attached image for reference.
  10. Any chances HKS and RAL spot/CMYK colour swatches are added?
  11. Hello, I’ve searched through existing posts (see short list below) but it’s not clearly stated if those requests have been added to the development list or out of consideration. (They don’t appear to be reflected in the roadmap unless I’m missing a reference.) Is it possible to get clarification as to whether Affinity has plans to support: Ability to import Photoshop and Illustrator 'Preset' files / styles: Most Important:Gradients: .grd file extension Styles: .asl file extension Patterns: .pat file extensionIncluding preset pattern fills (related post by someone else is referenced below) Moderately important but could live without:Color Swatches: .aco file extension Custom Shapes: .csh file extension I have a huge library of the above (gradients, styles, and patterns in particular) that I'd rather not lose (or have to recreate) by switching to Affinity Designer. Somewhat-related forum posts: Import .ase and .aco files: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/1483-import-palette…-importing-ase-and-aco-files/ Import Photoshop and vector brushes: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/532-import-photoshop-and-vector-brushes/ Vector pattern fills, custom vector brushes, dotted lines: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/1913-vector-pattern-fills-custom-vector-brushes-dotted-lines/ (This one in particular, it’s stated that vector pattern fills are not yet in the roadmap; does that mean that it’s out of consideration, or just that it’s not coming in the near future?) Thank you for any clarification you can provide. Regards, --S
  12. Hi I am trying to import the color palette into AD from ase file which isa standard for illustrator. Is there a way I can do this. Right now the AD doesn't recognize this file type. Thanks Pranav
  13. Hi there, on mouseover the cmyk colour readouts in the swatches palette are displayed at a range of 0 to 255 instead of 0 to 100. Sometimes the readouts don’t show up at all unless you rename the swatches. I think a readable list view of swatches would be a nice improvement. But hey – kudos for bringing the good old “Paste Inside”-command back into business ;-) Keep up the good work! Dirk
  14. I've read that you have list mode in the pipeline, which is great, but i'm missing the option to make my own arrangements of colors inside the palette. Actually adding new swatches uses a photoshop like approach: to fill the available space in the grid color after color, fixed way. In illustrator you can change the order of swatches at any moment and arrange color in folders, making rows of color sets inside the swatch palette, which is very useful for interface design or comic design. I noted that in Affinity designer you can easily create multiple custom sets and change them fast from the drop down list, but is not as practical and fast as organizing them in one palette. Also, option to make swatches bigger will be very welcome. I've attached a comparison of one custom color set as I use on illustrator and how i get it on Affinity. It is clear that actually in illustrator is much more useful and practical at this moment.
  15. Hello folks, just bought Affinity today and I got lost in playing around with the insane zoom levels it offers. I create worlds within worlds and it was just a mind baffling experience. LOOOOOOVE IT!!! Of course, Affinity is...before anything else...a GREAT start. It makes working on vector graphics so much easier. Most of the possible enhancements were mentioned. A quick search through the forums didn't mention one thing though...and please correct me if I am wrong, I will delete this thread then. What about Cloud Sync? I know you can save files in iCloud. But I don't think it syncs things like preferences, settings, custom swatches etc. etc. As much as I work from home, I am also constantly on the road. Picking up from where I left off at home with the same settings etc. would be lovely. Any suggestions? Kind regards, madeinxyz
  16. Hello there, I haven't found a way to show the colour palette in a list. For me, this is the easiest way to manage and choose colours, as you can see not just the tiny swatch, but the name of it and/or their CMYK/RGB components. If it's not implemented, I'd like you to take it as a feature request. That's the way I used to work in Freehand and in Illustrator as well. Thanks and congratulations!
  17. Hi, Currently, there is multiple frictions in the App while trying to change colors to shape or text. - Right now the UI never remember what you did before. Everytime I click shape by shape, it's like the UI is showing a random tab instead of the last used one. - Not sure why you can't pick the text color directly with the text tool. You always have to go to selection mode to see the color option. - Not sure why the color picker doesn't change the current color after picking one. You have to click on the picked color to apply it. - Swatches are very tedious to use, esp with effect. Like the color overlay FX. The color drop down is very basic and doesn't let you pick any swatches. So everytime, I am showing the swatches in the App UI in the background and use the color drop on it to apply it to the effect. I think it will be a huge benefit if the swatches where available from any color pickup like the native OSX one. Thanks :)
  18. Is there a reason why the colour swatches aren't part of the colour choice systems in all of the popups? i.e. HSL wheel, lab and cmyk sliders and ...wait for it... "swatches" If I've gone to the trouble of saving swatches I'd like to access them across the board throughout the app, layer colours, effects colours, gradient, fill and line colours... etc.
  19. How do I import swatches? kat
  20. It would be great if users had the ability to select PANTONE colours from the Colour Chooser dialog or from the Swatches tab.